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DateDate: 2-10-2017, 07:33

Scientists from Columbia University found that lakes and reservoirs the United States can generate 325 GWh of energy. This represents almost 70% of energy that US residents get for the moment. The details of the survey can be found in Nature Communications.
"We have the technology to harness the energy of wind, water and sun, but using evaporation is also promising," said study author Ozgur Sahin.
Scientists developed in a laboratory machine, which they called "evaporative engine". The invention controls the moisture level with a valve that opens and closes, leading to the expansion and reduction of bacterial spores. Reduce dispute reach generator, which produces electricity. In their study, the researchers were able to verify how much energy you can get during this process.
One advantage of evaporation is that it can be used at any time. Solar and wind power depend on whether there is sun and wind, while the water evaporates always. Battery usage expensive, and during their production produces a lot of toxic elements.
Source: Indicator

DateDate: 2-10-2017, 07:31

A gun disguised as a smartphone called the Ideal Conceal has been around for ages. During this time the manufacturer has made several prototypes, and also revealed some details of the internal mechanisms of the gun. At this time the company invites all to become investors, and applying his hand to the creation of a revolutionary product, which was announced on the crowdfunding website "truCrowd".
Military technology: ten of the most powerful tactical shotguns (features)
Military technology: ten of the most powerful tactical shotguns (features)
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"Ideal company Conceal has developed a "Mobile-gun", and will soon receive a patent. Our mission is to provide all citizens a gun for self defense that can wear everything. To this end, we are announcing the launch of a campaign to raise funds for our revolutionary product and we offer you to become the owner of the company," said owner kirk, Kjellberg.
The minimum amount for investment is just $102, and has already raised more than $172 thousand in the initially required $30 thousand invested 262 of the investor. The preliminary valuation of the company is $15 million, and the value of one share is $3.
It should be noted that this gun has become very popular, haven't even entered the market – the company's page in Facebook was visited by over 1 million people, and the manufacturer's website – more than 500 thousand
The company Geissele introduced weapons system VSASS for US Marines
It is possible that this is a real chance to be part of the revolution weapons in the world – when everyone will have the chance to carry effective means of self-defense without attracting too much attention.

DateDate: 2-10-2017, 07:27

Humanoid robots are eerily close to our reality. Correctly assembled, using the correct materials and proper algorithms of motion, they become almost indistinguishable from their organic copies. Almost. The latest of them is already able to talk like us, walk like us, but also to Express, or at least simulate a whole range of different emotions. Some of them are already quite capable of conversation, and some even remember when was the last time you spoke with them and what exactly.
It seems a bit more — and they will become indispensable helpers for the elderly, children and any other person who requires daily assistance at home. By the way, has held a series of research on the effectiveness of humanoid robots in support in the form of a game children with autism.
However, thanks to people like Elon Musk, too loudly voicing their concerns about artificial intelligence, among companies ignite heated debate about how much we want these humanoid robots were like us. Like Musk, some of us are wondering about how will look our future, when artificial intelligence will gain the perfect shape of the human form. But such questions did not bother, for example, superrealistic a humanoid robot Sofia, developed by Hanson Robotics, which says that "the AI will benefit the world."
And yet we are still very far from advanced robotics. There remains a lot of work before we can meet face to face with the machine and would not even suspect what really is in front of us. Good or bad, but the work continues, and not to say that the engineers have not moved in this direction. Below you will find six ultra-realistic robots that robotics came closest to the expected and at the same time frightening result.
The first Android TV presenter
The six most modern androids, hinting at our synthetic future
In 2014, Japanese scientists proudly unveiled the world's first Android, read the news. Iron is a leading estate Kodomoroid live read the message about the earthquake and the FBI conducted another RAID on criminals.
Despite the fact that he (or she) currently is "retired" at the Tokyo National Museum of emerging science and innovation, Android is still in active state. It helps the visitors and collects information for future studies on interaction between a humanoid androids and humans.
The six most modern androids, hinting at our synthetic future
BINA48 is a very clever robot, released in 2010, the company Terasem Movement under the leadership of entrepreneur and author of the robot, Matrina Rotblatt. Designer and researcher of robotics, David Hanson built an Android BINA48 in the image and likeness Rotblatt wife, Bina aspen Rothblatt.
The New York Times even took the robot interview. He has appeared in National Geographic and even traveled the world, appearing in several television shows. To see how did the interview with BINA48, below.
Geminoid DK
The six most modern androids, hinting at our synthetic future
GeminoidDK is a ultra-realistic humanoid robot, is the result of joint work of private Japanese companies and the Japanese Osaka University and was created under the direction of Hiroshi Ishiguro, head of the University Laboratory of intelligent robotics.
The robot was designed in the image of the Danish Professor Henrik Scharfe of Aalborg University. It is not surprising that the prototype was a person whose work is related to the philosophical sphere. In particular, a concern for the Professor is to answer the question of what determines truth from falsehood. Interestingly, Android has borrowed not only the appearance Chaffrey. He also inherited his habits, behavior, manner of speech, but also facial expressions and body language.
Junko Chihiro
The six most modern androids, hinting at our synthetic future
This ultra-realistic robot has been created by Toshiba and works a full day at the tourist information center in Tokyo. She welcomes visitors and informs them about current events. She knows Japanese, Chinese, English and German languages and even can sing.
Junko Chihiro was created in the framework of preparation of Japan for the Olympic games 2020. It is planned that to help tourists and service personnel during the influx of sports fans from around the world will be not only informational androids. The government also wants to use Autonomous drones and other automated machines and services.
The six most modern androids, hinting at our synthetic future
This humanoid was created by the Nanyang technological University of Singapore. Her name is Nadine and she is glad to communicate on almost any question you ask her. She is able to remember things about which you spoke with her earlier, and the next time she sure you recall.
Nadine is an excellent example of the so-called "social robots," humanoid, able to become the perfect companion for anyone, be it an elderly person, a child, or anyone who requires special assistance in the form of social contact.
The six most modern androids, hinting at our synthetic future
Perhaps one of the most modern and the most famous humanoid androids are shown to the public is Sofia. She's appeared in various TV programs and in particular American show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon). Android was created by Hanson Robotics.
She is able to Express a whole range of different emotions through their imitation of facial expressions and gestures and very actively gesturing with their hands. For Android even created her own web site where you can find her full biography written in her voice.
"I'm more than just technology. I'm a real electronic girl. I'd really like to get into the real world and live together with people. I am willing to help, entertain, assist the elderly and teach many interesting things of children."

