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DateDate: 21-10-2017, 07:24
Have you ever wondered why almost always the wind turbines be painted in white or light gray color? +
Believe it or not, but primarily for aesthetic reasons. This neutral color helps structure the large size to merge with the sky, especially when it is covered with clouds. 
Designers generally tend to assume that white color is the least image of "corn" eyes, compared to all other colors and shades. It is in order to make the giant structures such as wind turbines, the maximum blending with the environment, their initially, and it was decided to paint in white color. For the same reason, for example, in Germany, the lower part of the Enercon turbines give a green color so that they "dissolved" in the grassy cover. And sometimes, seeing these giants in the distance, it seems that the windmill is like floating in the air, not solid ground. 
However, for staining of the energy giants in white color there is another reason. If at ground level they are trying to make wishy-washy view, the airplanes flying over the white of the wind turbine looks very vividly. In most countries, the requirement to paint the windmill white is a legislative norm, as the need for its night illumination. Sometimes, for greater visibility, the blades of wind turbines cause a strip of reflective paint and the number and color of these bands carry useful information. 
For example, in Germany, for example, one orange stripe on the blades of the wind turbine lets you know the pilot that it is about 5 km from the nearest airport. In other cases, the blades of the turbines cause two green stripes. 
Another reason to use white paint in the painting of windmills, is the ability of this color to reflect the ultraviolet radiation, which naturally increases the service life of the coating. Given the fact that usually the turbines are in open spaces, are blown by the winds and wash by rain, and the installation and maintenance of these structures are very expensive, anything that prolongs their life, it is useful. Everything else, thanks to "white robe" of the turbine is not very hot sun. Any other color will most likely reduce the lifetime of the wind turbine, and therefore will lead to increased costs for maintenance and repair. 
However, to date, some scientists believe that wind turbines are best painted...purple.
It turns out that a study conducted in 2010, showed that the white color of the turbines, probably causing great harm to wildlife. In particular, insects, perceive it attractive fly off to the turbines, they die near it in large quantities. Meanwhile, as we know, is impossible without insects, agriculture, and for the past 30 years scientists have documented a huge decline in populations of many beneficial insects. In addition, for insects for turbines flock birds and bats, which are also many are killed on the blades of the wind giants.
After a long study, scientists tried a variety of colors, and eventually found that the safest are purple and blue. It turned out exactly these colors the greatest way push away insects, birds and animals. Therefore, in recent years some countries started to build wind turbines painted in the color of the sky

DateDate: 21-10-2017, 07:21

For the first time since 2000, the market capitalization of Microsoft Corporation exceeded $ 600 billion.
Analysts believe that the growth of capitalization associated with the company's progress in the field of cloud computing under the control of the head of the company Satya Nadella, reports MarketWantch.
It is also reported that starting in 2017, the company's shares rose by about 25%.
Also, according to the latest trading sessions on the Nasdaq, securities of the Corporation gained 0.4%.
Earlier it was reported that Apple may become the first company in history to cost $1 trillion.

DateDate: 21-10-2017, 07:17

The mobile market requires innovations and the emergence of devices with unique design and functionality, so different manufacturers are trying to surprise people.
If you believe the head of the consumer division of Huawei Richard Yu, the Chinese company is working on creating a foldable smartphone with a flexible display.
The manufacturer already has a working prototype, although the official announcement is still far. Huawei may introduce a smartphone next year, however, is that it requires a more flexible display and improved mechanical design.
Now folding prototype, Huawei is equipped with two displays with a small gap between them, it does not suit the manufacturer and the company plans to get rid of the gap at all.