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DateDate: 24-10-2017, 07:11
Автосканер АЗС "ИНноватор".

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The idea is that when refueling the vehicle, the gun is the speaker itself , using the barcode scanner, interfaced with the vehicle and transmits the amount of fuel indicated in advance through a mobile app via the menu of the car by the driver. 

The principle works like this - once the gun stations column interfaced with a car, or car menu on the display, or a special smartphone app asks You a question, how much fuel to pour into the tank. And accordingly, when the operation required the simultaneous operation of a Bank account, which automatically sent the payment for the product or service. 

Under this system, the work stations reduced the number of staff and the speed of the fueling process.

This idea is open for investment , and for its full redemption.


DateDate: 24-10-2017, 06:57
For those who like to Tinker in the garden, the robot GardenSpace not needed — they are able in time to water the plants and protect them from pests. The rest of the Autonomous system, powered by solar energy, can be useful.
GardenSpace is connected to the water supply system at home and your Wi-Fi is powered by built-in battery that is constantly recharged by solar panels and takes care of the garden.
Before starting, the app needs to explain where and what plants you planted in your garden (if you garden yet, then you can split it using the recommendations in the Annex). It then develops a schedule of watering, in conjunction with changing weather conditions. With the camera on a rotating rod, the device monitors all plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week analyzing the state of their leaves thermal sensor that detects when you need to water them.
When the robot notices that the plants begin to dry, or just comes the allotted time, it switches to the camera located behind the sprinkler, a pressure which is at 2.4 metres under normal water pressure in the tap.
In addition, GardenSpace uses motion sensors to monitor the pests that can ruin the landing. From them he disposes in the same innocuous way — shooting a jet of water. The rabbit or bird will be scared and run away, says New Atlas.
The inventors of a robotic gardener has launched a Kickstarter campaign. Now you can pre-order for $229. The market price will be (if the plan will be implemented) $399.
And for people who are deprived of the possibility to breed plants in your own garden, there is a simple and compact solution — Aquapioneers startup Ecosystem offers to download the drawings and self-assemble in the kitchen, aquaponic farm, where plants purify the water in the aquarium, and the fish provide fertilizer for the plants.

DateDate: 24-10-2017, 06:55

In the Chinese city of Hangzhou have implemented advanced electronic program traffic management Hangzhou City Brain, according to Jenmin Daily. While she's working in a pilot mode in several areas, but is able to replace dozens of people. An innovative program developed by the Corporation Alibaba. Artificial intelligence monitors traffic in real time and is able in just seconds to detect an accident or other emergency. Hangzhou City Brain controls the movement on the 100 intersections Hangzhou and receives signals from the 128 lights. In the area of its operation the average time vehicles in transit decreased by 15.3%, and an ambulance on call now comes twice as fast. Daily program reports approximately 500 road accidents. Information about the accident is instantly routed to the police, which reduces the time of arrival of militiamen to the scene of the accident to 5 minutes. In the near future, Hangzhou City Brain will cover the entire city. The experience of the metropolis is already studied in other localities of China.
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DateDate: 24-10-2017, 06:53

It is reported
After the expiration of such house will be sent for recycling.
It consists of modules made from recycled cardboard with height of 1-2 meters and weighing 500 kg each.
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Also you can add such facilities as toilet, bath and kitchen.
The cost of the house – 26.5 thousand pounds (about 930 million UAH).

DateDate: 24-10-2017, 06:49

If you don't know what level of sensitivity will have a state of the art optics space telescope "James Webb", here's an example that cited senior project officer and Nobel laureate John Mather. According to him, this huge telescope so powerful that, perhaps, would be able to see the bumblebee on the moon's surface.
"It will take great patience to be able to photograph this. And, of course, the bumblebee in this moment it is better not to move. The beauty is that the farthest parts of the Universe seem to us just such a fixed," commented Mather.
Despite the fact that the telescope "James Webb" (JWST) is considered the successor of Hubble, he is not going to become a complete replacement space telescope veteran, but rather complements its effectiveness in all respects. Eighteen hexagonal mirrors JWST will provide telescope viewing area 100 times greater than that of Hubble. In addition, the "James Webb" has equipment that allows him to see through the cosmos in the infrared range of the spectrum much more efficiently than it offers any other telescope with the same opportunity. He can see what others can not see. This possibility, of course, can not but rejoice, but first, engineers and scientists need to check that the "James Webb's" everything will work as planned.
To make sure that JWST is ready for his mission and he will not face those problems which had to face the Hubble, the engineers locked him in a special chamber inside a Space centre of NASA's Johnson in Houston. Inside this massive camera will create a simulation of space conditions, specifically congestion, which JWST will have to face soon after its launch.
"Operating temperature in orbit is about 30 degrees Kelvin – just 30 degrees above absolute zero. But we're going to test JWST at even slightly lower temperatures," says NASA engineer Julie lender.
"We're going to check what extra mile can support the equipment and research instruments to have a supply already in orbit."
Once testing of the telescope in Houston will be completed, it is transported to California, to the factory of the company Northrop Grumman for the production of space satellites. There he "hooked" the two remaining components: a heat shield and the spacecraft, which will be used to deliver telescope into Earth orbit. And then, after more than two decades development and construction, the telescope named James Webb will be ready for launch in October 2018 and the opening of a new era in astronomy.