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25-09-2017, 06:55

In China, a robotic dentist, designed by local scientists, for the first time successfully operated on the patient without human intervention. This information was published by the South China Morning Post.
The robot, pre-programmed for a small surgical procedure, entering the necessary depth, angle and direction of movement, inserted two artificial teeth created using a 3D printer to the patient.
However, the electronic device itself made a number of adjustments during the operation, since the participant of the experiment moved around the chair, and the device should take this factor into account. The dental robot implanted implants with an error not exceeding 0.2-0.3 millimeters, which corresponds to international medical standards.
This innovation is extremely important for the DPRK, where there is a shortage of qualified dentists.
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25-09-2017, 06:53

Microsoft, Facebook and Telecommunications Corporation Telxius have completed the creation of Marea, the most technologically advanced submarine cable to date. This is reported by the popular mechanics.
Marea crosses the Atlantic Ocean at a depth of more than 5200 meters below sea level, connecting Virginia Beach with Bilbao in Spain. The length of this miracle of engineering thought is as much as 6,600 km, and the total weight is about 4.65 million kilograms.
Marea can transmit up to 160 terabytes of data per second, which, according to Microsoft, is more than 16 million times faster than the average home Internet connection, which simultaneously broadcasts 71 million videos in HD quality.
By 2025, an eightfold increase in traffic is expected on current digital services, and therefore the potential of the new cable will be realized by 100%.
An important advantage of Marea is also the fact that in the future it can be customized and configured for interaction with various network devices. Currently, Microsoft offers a wide range of cloud services that the company plans to improve with Marea: from Bing and Office 365 to Skype and Xbox Live. For Facebook, Marea is primarily interesting as a tool that will allow the social network to support the VR-interface.
Rafael Arranz, Chief Operating Officer of Telxius, in a previous statement mentioned that all modern applications, especially those related to video, consume huge network resources. To ensure their correct operation, it is necessary to link each service to a high-performance system with high throughput.
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The incentive for the cable was hurricane Sandy, who in 2012 caused a massive violation of network communications and left the US without Internet and telephone communications for several days.
"This was a serious incident," says Frank Rey, director of the global network strategy for the Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure and Operations division, in a statement to the press. "The entire network between North America and Europe was isolated for hours." Hurricane identified a potential problem in consolidating transatlantic cables , which were localized in New York and New Jersey. "
After meeting with Facebook executives at meetings, the companies eventually agreed to join forces to create a powerful and reliable cable. The work began last year - in August 2016.
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25-09-2017, 06:51

A group of scientists from Pakistan recently reported on their unique finding. Experts were able to detect an unknown mushroom that feeds on plastic. Thanks to this fungus, now it will be possible to solve the problem with the utilization of plastic, scientists say.
Scientists from Pakistan, a new kind of mushroom called Aspergillus tubingensis, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can absorb plastic, which is now so plagued by the planet. The researchers found that the fungus is capable of destroying plastic with the help of its own mycelium. In just two months, while in a liquid environment, Aspergillus tubingensis independently got rid of a sheet of polyester polyurethane.
Researchers from China and Kenya joined the experiment, which confirmed the unusual ability of the fungus Aspergillus tubingensis. In the future, scientists want with the help of their find to destroy a huge amount of plastic that gets to the World Ocean.
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25-09-2017, 06:49

Samsung has applied to the National Agency for Radio Studies of Korea to certify the first bent smartphone. The device has model number SM-G888N0 (the prefix "N0" means that the device is intended for the internal market). Note that in April the same smartphone was certified in the Wi-Fi Alliance, and in August - in Bluetooth SIG. His appearance in the database of the National Agency for Radio Studies of Korea means the company's readiness for the speedy release of the novelty.
Earlier this month, the president of the mobile unit Samsung Electronics Co. Dong-gin said that the company will release a smartphone with a flexible display within the Galaxy Note line as early as next year.
Image of a bent smartphone from a Samsung patent
Until now, there is no information on how the smartphone will look, how it will be able to bend and what will give this opportunity. According to reports, at the end of the year the company allegedly will produce the first prototypes. Then you can expect the appearance of the first leaks and spyware photos of the device.
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25-09-2017, 06:46

The Chinese developer of smartphones and other Xiaomi equipment, after its last know-how - "smart" seating for the toilet, started developing exclusive toilet paper.
This paper differs from the usual one in that the hygiene product from Xiaomi contains bamboo fibers and antibacterial components. On sale, it will come under the well-known brand Wuro, which already deals with inexpensive items of hygiene. The length of the unique paper will be 10 meters of a four-layer tape. In China, this invention will be available for almost 100 yuan (about 900 Russian rubles).
As for the previous invention of the company - "smart" seating for the toilet, it is worth noting its unique ability to massage the buttocks, as well as monitor the supply of water in several modes.
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