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11-09-2017, 07:49

A former Palace on the outskirts of Florence offers nearly ten acres of land, beautiful frescoes and the adjacent Church. The property belonged to the order of the nuns of the convent of San Domenico del Maglio in Florence since the 1930-ies, when it was donated by the previous owner, according to Prian.ru.
Only two nuns were living here when the Russian architect and designer Kulish first visited the house in 2013 (originally there were 40). Mr. Kulish has offered to buy the Palace in 2017, and the nuns accepted the proposal because of the difficulties of detention of such property. The exact amount of the purchase is not named.
The architect founded the company in early 2017, all received approval to turn the estate into luxury apartments. Now here developed 14 apartments with one, two and three bedrooms, and each will present original features - vaulted ceilings and frescoes. But there will be modern elements, including kitchen Toncelli Cucine and home automation systems.
One bedroom apartments will cost from 500 000 euros to 530,000 euros. The cost of two-bedroom apartments in the range of 900 000 Euro 1 500 000 Euro, and three-bedroom - 1.8 - 2 million euros. In the largest room, which is under development, prices are not yet named.
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Make counterfeit money began in the days of Ancient Egypt. With the advent of banknotes, the task of the counterfeiters has been simplified, and States have begun to develop special protections that would be difficult to forge. Some of them have watermarks appeared in Italy in the 13th century. Presumably their founder is Jacques Legrand Amable first used watermarks on postage stamps. In the 80s of the last century in the United States of America introduced the first detector of banknotes. How do they work — this is in the news today!
So, viewing detectors of banknotes intended for visual authenticity control of banknotes. This type of detectors allows to authenticate banknotes of absolutely any country of the world and of any denomination. The fact that the screening detector only renders the protective signs of banknotes, and the decision on whether it is true or not, adopts operator. Therefore the quality of the inspection depends on the qualifications and experience directly who conducts the study notes. On the one hand, such a device turns out the most simple and cheap, and with another — requires certain skills.
Depending on the type of illuminator and method of authenticity control, viewing detectors are divided into 3 types: ultraviolet, infrared and universal.
How does currency detector
The most simple devices are UV detectors. They are no longer a serious obstacle to counterfeiters and is able to "filter out" only the poor quality fakes. UV detectors is one or more UV-lamps, often with a magnifying glass and a scale grid, and capable of detecting the luminescent image, the threads and fibers of banknotes in ultraviolet light lamps. UV protection provided by the introduction of banknotes in the paper with special substances and paints that do not glow in the ultraviolet range. When checking banknotes using ultraviolet detector original bill would not glow, and fake, in contrast, will reflect the UV light.
Ultraviolet detection is used in automatic detectors for banknotes as well as in machines for money, which will be discussed in the next issue, and play the role of the first – the coarse filter.
How does currency detector
The most reliable to date devices to identify the fakes are infrared detectors. The fact that the technology of applying paint and its composition are too expensive, therefore counterfeiters unprofitable to use of infrared markers in the production of counterfeit banknotes. Infrared detectors contain IR illumination of the working area, the camera with the appropriate filter and display that displays the image from the camera. Depending on the currency type and its denomination in the infrared range see individual parts of the image of the banknote, which reflect infrared rays. Those areas in which the special label applied was not, in the infrared range will not be displayed. Visualization of the label is performed on the integrated display of the detector.
How does currency detector
Also the IR detector allows to determine the bills of the special security feature called "M", which is a dye having a different absorption coefficient for different parts of the spectrum in the IR region. To control spetselement "M" used two groups of illumination with different wavelengths, which are switched on alternately. The element "M" it looks flashing.
There are also combination detectors that combine both infrared and ultraviolet sensors. Additionally they can be equipped with detectors of magnetic labels. Combined devices are more reliable but have a high cost.
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11-09-2017, 07:44
9to5Mac was discovered that the leak "Golden master" of IOS 11 includes a reference to "Animoji" or 3D emoticons that you can create using the expression of his own face and voice. Enough to choose one of the individuals in the emoji library and he will show the eyes, mouth and cheeks for a given character can make a smile or a dog, to raise eyebrows.
Even the poo emoji can spice things up. This occurs as a gimmick, but it shows that Apple now holds control of the face and facial expressions of the user at their disposal.
If we consider the more information that can make the next iPhone, the lean is only on rumors. The camera will be more powerful, I think that would be the ability to shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second and slow motion of 240 frames per second at 1080p. It will also have adaptive display True Tone how to the iPad Pro.
One thing I have full confidence on 12 September Apple will have a lot to talk about during the updates in their own device. The wait is not long.

