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28-09-2017, 06:11

According to the official website of the government of Ontario, the canadian province plans to modernize the railway network are in transit. The highlight of the plan is to replace the traditional electric locomotives working on the wires for locomotives to hydrogen fuel.
The proposed program involves conversion of local rail transport in a modern transport network that will meet environmental standards. Under the program, in particular, will prepare the feasibility study of the use of hydrogen fuel cells. Progress in the development of an electric hydrogen fuel has forced officials of Ontario to consider this "green" technologies as alternatives to conventional mains power.
The development of the project, which is a code name for rail transport of hydrogen will be completed by the end of this year. According to the plan of the authorities, hydrogen fuel cells will be installed on the bunk electric trains (electric multiple unit), similar to those used in the UK (London Heathrow airport flyer), France (AGV) and Toronto (rocket subway trains). The Ontario government provides that the project implementation will allow to significantly increase the number of trips to go transit faster and more convenient for passengers and increase the number of jobs. In the development of the program invested $21.3 billion.
The enthusiasm of the government of Ontario is not shared by all. So, an analyst of the website clean Technica thinks it a strange fascination with officials of the hydrogen cars and asks the question, do not cheaper to provide trains with the usual lines of energy? In his view, the stated objectives of the government to create a network of high speed rail transit can be implemented using existing technologies.
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28-09-2017, 06:09

Managing Director of the Indian office Sony Kenichiro Hebe made an interesting statement in conversation with journalists of The Indian Express. "We use the design concept OmniBalance, while in the market are the series products X. We also plan to launch a new generation of products, and you can expect a completely new design of devices," he said. What will be the new design, he did not elaborate, but mentioned that more and more manufacturers are using screens with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and minimum limits.
Note one interesting detail in the statement of Hebe. He said that the current Sony Xperia smartphones are made in the design concept OmniBalance, although the company has long does not use this name in the descriptions of its equipment. Moreover, with the announcement of Xperia Z5, Sony has already announced about the refusal OmniBalance and the transition to the design Sense of Unity. However, this name did not stick, and soon a Japanese Corporation has invented a new for – Loop Surface. It is this design concept, not OmniBalance, used Sony now.
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28-09-2017, 06:06

Windows Phone is already dead. This is evidenced by even the fact that the owner of Microsoft bill gates use Android phone.
In an interview with Fox News Sunday, gates showed that he now uses an Android phone. And although he did not name the exact model, he noted that it has "a large number of Microsoft software". In particular, the new model Samsung Galaxy S8 includes a set Microsoft Edition . 
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Earlier this year Microsoft started selling the Samsung Galaxy S8 in its retail stores, and it includes apps like Office, OneDrive, Cortana and Outlook. Any Android phone also supports these applications, but is configured by Microsoft S8 demonstrates how widely the company plans in the future to work with other Android devices.
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27-09-2017, 06:20

Google, in conjunction with the company Levi Strauss & Co, has announced the release of its smart denim jacket. This jacket has the classic design of Levi's Commuter model and equipped with touch panels, and a small device pinned to the sleeve, allows to manage your smartphone.
Model has a classic design dark blue jacket Commuter and lets you control the smartphone by simply touching it to the sleeve into which is inserted a small touch portion made of smart fabric Jacquard. Touch sleeve understands several types of touch: slide finger up and down and double tapping. To configure the functionality of each of these movements can be using the app together with which works jacket: for example, traffic can be configured to toggle music or navigation.
Note that the jacket will be available in three stores in the U.S. on Wednesday, September 27.
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27-09-2017, 06:17

An international team of scientists explained how you can improve the performance of batteries, changing the ratio of components of the light-absorbing layer perovskite solar cells. The results of the work of scientists from Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Kurchatov center of synchrotron radiation and the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne (Switzerland) published in the journal of Physical Chemistry C.
Organic-inorganic perovskites is a new class of photoactive, that is, reacting to light, materials. They can be used to create perovskite solar cells.
In the previous study, the authors found that filamentous hybrid perovskites are of the form because of the structure of the intermediate compounds formed during the crystallization of perovskite. Scientists have found a whole group of these compounds, all of them are crystallomancy. This crystalline compound, in which structure there are solvent molecules of initial components. Dissolved components dropping out of solution, form a film on which crystal growth of the perovskite.
Scientists have identified and described three intermediate compounds, which are kristallografii one of the two solvents most often used when creating perovskite solar cells. For two compounds, scientists first established crystalline structure.
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"We have found that a key determinant of the functional properties of the perovskite layer is the formation of intermediate compounds, since the crystallites of the perovskite will inherit the shape of the intermediate compounds. This, in turn, affects the film morphology, and solar cell efficiency", — said the head of research Alexey Tarasov, candidate of chemical Sciences, head of laboratory of new materials for solar energy Department of materials science of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov.
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