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DateDate: 23-10-2017, 08:07

Analysts at Counterpoint Technology Market Research predict a gradual proliferation of smartphones with support of technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, embedded on the processor level.
The pioneer in this direction was Apple, which has equipped their latest smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus 64-bit "system on a chip" A11 Bionic with support of artificial intelligence. Experts believe that in the next few years, Apple devices will be commonly used AI processors, and up to 2020 the company will lead the market of chips with built-in AI capabilities.
Example Apple already followed by Huawei, which is in September 2017, presented a system on a chip HiSilicon Kirin 970 with neural processing unit (NPU, Neural Processing Unit). Advanced chip Huawei with AI capabilities formed the basis of the new flagship smartphone Mate Mate 10 10 and Pro, the official presentation which took place today, 17 September in Munich.
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In the near future the trend will pick up a leading manufacturer of mobile processors by Qualcomm, which by 2020 will be on the second place on volumes of deliveries of s-chips, ahead of Samsung and Huawei, predict in Counterpoint.
It is also expected that in 2018 the smartphone with support for AI technologies at the processor level is 16% in the total shipments of smartphones, and in 2019, the share will increase to 26%. By 2020 chips with AI capabilities will be present in every third smartphone coming to market, and overall sales of such devices will exceed half a billion units.
Experts believe that through technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning smartphones can perform many complex tasks, including translation into foreign languages in real time, photos and video in high quality thanks to the automatic adjustment of the optics under ambient conditions, etc.
This is interesting: the Smartphone Doogee BL12000 Pro be equipped with a battery of 12,000 mAh
In addition, with the AI capabilities of virtual intelligent assistants will become more intelligent and can better help users. Artificial intelligence will allow us to deal more effectively with the growing number of cyber threats, to prevent viruses and block phishing attacks.
Analysts predict rapid proliferation of smartphones with artificial intelligence in the segment of high-end devices, and by the middle or the end of 2018 the penetration rate in the category of models of the middle level. Forecast Counterpoint stipulates that in 2020 more than a third of all supplied to the market of smartphones will have integrated AI capabilities.
Source: News Yu

DateDate: 23-10-2017, 08:05

CEO Huawei Consumer Business Group Richard Yu during a conversation with journalists from CNET said that currently the company is working on a foldable device. The unit is ready for release: this requires a more advanced screen technology and special design of the mechanism responsible for the bending. Huawei plans to introduce the gadget in the next year.
"We have two screens. But between them still there is a small gap. This is not good, and we should get rid of that gap," said Richard Yu.
We will remind, recently the company ZTE introduced folding Axon M. Samsung also confirmed that next year she will release a bendable smartphone lineup Galaxy Note.
In addition, Richard Yu was asked about the situation of Huawei in the smartphone market and whether there is a chance that it will bypass Apple and Samsung, becoming the largest manufacturer in the world. To this he replied confidently, "Yes."
"We will hunt down. This is our destiny. I may be indelicate... But no one will stop us," said Richard Yu.

