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DateDate: 6-10-2017, 06:27

Opera has announced the release of the beta version of the Opera browser for 49 computers, which makes the process of sharing web content more fun and personalized.
Released today beta version of desktop browser Opera users can not only make the screen, but also edit it, adding a selfie stickers or drawing – and all this directly in the browser. Thus, the users have got the possibility for a few seconds to personalize the content they want to share.
In addition, due to the fact that Opera is the only browser with integrated instant messengers, users can easily share your screenshot on messenger Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram. Simply drag a image in a dialogue with a particular interlocutor. 
How to use
To make a screenshot, click the camera icon in the sidebar and then select the appropriate area of the screen. After that, the user can start to edit the screenshot. Opera offers a wide range of editing functions of the image, in particular, allow:
making drawings directly on the screenshots or highlight text
to do a selfie and attach them to the screenshots
to add to the stickers Emoji screenshots
add arrows of different sizes and colors to attract attention to something
to blur the image to hide any personal information
It's interesting
The head of Xiaomi showed white ceramic Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
The head of Xiaomi showed white ceramic Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
The most generous sources of leaks about Xiaomi lately are top managers of the company, as they regularly show the world the images of unreleased devices.
After editing the screenshot, the user can instantly share it in the integrated in Opera messenger, or to save the file on your computer.
Among other innovations a fresh beta version of Opera for computers – the new quick settings panel, browser, and improved the quality of viewing web content on HiDPI screens. 

DateDate: 6-10-2017, 06:24

Google does not hide the fact of listening to their own users, but does not advertise this. It's not just about talking on the phone. Smartphone can do surveillance just being around. The relevant fact is specified in the "agreement for user".
Collected about the user data Google sends to the database for the study of artificial intelligence, reports "MK". The program adapts to user interests and, theoretically, can make products more convenient for an individual client.
The experts emphasize that the data can be compromised and data can be used against the owner of the gadget. It is noted that to remove information about themselves with the help of specservis storing the dossier collected by Google based on activity in the Network. If you login there, you can delete all sensitive data.
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DateDate: 6-10-2017, 06:22

A significant amount of potassium, which is part of bananas and avocados have a positive effect on blood vessel walls, thus protecting them against the development of atherosclerosis. This statement was made by scientists in an article published in a scientific journal.
American scientists experts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham conducted a study, which concluded that the presence in the diet of bananas and avocado will reduce the risk of human atherosclerosis. According to experts, according to who statistics related heart and vascular diseases are considered to be one of the main causes of heart attacks and resulting deaths in the majority of States worldwide. In that case, if the walls of the arteries contain enough potassium, the volume of which predominate in avocado and bananas, they start its rapid development in size, and then accumulate fat and nanoparticles of calcium salts.
An experiment on mice in the laboratory also proved that if you eat potassium rich foods, you can minimize the risks associated with atherosclerosis. In addition to these fruits should eat watermelons, potatoes and beans.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 6-10-2017, 06:20

After published Evan Blossom images Huawei Mate Pro 10 in the network appeared the first real photos of the smartphone. They fully confirmed all the assumptions about the appearance of new. The device really will get virtually frameless display with a thin framework around the perimeter. In this pictures it is clearly visible that the rear cover of the smartphone is glass.
It is worth noting that rendering the screen seemed to be completely frameless, but the photo shows that the sides have a Mate 10 Pro will still be limits. The fingerprint scanner will be located in the back, although earlier it was rumored that Huawei will build it into the screen.
Presentation of the Huawei Mate 10 will be held on October 16. 
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DateDate: 6-10-2017, 06:18

According to the expert, Brett king, studying the realm of the future, after the 2034 the number of robots will exceed the number of the human population. According to him, smartphones and other gadgets will replace smart glasses.
On the development and improvement of special glasses with the introduction of virtual reality technology to multibillion-dollar corporations allocate significant funds from their funds. Brett noticed that for smart glasses – the future, because at the appropriate level of technology development, we don't need no mouse, no keyboard, no touch screens, as it will be embedded in our natural vision with augmentation devices such as glasses. Also founder of Moven, said that the robots, namely unmanned vehicles and aircraft, as well as robot workers doing all the work under the supervision of several specialists, will surpass men in number by 2035.
According to Brett, the most important condition of a stable future is a careful and cautious attitude to the artificial intelligence technologies, the impacts of development on which to guess is almost impossible.
Source: VladTime