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1-09-2017, 07:24

Instagram has found a bug that allowed hackers to access the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of users. The problem was present in API through which the service interacts with other applications.
The company did not report which users have been attacked. However, just two days ago it became known that the attackers broke into the account of a popular singer and actress Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez) and posted pictures with Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber).
"Recently we found that one or more persons gained access to contact information of some popular users of Instagram, in particular, to the e-mail addresses and phone numbers — using a bug in the API Instagram, said the company. — Passwords from accounts were not stolen. We quickly fixed the flaw and are now conducting a thorough investigation".
The company has notified the owners of all confirmed accounts on the crash contact information. She advised to be attentive to calls and messages from unknown numbers, and emails.
At least once the attackers were able to exploit a bug on Instagram "some accounts". Developers are not told whose it accounts and how many of them were. Access phone numbers and email addresses in conjunction with the methods of social engineering could allow attackers to gain complete control over the accounts.
So, most likely, was the account hacked Selena Gomez on Instagram which was signed by 125 million people. Her account was closed on Monday, but later in the day the singer again got access to it.
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1-09-2017, 07:23

In the patent application startup Magic Leap, the cost of which is estimated at $4.5 billion, there was augmented reality glasses image over which the company operates. This drew the attention of the publication Business Insider.
The images depict small glasses with oval frames of rims and sensors on the right and left brackets. This is the second public patent application Magic Leap.
Glasses — not the end product of the startup, said Julie Gaynor, the representative of Magic Leap. “As you know, we serve many patents for approval which takes a lot of time. Therefore, what is depicted here is not our product,” she said, RIA “Novosti”.
However, sources close to the company noted that the design shown in the patent, which is close to the desired product Magic Leap. But in fact, the company looks more cumbersome, and between the lenses there is also a depth sensor. The man who had seen the schema of the product Magic Leap, said that in the current design is working on the startup team, there's only one camera on each arc. He also added that glasses made of very thick, like hipsters”.
Investors and other VIPs who got the prototypes for Magic Leap points in the spring, said the device they were testing was less than current models of VR headsets, but more cumbersome in comparison with other glasses such as Spectacles here Snapchat.
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1-09-2017, 07:19

The list of partners Apple in the corporate market has been enriched with Accenture providing management consulting, IT and outsourcing. In the framework of cooperation will create new iOS apps to business problems.
Some programmers and experts in user interfaces, Apple and Accenture will work together in special teams, helping banks, retailers and other corporate customers to create software for the iPhone and iPad.
It is planned to focus on applications that will be useful to consumers and employees of companies directly communicate with customers. As for technology, one of the main areas will be augmented reality.
"The partnership will make full use of the power, simplicity, and iOS security, a leading enterprise mobile platform and Accenture, the leader in the industry and the field of digital transformation to help companies find new sources of income, improve labor productivity, improve customer service and reduce costs," — said in a press release Apple.
In addition to Accenture, to promote iOS in the corporate sector in collaboration with Apple doing Cisco, Deloitte, IBM and SAP.
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