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DateDate: 16-10-2017, 07:13
Now smartphones produce thousands of companies, most of them of course from China. Buyers have a huge selection of mobile devices for every taste and color, as well as for every budget.
For those who want to get everything at once – will fit Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or LG V30, and for lovers of high performance and low price to excellent choice would be the Xiaomi Mi 6.
Every smartphone, not necessarily a leader, sharpened by the specific users with their queries and problems. Given the fact that every year the market of tens of thousands of new mobile devices and the smartphone market is developing very fast, within a couple years the smartphone is "made to order" will be able to create and buy one. Everything will work by analogy with the PC market. If once upon a time individual companies have released their own PC with a specific set of components, with the development of the market buyers have the opportunity to build a computer choosing a processor, motherboard, memory, graphics card and all the other components, up to the case and power supply. Of course, in the case with smartphones implement it much more difficult, because the average user will not be able to collect the smartphone, as all its components have a very small size. However, this does not mean that individual companies will not be on their own to collect the mobile device from the components, which will be chosen by the buyer. However, Google is a couple of years ago was actively working on a modular smartphone Project Ara, which is to change components in seconds. However, due to insufficient level of technological development the idea for a couple of years refused.
Not excluded that in the future smartphones will looks "custom". All manufacturers will produce universal components, and the company to offer its own branded case. As a result, the user can choose the appearance and the technical component only smartphone in its sole discretion. For example, when the smartphone is "made to order" will be able to create and buy one, buyers will have the opportunity to choose the main Board, the camera, processor, network interfaces, battery capacity and a number of other features, depending on their needs and funds. Enough for one company to begin to offer services for the Assembly of smartphones of various components, as this will immediately start to engage and other. This will lead to a chain reaction, but only if buyers are interested in this. Taken from

DateDate: 16-10-2017, 07:10

Headset in the format of a necklace do not lose their popularity. Of course, they can't compete in trendowski with wireless headphones work with voice assistants such as Amazon and Google Alexa Assistant, for example. We saw quite a lot at IFA in September 2017. However, the number of users collars with headphones turned out to taste and the number of companies continues to produce them. Level U Pro ANC is the next generation after Level U. the Main difference is the noise canceling. However, their price in the end was quite high and it is not clear whether to pay more. Try to understand.
Samsung Level U Pro ANC 03
Structurally, Samsung Level U Pro ANC headset similar to the last generation, massive block, who has gained weight, is on the neck. Two wires with headphones magnet to each other. At the same time, interlocking and raceplay them, you can perform various actions to accept and complete the challenge, and also stop and start the audio playback. The ear pads are made in the design of the new bundled in-ear headphones from AKG, what we found and Note8.
Samsung Level U Pro ANC 02
On the right handle — the buttons control the sound and playback. Buttons are pressed with a slight force, that's good, as no false positives. On the headset is a separate button of inclusion of system noise reduction, inclusion and translation into pairing mode. The indicator light is located on the inner side, next to the microUSB connector for charging and the connector is covered with a cap.
Samsung Level U Pro ANC 04
The housing has a basic protection from splashes and sweat, but of any IP standards on the manufacturer's website does not say only on a special coating. So the headset is likely not afraid to sweat and splashes, but to bathe it.
Samsung Level U Pro ANC 06
To synchronize with the device-source of the need to shift the lever to the rightmost position and hold until the indicator flashes red, blue and green. After connecting the headphones vibrate and duplicate all the actions of the sound from the headphones.
Samsung Level U Pro ANC 05
An interesting point is that the headset you can connect a second Samsung Level U Pro ANC and listen to music together. At the same headset from other manufacturers so are not supported. Set EQ and additional FX (3D and bass boost) when listening is carried out in firmware. The headset supports aptX, and when playing back uncompressed audio formats, such as FLAC, it becomes audible very well. But for everyday use and listening to music in normal quality in the background of the device fits very well.
Samsung Level U Pro ANC scrn 01
Samsung Level U Pro ANC scrn 03
Samsung Level U Pro ANC scrn 02
Samsung Level U Pro ANC scrn 04
In music mode the headset is working 6.5 hours with ANC enabled and 8 hours off the noise reduction system. Strange thing is that noise reduction is not very active and noticeable difference we could not hear. Autonomy is not too big and it would be nice to increase it in the next generations.
Samsung Level U Pro ANC 
Type: Earbud
Interface: MicroUSB, Bluetooth 4.1
Microphone: Yes
Dimensions: mm 152x167x13
Weight: 45,7 g
Supplier: Predst-vo Samsung Electronics Ukraine
Price: $100
+ good ergonomics of the body
+ the sound quality and aptX support
+ rasita from splashes and sweat
-the work of the ANC is virtually invisible
-not enough autonomy

DateDate: 16-10-2017, 07:07

The process of creating new knowledge was always collective. And in the sense of direct collective work in the sense of the Foundation of the knowledge of previous generations. Today, scientists are single are extremely rare. Science finally became a team game. However, the free market, though, and stimulates academic competition, but still forces many corporations to hide their development. It's a bit of a hindrance to a more rapid dissemination of knowledge and technology. But it seems that the situation is beginning to change. As reported by Venture Beat, digital giants unite efforts for common progress and writes Know.
Microsoft and Amazon Web Services announced a joint project Gluon, a library software development for machine learning. Opensource project Gluon will provide sufficient interface for creating machine learning models using pre-assembled and optimized components, building blocks that can be used together with the platforms of Amazon and Microsoft.
By design, it should facilitate the development of models for beginners and to speed up the creation of complex systems for experienced professionals, says the blog of Matt wood, Director SHI AWS. Gluon is now compatible with Apache MXNet, a platform for deep learning with open source, and Microsoft is currently working on the compatibility with your tool Cognitive Toolkit.
Machine learning is a branch that requires high professional training. Needless to say, there is such a preparation considerable resources. Library software will save the company from having to undergo the journey of building a program and may provide a synergistic effect.

DateDate: 16-10-2017, 07:05

singapurski luxury brand has presented a case for the iPhone, the price of which exceeds the price of the iPhone.
The cost of iPhone is quite high, but some users of Apple's smartphones, for which she is willing to buy accessories for their gadgets in excess of yourself the iPhone on price.
Singapore luxury brand Gray International has released a collection of titanium cases for iPhone. The world's only iPhone case, the cost of which significantly exceeds the price of the phone itself. 
See also: Samsung introduced a budget smartphone (PHOTO) 
For example, announced at the presentation device price iPhone X – 1149 dollars, while the cost of titanium cover Gray International – 1345 dollars.
The brand claims that the case is made from a single piece of titanium, which is manually shaped to the required model iPhone, polished to a Shine and assigned a unique number.
Business Insider notes that the high price of titanium case influenced by the exclusivity of the product and not its functionality or necessity.

DateDate: 16-10-2017, 07:03

Lenovo has unveiled several new devices for Motorola phones. One of them is the smart cover Polaroid, which allows you to instantly print photos directly from your smartphone.
This was announced by Evan Blass on Twitter.
This device turns your mobile into a full-fledged camera. 
The company has not yet announced the appearance of this device. Yet experts call it the trial run. How will the replacement cartridges needed for the Polaroid, is still unknown.