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DateDate: 10-10-2017, 06:35

As a born inventions? Many remember the popular claim that necessity is the mother of invention, but in this case can be called the father? The ability to notice things and phenomena around him — precisely the characteristics that allow some attentive people to do unremarkable for other little things are important scientific discovery or invention. Below are the 10 most amazing inventions born partly by chance, but not without showing commendable ingenuity of the inventors. 10. Paper stickers for notes In 1970, Spencer silver was trying to make a strong adhesive for the company 3M. What happened actually, was very subclaim substance, besides leaving no traces. A few years later his colleague, who is tired of the constant loss of bookmarks from the Bible during the service in the Church, I remembered about the invention of silver. To this day paper stickers are used as bookmarks for Bibles, and scientific books. 9. Artificial sugar substitutes (saccharin) Bag with this substance has become an indispensable companion to the morning coffee for many people, counting calories, and that is no less important for diabetics. In 1879, Constantin Fahlberg forgot to wash my hands after working with coal tar and was amazed to discover them new properties. Together with his wife he was having dinner roll and noticed a sweet taste, which, as it turned out, came not from the roll. Today, thanks to the neglect of one of the academic rules of hygiene, humanity has saccharin. Fortunately for us, the wife of Vallberga not found fault with his habits. 8. Ice cream on a stick believe it or not, but everyone's favorite: ice cream on a stick is just a failed attempt to make a refreshing drink. In 1905, eleven-year-old boy named Frank Epperson wanted to make your own soda popular at the time way. Mixed drink, he left the glass on a frosty night together with forsaken in it with a stick, and the next morning were surprised to find the result. Eighteen years later, Epperson remembered about this case, and patented his accidental invention and decided to make it. 7. Potato chips Chips, without which in our days is not complete watching a movie or sporting event, initially was the result of a kind of conflict between the client and the contractor. In 1853, in a restaurant in the American city of Saratoga, a tough client named Cornelius Vanderbilt did not cease to complain about the potatoes, which he found too large and crude. After several batches that are sent back to the kitchen, chef George crump (no doubt rather tired from a difficult client) decided to chop the potatoes into thin slices and soak them in fat. Vanderbilt, after trying the dish, was left satisfied with what was later called "Saratoga chips". 6. Brandy Medieval wine merchants used to evaporate the water from the wine before transporting the product by sea. Without water in barrels remained concentrated mixture, which, apparently, found his calling in the glasses of many young poets and writers a few centuries later. 5. Initially, the cyanoacrylate superglue was designed by Harry Coover while trying to create a super transparent plastic for military optics in 1942. Though the goal was not achieved, were opened unusually adhesive properties of the material upon contact with moisture. A few years later, the superglue has gained well-deserved popularity, as effective bonding did not require additional conditions like pressure or temperature. Cyanoacrylate has also been found useful for the American army in Vietnam, where it was used as a means for rapid bonding of wounds and stop bleeding. 4. Teflon In 1938, Roy Plunkett and his assistant Jack Rehbock was working on a new type of freon (the gas harmful to the ozone layer) under the name of tetrafluoroethylene. After mixing it with hydrochloric acid and filling the cylinders with dry ice, the scientists left the mixture for a day. The next day, one of the cylinders was opened, but he, contrary to expectations, not out of gas. Carefully sawn cylinder, the scientists found inside the white flakes, which, as it turned out, had a high temperature resistance and sliding properties. Soon to flip food in a skillet has become extremely easy task. 3. Microwave oven In 1945, Percy Spencer, was a military engineer and inventor worked with the magnetron, which emitted microwaves that are required for the operation of the radar. Standing near the device, Spencer noticed that he had in his pocket melted chocolate bar. This unexpected find though, and spoiled the clothes of the scientist, but also led to the creation of the world's first microwave oven (the size of a refrigerator and weighing half a ton). 2. This critical penicillin antibiotic appeared in 1928 as the result of the irresistible desire of the scientist-workaholic Alexander Fleming to break away from work and to go closer to the warm sea and Sunny beaches and the spreading trees. Going on vacation, a scientist forgot to clean in your workplace. On returning, Fleming found "blooming" lab (he has worked with some fungal species), in particular, a strange fungus that proved resistant to the bacteria. Well, as experience shows, poor hygiene sometimes ends very surprising. 1. Pacemaker Wilson Greatbatch designed the first implantable pacemaker, trying to create a device that reads an arrhythmic heartbeat. His mistake was to use too powerful of resistance (1 Megohm instead of 0.01 Megohm). The device produced electrical pulses, similar in frequency with the heartbeat. Greatbatch soon created a handy device that could be implanted directly into the patient's chest, in contrast to external pacemakers, burning the skin and causing pain. Often pay attention to the world around you and never worry failure: sometimes they can lead to unexpectedly pleasant results!
