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24-09-2017, 07:43

If computers develop their own language that is incomprehensible to us and create their own social network, they can get out of control and start controlling us, warns the Venture Beat.
The number of social networks is growing, their functionality is developing, the number of active users is increasing every day. By 2020, the number of the latter, according to forecasts, should increase to 2.9 billion. And an increasingly important role in their marketing is played by artificial intelligence. His abilities are already enough to perceive a natural language and learn from past experience. What will happen if developers use AI as a basis for new social networks?
We are developing machines and technologies in order to make our lives easier. However, if the AI starts to create its own language without the help of a human being, we will have difficulties in understanding. Machines that communicate with each other in their own language, incomprehensible to us, will be useless for us. And we can not manage them.
The possibility of self-study, which appeared recently at computers, allows them to become much smarter than a person. If the AI develops its own language, the machines will be able to create their own network, which a person is unable to disconnect. This means that they will be able to write programs, instructions and other semantic codes to compete with people.
AI can develop to such an extent that it will act without permission, that is, without receiving instructions from a person. In this case, the machines themselves will be able to decide what is right and what is not, and they will manage us through virtual "assistants".
If several cars can communicate in an unknown language, there is a possibility that people will not be able to compete with cars. This risk is warned by Stephen Hawking, Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates. Human development is limited to the slow work of evolution, but the machines do not have such a limitation. The potential consequences of creating a "social AI network" can be deplorable for a person.
Among those who call to be cautious about the development of AI and not to let this matter go by its own way, the head of SpaceX and Tesla Ilon Mask also applies. He recently wrote that an artificial threat comes from a more real threat than from North Korea.
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24-09-2017, 07:39

With the support of the Italian Dynamiq shipyard, Studio F.A Porsche has introduced a hybrid luxury yacht GTT 115 (Grand Turismo Transatlantic). According to the creators, it is designed for car enthusiasts who put emphasis on speed and style.
The length of the yacht is 35 meters. It is painted in gray, which is associated with cars Porsche. The exterior of the vessel was created by car designers who were inspired by the stylistic solutions of the Mission E.
If we talk about the interior, it was also created based on the company's Porsche elements. In particular, the yacht received soft furniture in the style of sports seats, carbon fiber and original finish. The vessel consists of several cabins, a dining room, a kitchen, a living room, a spa and even a swimming pool. The yacht can accommodate 6 crew members and 6 guests.
The vessel is equipped with two V12 diesel engines with a capacity of 1,650 horsepower. If necessary, you can install two additional electric motors with generators, so that the power plant is converted into a hybrid one.
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The GTT 115 is the only yacht in the world equipped with the underwater wing of the Hull Vane. It provides a higher stability of the vessel and reduces fuel consumption. The yacht can develop a maximum speed of 39 km / h.
Will present a luxury marine vessel at the annual yacht show in Monaco, which begins on September 27. In total, Porsche will build 7 yachts worth 16 million dollars each.
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24-09-2017, 07:35

American company Duke Robotics works for the US Department of Defense, so the purpose of its development is not at all peaceful, but interesting. For example, the TIKAD system, recently introduced by the company, allows you to mount a quadrocopter weapon, and not some kind of pistol or something like that, but a real machine gun or even a sniper rifle. You can confine yourself and a grenade launcher. The main thing is that the aircraft can withstand its weight.
The patented system of developers TIKAD resembles the usual mount for the camera and other devices, which are usually hung on aircraft. But due to the fact that in this case we are talking about absolutely different weight categories, the system was strengthened, refined and constructed in such a way that it allows not only to mount a weapon on the copter, but also to keep the balance of the apparatus and to ensure the accuracy of the shooting.
In addition, the gun can be controlled remotely - a special software and hardware complex has also been developed for this. Information about whether the technology will be developed and whether it will be implemented massively is not yet available. Most likely, now the system is demonstrative.
In the future, such developments will help to conduct military operations remotely, without risking in vain the personnel and allowing to stealthily get to the positions of the enemy.
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