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DateDate: 18-10-2017, 07:42

Facebook Company announced October 16 about the purchase of a mobile application tbh. This application has existed for slightly more than two months, but has already attracted several million users - mostly American students.
The tbh application allows users to answer questions about their friends. For example, such: "Who is the best guest at the party?", "Whose persistence inspires admiration?", "Who can become a poet?"
Under each question, the user sees a list of four names taken from his contact list. The person he chose receives a notification - something like "someone has admired your insistence". The application is anonymous, so who exactly thought this about you, you can not find out.
In September about tbh wrote Techcrunch: the publication noted that, unlike other anonymous applications, it is not used for bullying people. All thanks to the fact that in tbh you can not enter your text - users only answer the questions they have suggested. That they did not spend too much time in tbh, there is a restriction - within an hour you can answer no more than 12 questions.
The application appeared in the App Store in early August, since then users answered a billion questions. tbh is only available in three dozen US states (and is not available in Russia), but it has already been downloaded five million times. The daily audience of the application is 2.5 million people.
The amount for which Facebook bought tbh, is not disclosed. According to Techcrunch, this is less than $ 100 million. The four founders of the application will switch to Facebook, but will continue to develop tbh, using the company's infrastructure.
The publication lists the benefits that a rapidly growing application will receive from a transaction: its creators will not have to think about raising funds; so that the servers do not fall from the load, now will follow the engineers of Facebook; The application will have access to protection from spam and content moderation; finally, tbh with Facebook will be able to enter the international market.
The fact that Facebook decided to buy tbh, rather than clone the application, is surprising, given previous attempts by Mark Zuckerberg to "hook" the market of young Internet users.
Explaining the sale of tbh, its founders told that they "share [with Facebook] the same values associated with uniting people through positive emotions." The Verge journalist Casey Newton wrote a more realistic version of their statement: "When we met with Facebook, we realized that they could completely recreate our application over the weekend."

DateDate: 18-10-2017, 07:39

In Britain, for the first time in the world, an unexpected record was recorded by many. The farm, which is fully robotic, could grow without the participation of people.
It is reported that robots without the participation of people could not only grow, but also harvest. The project provided for the sowing, cultivation and subsequent collection of barley.
The cost of the project, implemented in Britain, was for its initiators the equivalent of 250 thousand dollars. Barley was grown so far on a small plot, the total area of which does not exceed 2.5 hectares.
To do this, English entrepreneurs used drones and tractors, which were also unmanned. However, as the experts say, it is premature to say that all these techniques were carried out independently. They, though at a distance, were ruled by people.
The total number of robots harvested from this area of barley was 4.5 tons. In comparison with the investments in this project, the amount, experts admit, is insignificant, but the potential for this innovation, apparently, is there.
Robots have already found a long-standing and widespread use in the industry, where they were able to successfully replace ordinary workers in many operations. But in the field of agriculture, this project, conducted from beginning to end, has become a novelty.
Financing of similar topics was carried out earlier, but the current difference of the project is that it is private and brought to the finals.
Source: VistaNews

DateDate: 18-10-2017, 07:37

Zaporozhets invented an environmental camera that instantly prints pictures from recycled paper. The developers presented their creation on the site Kickstarter. The goods have already found their future buyers (pre-order) all over the world. On the embodiment of the idea it was planned to collect 15 thousand dollars, but it turned out to be 377 thousand.
The device costs $ 29 at Kickstarter, and $ 45 - in stores.
The camera looks like a camera of old samples. It does not have electronic parts, but inside it contains cards for displaying images, and lenses for capturing images.
The cameras will go on sale until the end of October.

DateDate: 18-10-2017, 07:35

In March this year, Xiaomi introduced the smart scales Yunmai Mini 2, and today the world saw his successor.
From the predecessor device is distinguished by the presence of the WiFi module, and the rest of its functions remained identical to the original version.
Xiaomi Smart Yunmai Mini 2 Body Scale with WiFi will be sold for 199 yuan ($ 30), which is twice as expensive as the original version. Without a WiFi scales sold for 89 yuan ($ 13).
With the help of Wi-Fi scales will be able to transfer data to the application via the Internet. Note that the support for synchronization with the smartphone using Bluetooth is also preserved.
Scales can store up to 16 users, collecting information separately about the health status of each family member. From 14 to 17, the number of monitored parameters increased: the body mass index, the ratio of fat and muscle mass, the metabolic rate, the level of hydration, and so on.
The Yunmai Mini 2 scales with WiFi are powered by 5 AA batteries. Their work should be enough for 150 days of battery life. Dimensions devaysa were 260 x 260 x 26 mm.

DateDate: 18-10-2017, 07:32

Artificial intelligence will equal the human by 2029, and ahead of 16 years later.
This was stated by Google's Technology Director Ray Kurzweil, reports Narodna Pravda, referring to The Express.
The point where jobs become smarter than people is called "singularity," and it's just over twenty years. Kurzweil believes that it is in 2045 that AI will become an independent and most intelligent view of the planet.
"2029 is the agreed date that I foreseen when the AI passes a valid Turing test and, consequently, will reach the level of human intelligence. I set the date 2045 for singularity, when we multiply our effective intelligence by a billion times, merging with the intelligence we have created, "- said the futurologist.
According to him, the process is already in place and people will soon start to merge with cars. Dependence on smartphones is the first sign that a person becomes part of a car.
"They make us smarter. They may not be inside us yet, but by the 2030s we will connect our neocortex, part of our brain, with the cloud, "said Kurzweil, noting that a person will become smarter and more sexual.
Recall that experts from the Institute for Global Development at the University College London have developed a plan to confront the "uprooting of robots".
Earlier, the post of Germany hired a job that should help its employees and carry heavy correspondence.
"People's Truth" also wrote that in Japan there were work-educators. Works specifically designed to care for children come to replace the staff of kindergartens in Tokyo.