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The word "inventor" is most associated with men. They say, it takes a special mind (mens), logic (male) and free time (what women for the family not so much). However, many things are invented and brought to life the fair sex. Some of them have noticeably facilitated our life, household, and may not change the world, but certainly made it a little better. Women primarily think about the comfort, time saving and security, and, if this is not practical, would be very bad. We have collected 10 of the most essential inventions of women, without which now anywhere. 1. Diapers I Think that the number one thing in the Arsenal of mom and dad always helped us in the first years of life children. And no, the diapers appeared not so long ago, which is very striking. It seems that the invention of so-so? Some 50-100 years ago were the only diaper that needed to be washed, to boil (note, by hand, washing machines were a rarity) and iron again to repeat all again. To thank for standing diaper Marion Donovan from the United States. This woman in the 50-ies of the last century, was a large mother and Deputy editor at women's magazine. Not aby what, and in Vogue. At such loading it is clear that Marion wasn't too much time. Wit the woman was not to take, and she decided to upgrade the care of children. Gathered around the house all cloths and curtains for the bathroom, she was cut up by them, by combining with panties, and making first waterproof model. Diapers were still reusable, but more useful. From Marion bought the rights to the invention for one million dollars – an enormous sum for that time. But the idea that you can do a thing one-off, caused a storm of misunderstanding. Only 10 years on the market appeared first Pampers. 2. Circulation saw From diapers to more radical and powerful things. Circulation saw though and is considered a symbol of masculinity, but men have to thank for her it was the woman who invented it and created it. Some Tabitha Babbitt, a weaver, was different, apparently, incredible care and an alert mind. After watching how the men managed firewood with a two-handed saw, she realized that she doesn't need to be a genius to understand that the tree is sawn only when the tool moves forward. The rest is just a waste of time. Apparently, such serious conclusions no one else came to mind. In the 19th century, this dexterous girl developed the first circulating saw, and after a couple of years it has been used on all logging in the state. Not until the end confirmed, but most likely true rumors say that Tabitha also came up with the first set of dentures. It was a very strange girl. It is unknown how much of different things and more serious things she came up with, as because of religion she gave up all patents and rights. 3. Kevlar (cloth armor) Vest saved hundreds of thousands of lives of the Ministers about, and all thanks to one resourceful girl from Poland named Stephanie Kwolek. In the 70 years she came up with material that was half lighter than fiberglass and stronger than steel. Since then, he saved and saves us. Initially, the female scientists worked on the modernization of automobile tires. Oil in those days was expensive, her products – also, essential was an artificial material that replaces the rubber, tight and reliable. So what could be considered open to a random. Now Kevlar is a very common material. It is used for boats and bodies of cars, airplanes and even space ships, for smartphones and computers. Cable suspension bridges are also sometimes made of it. Scholars of our day say it's only some of the capabilities of Kevlar, because soon they will improve it and make it extremely durable conductor of electricity. Contribution to the story of the opening material is so great that Stephanie included in the honorable Inventors Hall of Fame. It is only the 4th woman in this extensive list. 4. Dishwasher now If people are interested in flying to Mars and the underground city, the earlier problems was somewhat smaller scale. For example, a politician's wife, Josephine Cochrane was very distressed that the on duty of the husband they often had to hold a reception for many guests. After the holidays were mountains of dishes and the dishwasher, alas, every time I managed to break plates, expensive Chinese porcelain. She desperately needed a car that would kept the dishes, but cleared it. Josephine was a woman of strong and stubborn, and after a couple of months she had created the first dishwasher. Of course, it was a very primitive way, but even he was not devoid of use. And after a city woman was expecting a runaway success, quickly she opened the firm has put the production on stream and received for his wit great money. 