DateDate: 23-10-2017, 08:03

Spetsov for wounds left in the drawings, the "tamer of storms" I want to produce in Canada, and glove for the hearing impaired adapt to the gamers
Each year, the Ukrainians patent hundreds of inventions designed to change the world. Someone surprising cars that can move without fuel, others create methods of struggle against natural disasters, which can save entire cities.
"Today," found the most interesting inventions of recent years and asked the developers, what happened to the ideas that could bring the authors of the millions in dividends. 
So, young scientists have tried to correct strabismus in children with spetsakov and even set up a portable analog of MRI, however, on utility models and scientific publications is not gone. As a student of the Small Academy of Sciences, a resident of Pyriatyn Sergei Devyanin in 2013 created a unique device to measure spinal curvature.
"Of course, complete replacement of the MRI it is difficult to call, but for clinics apparatus are well suited," says the fourth-year student of Ukrainian medical dental Academy in Poltava.
Device that is placed along the spine in the form of a bandage and sends the data to the computer, was interested in a few years. For the drawings the inventor has proposed a penny, and to develop adequate it was not possible, so the idea stuck. Now Sergey spends medicine, planning to become a surgeon or a diagnostician.
Seam-lightning: drawings lying on the shelf
The name of Poltava citizen Vitaly zapeka 11 years ago did not descend from pages of Newspapers. Everything about it spoke as about the innovator and its development wanted in 24 countries. Hunted aliens then unusual surgical seam detail, which could simply impose on the wound, "buttoned" her without using any thread or needles. The developer is sure that the invention would have saved the victims in a crash or accidental wounds. One of the options seam to be used during routine operations.
"Work on him I started in 2002. Three years spent in the library, studying anatomy and all about human skin, and visited operations in hospitals, morgues, I'm not a medical doctor by education (engineer. — Ed.). In 2006, the patented invention," — told the "Today" Vitali.
Foreigners literally filled up it with suggestions about cooperation, but before signing of the contract was asked to provide a drawing, trying to cheat to get the development of Ukrainian. Some of the drawings Vitali still gave to Israel in one of the universities, and then the connection was broken.
The inventor put the drawings on a shelf and got it only in 2014, when they began to die Ukrainian soldiers.
"I wanted to develop helped our guys. With this seam-lightning fighter is able to impose it within 20 seconds on the wound. I was 47 years old, and I thought that should help the country with his mind," recalls Cooking.
But all that has been achieved, the inventor, — positive feedback from Asinstitute surgery and Transplantology. Shalimov.
"Then I decided that I would go to serve, even so will to help the country", — said Vitaly.
And on the first working day of 2015, he volunteered in the combat zone, where they still serve in the battalion "Poltava". A potential investor, a man willing to give all developments in exchange for the free provision of Ukrainian military seams-zippers.
Vitaly Cooking. Ready to give development to the seams for the soldiers. Photo:
Exoskeleton: help Granny to startup
Trying to help his own grandmother, from Kiev, Anton Golovchenko created the exoskeleton. With the help of robotic algorithms and adaptive design, the device helps to rehabilitate and restore limb movement. In 2013, the guy presented the invention, and in 2015 the running layout was a startup. Now the development called UniExo, running in limited production.
"I originally created it for my grandmother, who has with age refused the right hand. When I saw the competitors realized that it is impossible so to scoff at people, while stationary technology can be only an auxiliary tool. Exoskeletons that require constant power from the outlet should not be on the market in the XXI century. Most people want to see product wearable (wearable. — Ed.) which can be folded into a bag, not to carry on the truck," says Anton.
Improving the design, the inventor has provided her unique qualities. Now, for rehabilitation, you can use only part of the exoskeleton, and the price of the Ukrainian mechanism 10 times lower than foreign counterparts, which cost starts from 5000 Euro.
"The unique algorithms allow you to control the safety of the carrier and stabilize the gait, movement, also the movement of paralyzed limbs," says the guy working on the connection of the exoskeleton to artificial intelligence.
UniExo hunt for Ukrainians and foreigners. However, the author surprised by the fact that the Ukrainian Ministry of health is not interested in new technologies, although the team held meetings with officials.
Anton Golovchenko. Created a mechanism for movement in paralysis. Photo: archive of A. Golovchenko
Glove: changed the name and purpose
A "talking glove", which transformerait gestures in speech and is designed to make life easier for hearing impaired people, in 2012 at the competition, Microsoft introduced the Donetsk electrical engineers and programmers Anton Stepanov, Anton Pesternikov, Valery and Maxim Yasakov Osyka. Then the project became the winner, and the guys got $25 000. Hoping to implement the project, the team searched for investors, but adjustments in the plans of developers have made military operations in the Donbass. Players went to different cities, and work on the project stopped.
A few years later the team broke up, correct the idea were only Anton Pesternikov, joined by the President of the Association of Digital Ukraine and Director of the trading platform (authorized Prozorro) Oksana Borysenko, a serial entrepreneur from San Francisco Natalia Karpenko and Director of Data Platform Microsoft MVP Denis Reznik.
The new team decided to change the name of the project and its objectives. Now the glove is called Zglove and is not just for deaf people but also for gamers.
"Now we're turning ON gloves. In addition to comfortable communication hearing impaired, want to enable its use for entertainment purposes, such as a TV remote or a console for games", — told the "Today" Borisenko.
Simultaneously guys are looking for investors for the project. In the meantime, the development of a new product trying to capitalize, launching a crowdfunding campaign and attracting artisans who make products from wood and resin jewelry.
The creators of the. The team broke up. Photo:
The prototype gloves. Photo:
Car in air: summer and dream
Deciding to create an eco-friendly car, Kharkov Oleg Zbarskii developed and patented a camshaft the special design, which allowed to equip VAZ simple equipment, composed of two cylinders with compressed air. The Quartet passed the first test, but to go on a long journey designer did not dare to air missed just a dozen miles. Filling cylinders are more expensive than gasoline, because to save on alteration failed. Spending about $2000, the mechanic didn't wait for investors, and scored tests.
"He proposed to lucky a car in Montenegro, but I didn't have a passport, and then lost interest, says Academy. — The Quartet has already sold, but new owner goes to gasoline. Details for the ride on the air intermittently interested, but even to pay $100 not in a hurry".
Who is the inventor of repairing appliances, but does not lose hope to continue. The mechanic counts: transforming a car, you need about $4000 to purchase a good compressor and spare parts.
Oleg Zbarskii. Went to the Quartet through the air in the cylinder. Photo:
Analysis of blood: in 28 countries
In the early 2000s, the Kharkov scientists Anatoly Malykhin and A. Puławy has developed a method of bloodless definition of blood and more than a hundred of regulatory parameters of human life. Non-invasive analyzer of formula of blood of AMP (Nonivasive Hemogram Analyzer AMP) without blood sampling provides data during 180-720 seconds. This device has no analogues in the world.
"First, the machine was determined by analysis of blood parameters for 100, now we have managed to increase their number to 151, with plans to improve the analyzer to determine the 300 parameters," says a company representative BioPromin Medical,
the candidate of medical Sciences Natalia Romila.
Camera. In China, used on the state level, in Ukraine — in clinics. Photo:
Advanced analyzer Malykhina-Puławy looks like a compact diagnostic laboratory, which can be used both indoors and in the field, getting the data with accuracy of 98%.
"The device is registered in 28 countries. In China and Mexico, he introduced at the state level, and in Belarus is used in boarding houses and sanatoriums to monitor the condition of the patient," says Romila.
But in Ukraine, despite the global popularity of the device practically does not meet. The analyzer is used in some private clinics in Kiev, Kharkov, Cherkasy and Vinnytsia, and private sanatoria.
Malykhin. Created analyzer. Photo:
The storm tamer: the interest and medal

