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DateDate: 11-10-2017, 06:03

Brilliant development of Japanese scientists.
Long autumn nights I want to put on my lap kind of cat, stroke it and listen to the purr. But clean up after him, feed him, stripped Wallpaper glue is not very desirable. Inventive Japanese have come up with robot pillow, which wags its tail when its stroked. Pleasant and hassle no no, bigpicture reports.
Qoobo — cushion developed by Yukai Engineering Co. All she does is wags his tail when petted. But for those who are allergic or just not possible to have a pet, and caress someone like, pillow choice.
About six months ago, the designer of the company had to leave his cat parents, because in the apartment where she moved, it was impossible to take your pet. Then she decided to help herself and others suffering from depression and anxiety, but not having the opportunity to have a pet. The designer has produced such a robot the main functions of the pet.
Fancy a robotic pet was presented at the exhibition CEATEC 2017. In sale it will arrive next year, and will cost around $ 100. Its creators claim that Qoobo eight hours without recharging and can be charged via USB. It features a tail that moves differently depending on how I stroked the pillow. Another "headless cat" vibrates, imitating a purr.

DateDate: 11-10-2017, 06:00

The material has a characteristic of wood strength, density and conductivity.
Scientists from the Royal Institute of technology in Sweden have developed a new artificial material – transparent wood, according to the with reference to
For starters, scientists have learned to remove wood lignin, a natural polymer mixture, which is a wall of plant cells. As a result, the researchers got the tree white, and in order to achieve transparency, it added organic glass.
The resulting mixture was completely transparent and perfect for creating wooden plates of large area. 
The unique material has a characteristic of wood strength, density and conductivity. The technology of producing such wood can be used in industrial scale. In the future, scientists plan to increase the transparency of the obtained material, to replace the glass. 
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Previously, scientists have developed "the blackest material in the world," which absorbs laser beams.

DateDate: 11-10-2017, 05:58

This material has unusual properties.
Open space is not very suitable for life of people the place. But this does not prevent earth scientists to invent new ways to protect the fragile human body against the major hazards of space. Once in space, astronauts experience a number of inconveniences. For example, low gravity breaks the usual work of the body, and high levels of radiation increases the risk of cancer and other diseases. That's why a team of researchers from the Australian national University have developed a metamaterial that is able to dynamically reflect the radiation, reports the with reference to Health.
The radiation emanating from the Sun and other sources, has always been one of the main problems for scientists who plan space missions. The spacesuits of astronauts, space stations and even different tools not just covered with a thick layer of protective materials. This makes the movement of people in space is extremely clumsy, and bulky equipment. And it is far from ideal, which for decades eager explorers. It would be great to create a thin material capable of protecting the astronaut from harmful radiation, but it does not hinder his movements.
And material have been created. It effectively protects against radiation, but it is incredibly thin. In fact, this film is created from nanoparticles that reflect light waves of a certain length. In this case we are talking about the ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Different layers of film can prevent the penetration of light through them, and the user is able to adjust settings of material, changing its temperature. Cooling or, conversely, heating the new material, the nanoparticles are compressed and expanded, becoming less or more reflective.
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Now scientists have a new challenge: how to integrate the metamaterial heating elements. Regulation of temperature is achievable in several ways (for example, using a sewn in material microaggregates), but so far scientists have not determined exactly how best to regulate the reflection efficiency of different radiations. Despite the fact that the material will protect astronauts from infrared and ultraviolet radiation, it will be helpless in the face of high-energy particles. However, existing suits from them, too, not defend. In any case, the metamaterial will increase the degree of protection and will make future models of the suit less bulky.

DateDate: 11-10-2017, 05:55

Analysts shared ways of defining spyware, which is connected to your smartphone. For anybody not a secret that there are spyware programs that can connect to your smartphone and steal important information. Five signs that your smartphone has been hacked experts told.
The main feature that you should pay attention to is the rapid decline of the battery. The spy application are constantly working and that the battery quickly sits down. Along with this the phone during a conversation may become warm — this is also associated with the active work of the virus. 
Another symptom is spontaneous rebooting. An obvious consequence of malicious programs could be the emergence of new numbers in the phone book, and the inability to turn the phone off. When you try to disable the device can run a variety of applications.
To your smartphone has not penetrated malware you need to follow a set of rules is very important not to go to questionable resources and stop automatic device is connected to Wi-Fi points.

DateDate: 11-10-2017, 05:54

Added Microsoft intelligent assistant Cortana in the latest update of Skype for iOS and Android.
Communication is an integral part of human life. People communicate to stay connected, to share news and ideas, plan time together with family or friends, etc. Very often in conversation you need to specify additional information. 
For these data it is necessary to switch between applications, even briefly. But technology should make life easier and find the information they need quickly and without discomfort. To solve this problem, Skype has added the ability to use the intelligent assistant Cortana.
Cortana can offer useful information on the basis of a chat user, for example, suggest the nearest restaurants or movie schedules in the cinemas of the city. If the user has little time, the smart assistant helps you quickly and easily reply to a message without actually typing a word.
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Microsoft intelligent assistant will help to organize your day, without turning off Skype. If Cortana detects that we are talking about planning events, she offered to make a reminder. It will be received on all devices where connected to the assistant.
In addition, Cortana can talk one-on-one, as a living person. You can find the weather forecast for the next few days or the name of the main actor in your favorite TV series. With smart assistant Microsoft any day will be more productive and fun.
October 10, Cortana for Skype became available in the United States. Soon the update will be available for users in other countries.