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24-09-2017, 07:39

With the support of the Italian Dynamiq shipyard, Studio F.A Porsche has introduced a hybrid luxury yacht GTT 115 (Grand Turismo Transatlantic). According to the creators, it is designed for car enthusiasts who put emphasis on speed and style.
The length of the yacht is 35 meters. It is painted in gray, which is associated with cars Porsche. The exterior of the vessel was created by car designers who were inspired by the stylistic solutions of the Mission E.
If we talk about the interior, it was also created based on the company's Porsche elements. In particular, the yacht received soft furniture in the style of sports seats, carbon fiber and original finish. The vessel consists of several cabins, a dining room, a kitchen, a living room, a spa and even a swimming pool. The yacht can accommodate 6 crew members and 6 guests.
The vessel is equipped with two V12 diesel engines with a capacity of 1,650 horsepower. If necessary, you can install two additional electric motors with generators, so that the power plant is converted into a hybrid one.
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The GTT 115 is the only yacht in the world equipped with the underwater wing of the Hull Vane. It provides a higher stability of the vessel and reduces fuel consumption. The yacht can develop a maximum speed of 39 km / h.
Will present a luxury marine vessel at the annual yacht show in Monaco, which begins on September 27. In total, Porsche will build 7 yachts worth 16 million dollars each.
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24-09-2017, 07:35

American company Duke Robotics works for the US Department of Defense, so the purpose of its development is not at all peaceful, but interesting. For example, the TIKAD system, recently introduced by the company, allows you to mount a quadrocopter weapon, and not some kind of pistol or something like that, but a real machine gun or even a sniper rifle. You can confine yourself and a grenade launcher. The main thing is that the aircraft can withstand its weight.
The patented system of developers TIKAD resembles the usual mount for the camera and other devices, which are usually hung on aircraft. But due to the fact that in this case we are talking about absolutely different weight categories, the system was strengthened, refined and constructed in such a way that it allows not only to mount a weapon on the copter, but also to keep the balance of the apparatus and to ensure the accuracy of the shooting.
In addition, the gun can be controlled remotely - a special software and hardware complex has also been developed for this. Information about whether the technology will be developed and whether it will be implemented massively is not yet available. Most likely, now the system is demonstrative.
In the future, such developments will help to conduct military operations remotely, without risking in vain the personnel and allowing to stealthily get to the positions of the enemy.
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23-09-2017, 17:30

Идея находится на модерации.

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23-09-2017, 06:18
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania believe that they have managed to create a cheap biomaterial, which can be used as a replacement for different kinds of plastic, including one which is used in packaging and building materials. The use of such substitutes may reduce the dependence of mankind from plastics, and, accordingly, to reduce further pollution of our planet. +
This fully biodegradable material, part of a group of polysaccharide polyelectrolytes, consists of nearly equal parts of cellulose (or CMC), and chitosan, derived from chitin - the main ingredient of the shells of arthropods and crustaceans. 
According to project leader Professor Jeffrey Ketchmark, this environmentally friendly material has many useful properties, and it is possible to create absolutely different products – from water-resistant cardboard to floor and wall tiles.
"Such unexpected strength and adhesive properties of the material may be useful for packaging, and creating a variety of building materials. At the same time, it's even possible is, because it consists entirely of natural ingredients that we use as food additives," explains the scientist. 
Chitin shells
Potentially, the replacement of such plastic material, can make a huge difference for the planet, which is now literally covered in a layer of plastic bags and bottles.
Today, world production of plastic approaching 300 million tons annually. About 10% of all produced in the world of plastic products is ending up in the ocean, about 30% is recycled, and the remaining 60% are in landfills, where centuries will poison land, water and air.
And polysaccharide polyelectrolyte complex coating already managed to prove themselves well: for example, cardboard coated with such a biomaterial that demonstrates resistance to oils and water. This coating also withstands the solutions of toluene, heptane, and various salts. In addition, it possesses excellent mechanical and strength characteristics. 
According to Professor Ketchmark already filed the patent for his invention, an innovative biodegradable material can easily compete with synthetic materials, which are, for example, for the manufacture of substrates for laminate of polystyrene foam and solid plastic materials used for the production of disposable utensils and bottles. 
Jeffrey Ketchmark
"I set myself the task to create not just a material that could substitute plastic. I had to invent something that would be just as cheap as plastic. Otherwise, none of the producers do not want to use this material. Now consumers may receive the choice to use in your life items from biodegradable substances, which can be easily recycled, or without harm to nature simply bury it in the ground. Or they can continue to use plastic, which hundreds, and perhaps thousands of years to swim in the oceans".

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23-09-2017, 06:15

The company Knightscope, which is known for its robotic security guard K5, has introduced a new model – a stationary boat K1 and the four-wheeled bike K7, writes The Verge.
Rover K7, a height of 1.5 meters and a length of almost 3 meters, designed for patrolling the rugged terrain of the lawns, gravel areas, beaches. Its speed is limited to 5 km/h, but the robot is able to move much faster.
As K5, it moves autonomously, but has a set of sensors and cameras that transmit audio and video to the operator. K1, meanwhile, is not moving, but the technology uses millimetre waves to scan the visitors for the presence of metal objects. In Knightscope say that the K1 performs better than the frame-detector scanner. The robot can be useful in hospitals and airports.
From left to right: stationary scanner metal K1, street K5 patrol robot, patrol robot for indoor K3 and Rover to patrol the rugged terrain K7.
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