DateDate: 23-10-2017, 07:58

Thanks to technology spouses often cheat on each other, not with one but with multiple people, writes The Telegraph.
As the newspaper notes, before "going left" were limited to communication with one person. Now, according to the statistics of law firms, the number of secret partners comes to five people.
According to the lawyer of the company Hall Brown Family Law, many women complain that their spouses shall establish and maintain extramarital Affairs through Dating sites and social networks, even being close to them. BY 2.0)
Joanne Edwards, partner at law firm Forsters, also expressed "a marked increase in marital infidelity because of technology."
"Thanks to technology, people are "at a distance" a message of old or new objects of passion. This means that the spouse can change, sitting in the same room with a husband or wife," she says.
Thus, according to the lawyers, communication of this kind is easier to reveal.
According to Joanna Pratt, partner at law firm Thomson Snell & Passmor, people forget to close or delete emails, text messages are sent and received, but not deleted, and the pages appear on Facebook photos which perfectly reveal the essence of the relations of those who were sealed.
She also notes that some people try to "leave no trace" and use different phones to communicate with those with whom they cheat on their spouses.

DateDate: 23-10-2017, 07:56

Mobile communication of the fifth generation will be introduced faster than it happened with the previous 4G standard, predict experts of the research company CCS Insight. It is expected that by mid-2023, the number of mobile connections in 5G networks worldwide will reach 1 billion, and more than half of this amount will be invested in China.
Although South Korea, Japan and the USA are striving to be first to launch in their countries commercial 5G network, lead in the number of subscribers 5G will be China, not only initially, but on. As for Europe, despite ambitious plans, the region will lag behind in the implementation plan for the 5G at least 1 year, experts say.
According to estimates by CCS Insight, in 2022, more than 50% of all subscribers 5G will be in China. By 2025, when the fifth generation to work in most regions of the world, China's share will decrease, but only slightly, and will exceed 40%.
"China plays a much more significant role in the implementation of the 5G than it did with 4G. The scale of the country and economic growth gives China the clear advantage at the start, and we expect that 5G infrastructure will evolve significantly faster than was the introduction of 4G," comments forecast analyst at CCS Insight Koycheva Marina (Marina Koytcheva). She also added that the leadership of China in the field of 5G will be to promote the political ambitions of the country and the rapid rise of the Chinese company Huawei, one of the leading global players in the field of information technology and telecommunications.
In the longer term the distribution of the 5G will be more like the introduction of the technology of the previous generation of 4G LTE. It is expected that in 2025 the number of users of 5G will reach 2.6 billion, taking into account what the new standard will be used in every fifth mobile connection. The main scope of 5G experts see providing mobile broadband Internet access for smartphones.