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20-09-2017, 06:47

American technology company Intel announced the investment in companies engaged in research and development in the field of artificial intelligence.
It is reported by Kommersant, citing Executive Director of Intel Brian Krzanich, reports Biznestsentr.
Reportedly, the amount of investment in these startups is over $1 billion Recipients of investment among other things was Mighty AI, Robot Data and Lumiata.
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In March 2017 an American Corporation also acquired an Israeli developer of software for unmanned vehicles Mobiley for $15.3 billion
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20-09-2017, 06:44

Violations observed by the video camera installed near the transition
On the streets of the Chinese city of Nanchang (Jiangsu province), the first "system for facial recognition of pedestrians crossing the road at a red light." It is reported by the CTS with reference to china.org.cn.
Violations observed by the video camera, the person violating traffic rules identificireba, it appears his place of work and home address.
On the side of the "Zebra" is a monitor which clock shows photos of violators.
According to the Scientific research Institute under the Office for traffic management of Nanchang, this system controls the actions of pedestrians, identifying all violations.
As previously reported, "Comments", the Ukrainian police were going to catch motorists who are in no hurry to pay fines, do not take out insurance or have not passed the mandatory technical inspection. To this end, the law enforcement agencies have already purchased the system of video surveillance on the roads, "Boundary", which can read car number plates and check them against databases of the interior Ministry.
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20-09-2017, 06:41

Experts "Kaspersky Lab" found in MS Office methadonemaintenance function, which allows attackers to collect data about the target system by simply sending the victim a specially formed Microsoft Word document, with no active content: VBA macros, embedded Flash objects or executables. A function present in Microsoft Word for Windows and mobile versions of Microsoft Office for iOS and Android. LibreOffice and OpenOffice don't support it. 
According to the researchers, the functionality is already being exploited by hackers in the framework of multi-stage attacks Freakyshelly, the first stage which involves the collection of data on the target system. The study of this attack, the experts detected phishing newsletters that contained some interesting attachments as files in OLE2 format, which did not contain any macros, no exploits, or any other active content. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the file included a number of links to PHP scripts located on external websites. When you try to open files in MS Word, the application can send a GET request on one of the links, as a result, attackers obtained the data about the installed system software. 
The analysis of the document revealed the INCLUDEPICTURE field, stating that certain text is tied to the picture, however, the attacker used it to place suspicious links. The problem is that Microsoft documentation for a description of the INCLUDEPICTURE field is practically absent. In the ECMA-376 standard describes only part of the INCLUDEPICTURE field to one byte delimiter and there is no information on how to interpret the data after it, and how to interpret, experts said.
Source: securitylab.ru
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20-09-2017, 06:39

Portuguese startup Nuada presented from the stage of TechCrunch Disrupt SF conference a power glove that turns the owner into a superhero with an iron grip.
Mitten Nuada is equipped with Electromechanical system that increases the force of contraction, coordination and General endurance by means of cables and sensors. It can be useful for everyday tasks to people who have suffered injuries or illness and those who are engaged in heavy physical labor. People with this mitten longer able to hold heavy items, work faster and feel less fatigue.
"We use our own Electromechanical system which helps the user to perform the desired motion, says Philip Kinash, one of the founders of a startup. Mitten gives the possibility to hold an incredible weight using a small design and a modest energy cost. Our technology allows us to build the first production exoskeleton". As so often happens, the idea of the startup came Knsu from personal experience. "In 2013 I broke my hand and realized how hard it is to get rid of the ability to manage it, he says.  When I was working in a major textile company, and was engaged in research activities at the University, so all has successfully coincided".
A group of enthusiasts started working on a project in University, but then won the contest of Microsoft Imagine and moved to Seattle. The prototype was prepared for presentation in two years. Information about the cost ekzoskeleta gloves yet, but in Nuada hope that she soon will help people who are deprived of full use of the hand, according to TechCrunch.
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20-09-2017, 06:37

Scientists using a 3D printer has created an artificial muscle made from silicone rubber with ethanol, which has characteristics as close as possible to the flexibility and degree of tension of the muscles of a human, but can lift a weight of up to 1000 times its own weight.
Reported by the Daily Mail.
This invented by Alan Miravam synthetic soft muscle, suitable for 3D printing. Artificial muscle can push, pull, bend and twist and lift the weight.
A team of engineers at Columbia University argues that so far no single material could function as a mild muscles. This was due to the inability to show the desired properties of high stress and strain on the artificial material.
After 3D printing into a desired shape invented the artificial muscle was activated using a thin resistive wire and vosmipolosnoy low-power electric discharge.
Artificial muscle is tested in several robotic applications. It turned out that this decision was a combination of elastic properties and extreme characteristics of change of the volume of other material systems, but also scientists admired the easy fabrication, low cost and environmentally safe materials for artificial muscles.
Development A. Myreeva impressed his colleagues by the similarity with the characteristics of these muscles of the human body. So, the head of the group Professor Hod Lipson, said that in contrast to the "rigid" robots, "soft" robots can duplicate natural movement, capture, and manipulate, provide medical and other assistance, to perform a delicate task or to collect soft objects.
At the moment, the research team plans to continue work on the development, including conductive materials to replace the built-in electric wire. This should speed up the reaction time of the muscles and to increase the shelf life of the product.
Dr. A. Miriam said that in the long run they synthesize artificial muscles and artificial intelligence, to learn to control the muscles.
Source: http://ru.golos.ua/suspilstvo/uchenyie_sozdali_v_3printere_iskusstvennuyu_myishtsu_kotoraya_v_tyisyachi_raz_silnee
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