5. Gel for hair straightening beauty gadgets and discoveries are helping us to look on all hundred. Before that was the problem. Girls life made easier is Sarah Walker, which, incidentally, is listed in the Guinness book of world records – she was the first black woman millionaire. Its strategy and the success story is now taught in universities and described in business books. And all because she invented the hair, which is not just their rights, but also makes it more malleable, manageable and well-groomed. Its gel has become the prototype of modern balms and conditioners. First Sarah was looking for a recipe for this means that would have saved her from hair loss, because 36 the woman began rapidly to thin out. They say he had her in his sleep, and gave, by the way, a great result. But Walker didn't stop, and perfected the formula, in order to obtain the substance for straightening hair. This gel gave the opportunity for black ladies to make any hair style. Soon Sara opened his factory and get rich. 6. Wipers for cars Mary Anderson obviously had a great kindness and compassion. How else to explain that she was so touched by the efforts of the driver of the tram in the snow trying to clear the glass and to go on the route that she invented the windshield wipers? In 1903, she had already received a patent for his discovery. Unfortunately, the world has turned a deaf ear to such useful things. Mary unsuccessfully attempted to sell his invention, but, for example, the canadian firm refused to purchase, arguing that the futility of such wiper system. By the time the world finally recognized the street cleaners, the patent expired and Mary did not get anything for his discovery. 7. Remuage and the status of champagne In 1805, the lot of women not that were exclusively family and social events, but the wine business was considered a purely male occupation and any members of the fairer sex was not in it. Until the widow Clicquot. Her husband died when she was only 27 years old and I had to save the family business and fortune. First it was said that the lady was a little damaged mind because of grief. But then the whole world started talking about its elegant champagne. Through the efforts of Nicole Clicquot champagne from some fermented, murky liquid turned into an expensive drink of aristocrats. She invented a technology for the purification of liquids, removing sediments and impurities. Today, winemakers of the world use the remuage. The simplicity and low cost that is capable of captivating people. Just enough to hold the bottle a couple of months at a certain angle to the sediment accumulated in one place, then just to confuse this part to get in the form of ice. By the way, Nicole came up with this drink, like pink champagne. 8. Heating system solar the Solar industry is today one of the most promising areas in the world. The energy is almost nothing, out of thin air, without environmental pollution and complex plants. A woman Maria Telkes practically opened the world's first solar battery to heat your home. Her she safely used in your home, in order not to freeze. The main component was lauerova salt. When heated, the substance is well heated, and when cooling – radiated heat. That is, when standing heat in the house was cool, but with the cold weather were maintained normal temperature. System without interruption was a three winter, which was enough even for the biggest skeptics to recognize the success of ideas. In General, Maria gave us a lot of different thermal discoveries. For example, she also invented a filter that transforms sea water into drinking water using only solar energy. 9. Glass with anti-reflective effect of the Glass, of course, good material, but not perfect. Glare a lot of problems in various spheres of life. However, after the invention of Katherine Blodgett all the difficulties disappeared. In the 30-ies of the last century, it opened the technology of optics, which is now widely used in cameras, cameras, telescopes, glasses and on the screens of our smartphones. This lady was as devoted to work and science that in such a difficult time when women hardly worked in such organizations, it took General Electric. She was the first lady in the company. 10. When signal flares Martha coston suddenly the husband died, and she was glad to grieve and reminisce, but the four sons had to somehow feed. Urgent solution was needed. Examining records, documents, and journals of the deceased, the woman found a description of the idea of a light signal, which has been became a much more reliable warning system than the screams and flags. 10 years of my life Mar spent on studying chemistry, and consultation with chemists, experiments with pyrotechnics and so on until I got my first child on the inventive field – signal flare. Its development took into circulation, the US government ordered more than a million pieces. Historically, that women have long not had the opportunity to make discoveries and to pursue science. But even with all this they have created many things without which our modern life is impossible. We are grateful to them and inspired by examples. 

