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31-10-2017, 06:48

Experts from the United States have developed self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) hacking captcha – a computer test designed to identify users. Information about this according to us media.
At the moment the problem of AI and neural networks lies in their inability to independently study and analyze information. This shortcoming has decided to correct experts from the United States. They have developed a mechanism that allows the AI to not only solve the questions that they have answers initially at the software level, but also for obtaining conclusions on the basis of external data. Engineers conducted a test on such systems like Yahoo, PayPal and the like. The results of the tests were positive.
The developers intend to develop further in this direction. According to experts, this technology is promising. It will allow the AI to learn new knowledge. To do this, you need more frequent training, using different fonts.
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31-10-2017, 06:46

The head of the Ministry sifresiz Poland Anna Strezynska explained that the first mobile application mObywatel will be fit in contacts between citizens, but also are able to use small businesses, in particular, the sellers of alcoholic beverages to verify the age of young customers.
"For example, when you hire the apartment or when there is an accident on the road. To use this application can also small businesses when necessary to confirm the identity of the client, the same rules as in relations between people", – said the Minister sifresiz Anna Strezynska.
While the app mObywatel can benefit the owners of smartphones with Android operating system. In the beginning of next year it will be available for users of the iOS system. The head of the Ministry sifresiz hopes that in mid-November, the app will be available for business. And next year, after the legislative process, the program will be designed for officials. At the next stage (the second half of 2018) planning to add new features like electronic student tickets or tickets for public transport.
Office sifresiz ensures that the use of the application mObywatel safe. Service works if the phone is not connected to the Internet. Minister Anna Strezynska said platform mObywatel is a solution for citizens, which widens the scope of their world.
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31-10-2017, 06:43

Popular technologer Zach Nielson, founder and host of the YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once considered the flagship smartphone Nokia 8 from the inside to understand all of the components, to find flaws in the Assembly of a smartphone and share knowledge with subscribers. However, all these tasks are left to second place when the enthusiast has opened the case and found inside a very unexpected element.
Of components first catches the eye is the frame that separates the display module and the motherboard. To it is attached the battery 3 090 mAh. This structure facilitates repair, even when you try to separate the battery Nelson found, it may cause damage to the battery or frame because of the abundant amount of very tenacious glue. Under the battery was discovered a huge heat sink copper tube — the largest of those that the blogger has seen in smartphones. It extends along the entire length of the frame. For unknown reasons, thermal grease is not under, and close to the tube, much less effectively than with direct contact of the tube and paste. Probably it is intended to cool the battery during rapid charging and CPU under extreme load.
Despite the apparent ease of repair Nokia 8, the process of disassembly took quite a lot of time. Nelson had to remove over 20 screws before the smartphone was disassembled into components, and fasteners vary in size, and some of them impossible to remove with standard tools.
Blogger does not put an assessment of maintainability Nokia 8, so we are waiting when this option smartphone will be evaluated by a professional team of repairmen iFixit.
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31-10-2017, 06:40
If the buildings had no Windows, the inside would be much warmer. But due to the fact that they are still there, in the winter, buildings lose up to twenty percent of the heat through the window. Not the most pleasant news in not the most pleasant time of the year. But while you are freezing and by reading this post, wrapped in baby soft, Swedish scientists from the University of Gothenburg are working on how to turn ordinary glass in batteries and to make our homes a little cozier and warmer.
In order to turn Windows into solar heaters, the researchers created on the basis of the plasmons of the coating, which dries and becomes a kind of nanoantennas, able to very well to absorb sunlight, thus warming the surface to which they are attached. Of course, you can glue them on any surface, but glass is best. Other properties of the glass development not affected, allowing him likewise to transmit light, imperceptibly warming the apartment and delighting its inhabitants.
The developers are confident that they have developed a cheap and effective method of turning ordinary glass into solar heating elements do come in handy, especially when you consider how much glass is now used in modern architecture.
In the future, scientists plan to test the technology in other areas. Lead researcher Alexander Dmitriev said that currently his team is working on improving the efficiency of development planning in the future to make an innovative coating for glass start to "absorb" UV radiation. According to them, this will greatly extend the functionality of Windows and their scope.

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31-10-2017, 06:38
As you know, before the end of this year the company will present the world OnePlus flagship smartphone OnePlus 5T, which inherits from the usual classical model, most of the technical equipment, but it will get incredibly steep Optic AMOLED-screen from Samsung. Today, this flawlessly beautiful smartphone shown in the video from all sides and there is a feeling that a combination of factors, it will be the best flagship in 2017. As can be easily seen on the video, the OnePlus 5T is equipped with all-metal housing, the upper and lower parts which are plastic inserts, because right under them are the antenna. At the lower end of the mobile device are the USB Type-C for charging and the usual 3.5 mm audio Jack designed for headphones, speakers and other devices related to audio playback.
On the front of the OnePlus 5T is a 6-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 by 1080 pixels (FHD+), which does everything a mobile device is flawlessly beautiful. It is already known that its production will meet the Samsung, so no mass marriage will not. Right above the display new items was a place for the front camera, earpiece and other sensors necessary for normal work of the smartphone. The lower indent, no nothing, and the fingerprint scanner "moved" on the back cover.
The heart of the smartphone OnePlus 5T will serve as the top 8-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with a clock frequency of 2.45 GHz, 6/8 GB RAM and 64/128 GB of permanent flash memory. The main camera of the mobile device located at the rear of the case has two sensors with a resolution of 20 MP and 16 MP, which allows her to take photos with a blur effect of the background and use 2-fold optical zoom without loss of quality.
It is expected that the cost of the basic modifications of this device will be $530. The official presentation OnePlus 5T, which has all chances to become the best flagship in 2017, will be held on November 16. The new product should arrive on store shelves in two colors – black and silver, but the second is still in question. Also, it should be noted that out of the box, this flagship will sport the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo in a branded firmware Oxygen OS, which makes it even more desirable to customers from all over the world.Taken from akket.com

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