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18-09-2017, 06:27

A group of researchers from the universities of Nottingham and Kingston managed to create artificial intelligence with elements of machine learning, is able to convert regular two-dimensional images of people's faces to full 3D models. This system is examined huge amounts of data on a human face. AI can guess what it looks like a human face in three-dimensional space, including areas that are not seen in the photo, comparing it with its database.
The 3D model of the face
Aaron Jackson, one of the founders of the project, for several evenings wrote the website, so that everyone could evaluate their system. On this website you can upload a photo of any person and after a short wait to see how artificial intelligence presents it in three-dimensional space. All uploaded images are deleted after 20 minutes.
To create a 3D face model according to the pictures at this link.
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18-09-2017, 06:25

KIEV. September 18. UNN. A team of researchers from the University of Houston has created an artificial skin that allows robotic limbs to feel heat and cold. This is with reference to the published results of the study reported Futurism, reports UNN.
Although a new type of "skin" is still under development, it could potentially give people with prosthetic limbs the ability to feel again and also enable the development of more advanced medical equipment.
As explained by a team of researchers led by scientists Kunitsyn Yu, most of semiconductors - organic and inorganic - mechanical Antagnod what makes this discovery even more impressive, the newspaper writes. Artificial skin was made using a polymer based on silicon (polydimethylsiloxane), and a hardened material made of small nanowires, is capable of transmitting electric current.
During the presentation of the robotic arm covered with skin, was able to perceive hot and cold water temperatures in particular. Faux leather is just one way of using material.
It is expected that it can be used for better surgical gloves, medical implants and interaction with the machine.
As UNN reported earlier, scientists first raised in the laboratory of bone tissue. Now doctors will be able to recover the bones of people, who due to serious injuries may lead to amputation of limbs.
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18-09-2017, 06:22

Scientists of the medical faculty of Washington University in St. Louis for the first time reprogrammed skin cells (fibroblasts) of healthy adults in the motor neurons — the cells that control movement. It is important that the process of reprogramming fibroblasts were the stage of a stem cell: it means that in the future when transplanting motor neurons derived patients the risk of tumors is not raised, writes life.ru.
The researchers acted on fibroblasts of healthy donors aged 20-60 years two types of miRNAs — miR-9/9 * and miR-124. MicroRNAs do not code anything, but will affect the activity of several genes (each micro-RNA on its own specific set of them). miR-9/9 * and miR-124 lot especially in the nerve cells, and in fibroblasts they are almost there. In addition, the fibroblasts exposed to transcription factors ISL1 and LHX3 also changing the intensity of the work of a number of genes.
So microRNA changed the expression of genes in fibroblasts that those on the structure and biochemistry have become very close to the motoneurons of the spinal cord — cells, governing the movements of the trunk and extremities. The authors admit that they cannot guarantee full compliance of their cells "real" neurons, since the latter is very difficult to preserve and study outside the body.
Cells obtained by this new methodology will allow to study human neurons in the laboratory. The neuron is difficult to examine outside of the body: they do not multiply, and extract them from the spinal cord without injury is almost impossible. Now virtually the only source of human neurons to grow in culture cells taken from dead donors. The main part of the research and is held on the motor nerve cells of mice which properties may differ significantly from our own. It is hoped that now the situation will change: to pieces of skin patients will be much easier and safer.
Another advantage obtained in the course of the motoneurons that fibroblasts from which they were formed, did not pass the intermediate stage of dedifferentiate — return to the state of stem cells. This ensures that in the process of making motor neurons does not increase the risk of cancer (and it always increases if injected into the body stem cells). If in the future, educated by the new technology motor neurons will be transplanted to the needy patients can not be afraid of the increased risk of cancer due to this procedure.
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18-09-2017, 06:20

Flexible exoskeleton-chair, developed by Swiss company Sapetti, allowing the wearer to sit down anywhere. The development is designed primarily for workers who have a long time to be on their feet and are unable to carry around a stool.

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18-09-2017, 06:17

In 2017, the network of American CaliBurger restaurants for cooking burgers – burgers – have begun to use robots. But the attraction technology will not replace people and open new jobs.
It is reported by Techxplore.
To administer the work of robots", Flippy" (Flippy), creating burgers that will be created by the team of experts - Miso Robotics.
"Miso Robotics was founded in July of 2016 Rob Anderson, Ryan Sinnamon and David Zito as a developer of a robotic kitchen assistant. The company sosredotochimsya the use of artificial intelligence and automation for solution of urgent orders in their restaurants," - said in the company.
Representatives of chain restaurants claim that the robot's program "Flippy" perfects every movement the better, the more often they flip burgers for a complete cooking experience.
"Flippy uses algorithms of actions, which become more accurate with each revolution of the hamburger. Unlike robot pipeline that should have all located in the exact ordered pattern, machine learning algorithms, Flippy allow him to choose raw burgers from the stack or flip the ones that are already on the grill, that is, to act in accordance with the situation", - specialists specified.
In this case the robot "Flippy" can be connected to the process and configure in less than five minutes. When switched on, integrated system that sends the orders from the counter back to the kitchen, according to Flippy" how many raw rolls to be cooked.
The robots are equipped with 6-axis arm that provides them with "hands on" greater freedom of action.
"Among other features "Flippy" is the seizure uncovered pies, moving them on a hot grill, monitoring cooking time and temperature of each Burger, and it can alert cooks that brought him cheese and other toppings – sauces, salads," - said in CaliBurger.
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