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11-09-2017, 07:42

Social network Facebook is testing the feature with which the users have each other on friends, I could meet you in real life. This drew the attention of the journalist of the edition Motherboard.
Judging by the description of the correspondent, a new feature works in the following way: the social network offers to select from a list of friends with whom I would like to see. Communication starts only if the choice is mutual, before any answers are private.
A conversation with the consent reminds the basic function of service for online Dating Tinder. Facebook itself calls the innovation “a new way to meet.”
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If people give the opportunity to observe in real time what happens in the brain, they will quickly learn to relieve pain, improve your mood and to dispose of unprecedented mental abilities. Access to this method can transform the world.
This is the concept behind the new technology, which he called "FMRI in real time" (FMRI — functional magnetic resonance imaging), BBC reports.
We learn to control emotions, feelings and desires, getting on the screen, visual feedback on our actions, on how we apply psychological techniques and tricks. In the end, it becomes almost as easy as to turn down the volume at the stereo.
You have to practice learning how to manage your mind — about the same as a bodybuilder trains individual muscle groups.
This opens the way to a future where using "FMRI in real time" we will be able to train their mental abilities to an unprecedented degree.
The technique was first demonstrated in 2005 during the study, in which people were taught to control pain.
Eight volunteers were placed in an MRI scanner and had them on the skin, as from a burn. At this time they were shown on the monitor, the tongue of flame, representing the process in the area of the brain responsible for pain response.
Through various cognitive techniques, participants rapidly learned to control the flame size, that helped them to adjust the degree of electrical stimulation the painful area on your skin.
Surprisingly, in just 13 minutes of the experiment, the participants reached the ability to easily change the size of the flame and, consequently, was capable of more than 50% to reduce pain.
Since then, the number of such studies use FMRI in real time has grown exponentially. About new methods of clinical and experimental applications are reported almost every month.
Studied now offers the opportunity to assess what is happening in the brain not only through images but also of sounds, and even temperature (using virtual reality glasses). The method has already received another name — neurofeedback.
In a study of 2017, the results of which are published in the journal Appetite, demonstrated how to use FMRI in real time, you can fight obesity.
For four days men with excess weight have learned to control those areas of the brain responsible for feelings of fulfillment and reward, teaching your brain to make a choice in favor of more healthy food and less quantity.
In another study this year discovered that if you learn to control a certain part of the prefrontal cortex (the area which is related to the behavior of patients with ADHD, attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity), past course teenagers can also reduce symptoms of ADHD and to develop the skill to focus.
And abilities acquired during training persist after 11 months, which confirms the long lasting effect of the training and occurred in connection with changes in the brain.
In a study of 2016 it was discovered that the elderly can use this technique to improve their cognitive abilities, dulled by age. In the same way, young people can stimulate their brain.
The 2015 report, which involved healthy adults showed that learning through the so-called neurofeedback helps to improve the ability to focus and less distraction.
Other recent studies have found the use of this technique in the treatment of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders in veterans of military actions and even addiction to Smoking.
The study of James Salzer from the University of Texas in Austin, showed that people are able to regulate the level of neurotransmitter dopamine that can be applied for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.
How big is the learning capacity with the assistance of neurofeedback, if each of us will be able to fully control your brain?
In General, studies clearly demonstrate that this technology can be used in millions of cases. But how long will its effect and how it is practical? Just can not say yet.
For FMRI in real time you need the expensive and bulky equipment that is now used primarily in urgent and serious cases.
However, as we know, technology is not standing still. Quite possibly, very soon there will be a cheaper and smaller FMRI scanners.
If even a few 10-minute sessions bring a statistically significant result, what will be after 10 thousand hours of training?
And then the humanity will open a huge new world of possibilities.
Imagine an athlete, who conducts training, not seeing their own body and not having any idea about the weight of the rod.
Approximately in the same position we are now, not seeing what is happening in our brain when we hurt, when we are cold when we're in a bad mood when we are in despair, when we weep or rejoice...
How big is the potential of learning using FMRI in real time? What we will achieve if each of us every day to devote time to training consciousness — and so the months and years?
If even a few 10-minute sessions bring a statistically significant result, what will be after 10 thousand hours of training?
Method "FMRI in real time" can be a shortcut to achieving, for example, that spend years of hard work with your mind Tibetan monks, draining the heat of his body with a wet towel in the icy wind, or Indian yogis, who are able to completely block the sensation of pain in the body.
Of course, while it is impossible to say for sure, but quite possibly we are talking about the attainment of mental powers.
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