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Autumn already comes into its own, summer left only memories. No wonder this time of Golden leaves and the everlasting cold season is called knowledge. What else remains to do? But the fact remains, the fall harvest happens not only on fields but also on the scientific field. Some inventions open accidentally, others deliberately go for years. But September was rich in discoveries and technological things, in the near future, completely changing our lives. Flying cars and taxis, the innovative camera with AI, the social network in virtual reality and much more await you in the technology news for September 2017. 1. Hoverbayk Kalashnikov Concern "Kalashnikov" is historically famous for its weapons and military equipment. However, there are times – such and development, and that the company's engineers have set their sights on the prospective and ambitious project is a flying bike. A real find and for reconnaissance, and for hipsters in big cities. In works of science fiction flying cars are normal, saving time from traffic jams and long distances. Now, it seems that Russian scientists make the dream come true. 16 motors easily raise the design in the air with one pilot. A trial run has already taken place, it hoverbayk soared a couple of meters to the top and circled around the area without apparent effort. Eight propellers cope with the weight of an adult male. To operate the machine using two joysticks. The next step after successful trials – create a beautiful and practical design, perhaps actdata. As we know from previous reviews, they are now popular. 2. The purchase of virtual social networks Microsoft Fans of gadgets and the Internet can know that virtual network like AltspaceVR. The project was so ambitious that it caught the interest of the company Microsoft. In September, the network was purchased, and the contract is made so that in any case not to close and not to change existing practices. Company representatives stress that their actions will be aimed only at strengthening and development of existing material. In network you can go with a headset of virtual reality, for example, points. At the time of sale you could participate in comedic commercials or political debates, but this independent project required millions in investments for more serious possibilities. Now there is hope that Microsoft will turn into a full-fledged AltspaceVR is a virtual network with hundreds of entertainment. 3. Miniature camera from Google with artificial intelligence Company with world constantly presents new device in September, critics and technocrats from all over the world interested in their new camera Google Clips. This new product looks very interesting, especially given that it was a complete surprise, and had not been even a rumor of her coming. The company calls the device a camera, which did not exist before in the market. Tiny gadget-due to AI, chooses the most touching, elegant, and cute frames, and automatically takes the picture. In the end, you get a whole chronicle of family life. Particularly appreciated the technology for parents and pet owners who know how hard it is to get the baby to look at the camera and pose. Small dimensions allow to install the camera is absolutely everywhere, even to cling to the clothes. It can also shoot video. Such a lovely novelty could easily invent a woman for their family, but Google took care of you faster. 4. Autonomous air taxis in 2018, Airbus recently made a statement that next year will be able to implement very large-scale project to launch the first air taxi. The first test will make the unmanned, which gives us hope that the new development does not require a driver. But Airbus does not exclude that at the time of launch of the project on the streets of cities taxi will get pilots. Apparently, "the Fifth element" is not so fantastic as it seemed. Full operation of the project would begin around 2023. Then everyone will be able to get from point a to point b on a flying taxi. Four rotors kept 4 adult passengers. The level of noise will be minimal. 5. The first session of quantum video, As you know, in China, technology is evolving several times faster than the rest of the world. There is already being developed on the quantum communication system. Finally, scientists of the country could make the first video session between the Academy of Sciences in China and the similar institution in Austria. This opens a new era in encryption and communication. Such a video allows you have no fear of interception and the breach of confidentiality. As you know, usually the information is transferred by such flows, which are based on mathematical laws and codes that can be hacked. But quantum communication transmits data directly in the flow of light. To isolate them out is impossible. As you can see, all these discoveries and inventions can dramatically change our lives. It remains to wait and hope that this will happen as soon as possible. 
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Nowadays the expression "wooden skyscraper" may seem ridiculous, but that's only if you don't know about the opening of cross-laminated timber. 
It was created 20 years ago, but its use only started recently. With the help of this wood has already created several high-rise buildings, for example, The Treet in Norway or Brock Commons in Canada. 
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Cross-laminated timber is made of planks 11 cm thick, each layer is perpendicular to the other. The layers are held together with special glue, then put it under the press. This wood does not rot, does not swell from moisture and even burn.

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In 2017 most popular smartphone the iPhone 7 is recognized, this model has acquired more users in the first half of 2017.
These data lead experts of the Agency, IHS, Markit. Second place went to the older model — the iPhone 7 Plus. The third is Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Plus, and it is worth noting that this is a budget machine, which costs USD 130. Completing the top five iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S8. 
Also on the list of most sold smartphones in the world were models from Samsung and one from Oppo. Analysts pointed out that despite the iPhone, Apple is gradually losing its share and it is in the last few years decreased from 10% to 5%.