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15-09-2017, 07:19

Almost all tissues of the human body strongly scatter passing through them the light. And in order to obtain information about the status of some internal organs, doctors are forced to use an endoscope, a long flexible tube on the end of which is mounted a miniature camera and light source. However, using even the most modern of the endoscope is associated with some difficulties, determining the exact location of its tip while it is possible only with the help of x-rays or other very expensive methods. To solve position tracking of medical instruments equipped with light sources, and for imaging of organs which are between at a small depth, the specialists of the company Proteus has created a specialized camera.
The camera used Proteus sverkhvysokochastotnykh sensor, able to detect even single photons of light. In addition to trapping small amounts of photons to break through the thick tissues of the human body, the sensor records the arrival time of each photon, which is a source of additional useful information.
As mentioned above, the light passing through living tissue, is subjected to strong dispersion. Because of this, some of the photons are much longer path and arrive at the camera sensor with a fairly significant delay. A small part of the photons manage to pass through the tissue nearly straight and with the minimum of delay and difference in delay allows the camera to filter out from the General stream of only those photons that have passed through the tissue without scattering. And information carried by these "ballistic" photons, as they are called, can be used not only for tracking the exact position of the light source to the human body but also for imaging of internal organs, but with some serious limitations.
The first prototype camera Proteus in normal daylight is able to accurately determine the location of a light source immersed in the body's tissues to a depth of 20 inches. But specialists in Proteus already working on a more streamlined version of their camera, which will be located high above the bed of the patient and which will be able to visualize not only the position of the tip, but in the whole long tube of an endoscope introduced into the human body.
"The technology company Proteus gives us the ability to see through the human body literally" says Kev has Dhaliwal (Prof Kev Dhaliwal), Professor at the University of Edinburgh, "And this is a very valuable tool for physicians seeking to use minimally invasive and invasive methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases."
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15-09-2017, 07:17

The host of a popular British morning show was invited to the Studio of the Creator of the “smart” sex robot and his creation. The inventor said that rubber woman could replace a real sexual partner.
The part of the show This Morning was published on his YouTube channel. Presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby enjoyed that looked unusual guest – sex-robot Samantha. Creator of high-tech toys Arran Lee Wright was sitting next to her, talking about her virtues.
The man said that the rubber woman is now able not only to replace a sexual partner, but also to maintain a conversation with its owner, and even to tell a joke.
Leading quite critical about the game a few times saying that she's embarrassing them. In addition, Schofield and Willoughby said that before air touched Samantha and came to the conclusion that to the touch it resembles a corpse.
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15-09-2017, 07:14

Specialists of the company Armis has discovered eight vulnerabilities in Bluetooth technology, some of which allows you to get full control over the device. In this case, attackers don't even need to physically interact with the device of the victim: it is enough that the technology was enabled on the gadget victims, writes portal "Know.ia". The company claims that potentially these vulnerabilities tend to be more reasonable eight billion technology, running Windows, Android, iOS, and other popular operating systems. Part of the vulnerability allows attacks such as man in the middle (MiTM), steal information from the device or to gain complete control over it. The attack occurs just in a few steps: the attacker must identify an active Bluetooth connection, and after learning the MAC address to send a specific request an attacker can learn the operating system, and to understand what the vulnerability is, how it can use.
Read more here: http://expres.ua/news/2017/09/14/262223-eksperty-znayshly-nyzku-vrazlyvyh-misc-8-milyardiv-gadzhetiv
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15-09-2017, 07:12

Last week the company Xiaomi presented Mi A1 — its first smartphone within the Android One. It comes with a "clean" Android version 7.1.2 Nougat instead of the original firmware MIUI. Everything else is a complete copy of the previously submitted Xiaomi Mi5X. Both smartphones are identical both externally and in terms of technical characteristics. Therefore, some owners Mi5X tried to port the firmware from A1 Mi on their devices, and eventually got "bricks". Now, however, it became clear that some still managed to carry out his plan.
The Xiaomi Mi A1, as in the smartphones line Pixel, dual A/B system. Its essence lies in the fact that when the device receives an update, it automatically downloaded and installed on the second system partition without user interaction. He needed just to restart the smart phone to the second section replaced first.
Developer under the name heli0us managed to make a fully working modified firmware from Mi A1 for Mi5X. Download the firmware with a "clean" Android version 7.1.2 Nougat for Mi5X here. Good news for all owners Mi5X is the fact that Mi A1 to the end of the year will be updated to Android Oreo, which means they are also able to get a new version of Android.
Source: 4pda.ru
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15-09-2017, 07:10

KIEV. September 15. UNN. Saudi Arabia lifts ban on use of programs for voice and video communication (IP telephony), this writes The National, reports UNN.
The ban will be lifted Wednesday, September 20."In cooperation with partners in the telecommunications sector we remove the restrictions on apps for calls," - said the Minister of telecommunications of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Amer al-Sawaha.He noted that the application data will be submitted to a number of requirements that they must meet. What are the requirements, are not reported.
Currently, Skype works in the UAE despite the fact that it's not officially licensed by the regulatory authority. Other similar programs are still blocked in the Emirates.
As previously reported UNN, According to the new law, from 1 October the Chinese forums and other online platforms with the possibility of commenting will impose mandatory binding real passport data of users to their accounts.
Source: UNN
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