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13-09-2017, 08:05

Facebook may spend next year to $1 billion on original content for its new video platform Watch, told The Wall Street Journal. It is noteworthy that a similar amount next year is going to invest in the creation of original shows and movies Apple.
Facebook costs can vary depending on the success of various programs. For the company in the amount of $1 billion will be a new achievement in terms of funds allocated for the video content for the social network. It is much more than Facebook paid media covering the event through the platform "live".
Recently, the Watch service has become available to all residents of the United States. In a new tab in the Facebook app, you can find the original show from the company's partners, including content from Discovery Channel and Major League baseball. The social network plans to bring to the new platform attention through their own original videos on popular topics like sports and science.
Plan Facebook — using the Watch to make TV much more social. "You find videos through their friends, said last month the head of product management Daniel Danker (Danker Daniel). — Do you often discuss the video with friends. Video has an amazing ability to bring people together and build community."
$1 billion is much less than what I spend on my shows and movies, companies like Netflix and Amazon. At the same time, not too far away with its annual cost of creating content left, for example, HBO.
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13-09-2017, 08:03

The Company Samsung announced that the release of a smartphone with a bendable screen scheduled for next year. This was reported by several media outlets, citing a statement by the head of the mobile division of the company Dong Gina Ko.
The first information about the intention of the South Korean company to release a bendable smartphone appeared on the Network a long time ago, but the official data about the release date of the new flagship has not been confirmed. A prototype flexible AMOLED display called Youm was presented in 2013, in 2014 the company has unveiled a prototype tablet-smartphone with a bendable screen, for a patent folding your company filed last year.
Head of mobile units reported that there are several obstacles that must be overcome prior to the release of the smartphone. The nature of the problems, he did not specify, but hinted that it is likely that the release of this smartphone will be delayed.
At the moment we know that the future smartphone with a flexible display will be released in the line Galaxy Note.
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13-09-2017, 08:01

According to specialists from the Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun Lebedev physical Institute Sergey Bogachev, the activity of light, the beginning is already starting to decline, and therefore expect any negative consequences for the Earth is waiting is not worth it.
Bogachev said that the last outbreak took place on the very edge of the Sun for charged flows and hard radiation should have the same effect as the previous mentioned scholars around the world.
Began last week a solar flare was in the history of modern observations, perhaps the most powerful. In this case, they took place against the background of fairly weak solar activity, when no such phenomena are not expected. Therefore, the resonance of what happened is quite understandable.
"If we draw a comparative parallel in the entire solar evolution, then we can safely predict a very calm state, something like sleep. That is why this incident scientists worldwide consider more likely as one-time energy surge, not a permanent condition," — said Bogachev.
As is known, a series of powerful flares the beginning of recorded scholars from the 4th of September. Initially documented was a series of small power flashes, and then another burst of X-class, with a capacity of 2.2 points. On the same day there was a strong flare X9.3.
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13-09-2017, 07:58

A group of scientists from the UK conducted a unique study, which has been able to find evidence that the soul of man still exists. Experts have found that the soul resides in the human body even when the brain has ceased to function.
Professor Sam parnia from the California Institute of technology claims that scientists have carefully studied people who because of the disaster were in a state of deep coma. After the people came to themselves they claimed that all remember, and even heard voices. Patients described the doctors exactly what they felt when the brain activity is not fully functioned.
It is reported that scientists have studied only those patients whose oxygen level in the body was normal, this is important because the brain is deprived of oxygen, unable to remember the events. Patients talked about the state of complete calm, peace, and the fact that they saw their dead relatives.
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13-09-2017, 07:56

Some players are constantly coming up with some tests. And if some have difficulty passing games in the series Dark Souls with a gamepad, others play without any problems in Bloodborne with a rug for dancing. In most cases this is done to attract attention to himself. For example, one streamer decided to put aside the controller and pass the recently released Destiny 2 using the most common bananas. Looking ahead, we note that it is quite well turned out.
In Destiny 2, like any other shooter game, reaction speed and accuracy play a decisive role. But even though enthusiast using bananas instead of traditional controllers, he was able to go through the whole prologue Destiny 2 with only one death.
Such cases, when gamers are playing a non-standard way, abound on the web. For example, Dark Souls took the guitar in Overwatch also played on the bananas, and Bloodborne were using Bongo. I wonder what next time will replace the players with a traditional controller?
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