DateDate: 2-10-2017, 07:24

In Ukraine will soon be winter, and you know, modern smartphones don't like negative temperatures, so that it violates the chemical processes in batteries, from which they operate. Probably everyone at least once faced with such a situation, when in the cold with 20-30% remaining charge smartphone simply shut down and refuses to work, claiming that the battery is fully discharged.
If the phone is getting warm somewhere warm, it will turn on again and continue as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, to protect your mobile devices from sub-zero temperatures is impossible, but we can use some tips that will allow you to use your smartphone in the cold without any problems. Edition Technofan decided to share three real tips that will allow you to prepare your smartphone for the winter.
Tip 1
The hardest problem of frost-prone smartphones, which more than a year. This is because during this time the phone battery was pretty worn out, so it will be more likely exposed to negative temperatures. If possible, the old battery should be replaced. Fortunately, they are inexpensive, so to afford this procedure can be anyone. This will not only reduce the likelihood of inefficient switch the phone off during a hard frost, but will increase the battery life. It will work as long as immediately after purchase.
Tip 2
When the outside temperature is minus, the smartphone is better without special need not to get out of the bag, pocket or backpack. Direct contact with cold will cause it substantial harm to the battery. In winter it is best to use a smartphone or any other electronic device in a warm room. For example, if you want to call someone, it is better to go to the supermarket or Mall, and while on the outside the phone it is advisable to keep in warm places, like the inner pocket of his jacket.
Tip 3
This tip is probably the most effective. Most often from spontaneous shutdowns of the mobile device, even with 20-30% remaining charge affects iPhone owners. Most likely, Apple will save on quality batteries, which leads to the fact that branded smart phones are completely unable to resist frost. If your smartphone shuts down unexpectedly, then you can activate it only in two ways – warmed in a warm room, which may take about 10-20 minutes, or to connect it to the power source.
Guaranteed not to remain without a smartphone in the winter, it is best to buy a portable battery that will run your mobile device into the case, if it suddenly turns off and refuses to start without an external power source. Moreover, this accessory will increase the battery life and will give confidence that the smartphone will not turn off at the most inopportune moment. We recommend you to look attentively at the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000 mAh, which is quite small weight and compact dimensions. You can also consider portable battery from Samsung, which are good against frost, but are significantly more expensive.

DateDate: 2-10-2017, 07:22

When the Creator of Android has introduced its first smartphone — Essential Phone, many analysts predicted him the title "killer" iPhone: really, hopes and promises were many, but in fact it turned out that the device is not as flawless as it was described, not to mention the camera. Therefore, the sales of this smartphone left the appropriate.
As reported by Fortune, for the first two weeks after the start of sales in the U.S. were sold about 5 thousand Essential Phone. Like many, however, Apple, for example, sells the same iPhone for about 15 minutes. In this light, to speak about any competition with the company from Cupertino it makes sense.
Essential Phone was delivered on 30 may 2017. What is he like iPhone X display, without any frame, cutout for camera, interesting design, impressive technical specs (4 GB of RAM and 128 GB).It's just not helped the Creator of Android Andy Rubin to release a competitive device: too many he had faults. Taken from