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DateDate: 25-10-2017, 06:05

In France, the railroad decided to try an unusual way of dealing with chronic delays of trains in the Metropolitan area. They painted the teeth on the doors of the wagons to fight off the desire to hop on the train at the last second, according to BFMTV.
It is assumed that the late passenger will be psychologically uncomfortable to jump on the closing "mouth", and the number of cases of delays of trains will be reduced. Now, on average about 20% of suburban and regional trains of the Paris region followed with a certain delay, writes
Toothy the train, which would obviously be the test for this new "technology" to deal with crash graphics, will run on the commuter line RER E. the Total number of such trains is not known.
It should be noted that the teeth on the doors would be much more appropriate in some of the old models of trains of metro. Unlike the French trains with the smooth closing of shutters, doors in old subway cars of the Russian production do not slam worse than the jaws of a predator.

DateDate: 25-10-2017, 06:02

Chinese IT companies continue to evolve, to grow, and their number is steadily increasing every day. In China there are already hundreds of developers of artificial intelligence, many developers working to create innovative devices and are constantly creating new software and hardware products. Increased growth of biotechnology companies, start-UPS engaged in the field of renewable and clean energy... All they need somewhere to fit, creating a comfortable and modern environment where they could develop, interact and work productively. To do this in April, 2017, South of Beijing, it was decided to build a city, Sunyani, the Chinese equivalent of Silicon valley.
The goal of officials is to attract to the project a modern IT company and provide them with a "local" registration. According to the local head of the Communist party, who got there not going to attract, so be careful approach to the issues related to the approval of the relocation of a company in Sunyani.
One of the first residents started packing things became Kuang-Chi Group, engaged in aerospace development and digital health initiatives. Its branch in Sunyani will develop and search for new materials.
The desire to move was sounded, and many other major companies in the country. Among them, noted China Mobile, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and many others.
Some to move anywhere and not have to — the local population is around half a million people, and among them also a lot of people employed in the IT sector.

DateDate: 25-10-2017, 05:59

In Japan, people like noodles, and the sound is published at absorption of noodles, is considered to be for the people of this country are normal. 
But do not think any other nation. Company Nissin undertook to solve this problem and did this by creating a "smart" fork Otothiko. 
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Plug in a microphone and when it detects an unpleasant sound and sends a signal to the phone, the sound deafening everything else.

DateDate: 25-10-2017, 05:57

The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Ibn Salman al Saud announced plans to build a new innovation city on the red sea coast costing $ 500 billion.
It is reported Bloomberg.
According to him, the project is called NEOM, it will operate independently from the existing state structure.
Construction will invest the government of Saudi Arabia investment Fund of the Kingdom's Public Investment Fund and local and international private investors.
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The ambitious plan includes a bridge that will connect the shores of the red sea, will bring together future city with Egypt and the rest of Africa. Under construction the city allocated 25, 900 square km area, which extends to Jordan and Egypt.
It is reported that to manage the construction of the city will be the former head of Siemens and Alcoa Klaus Kleinfeld. NEOM may be the world's first independent special area.

DateDate: 25-10-2017, 05:54

Some owners of the flagship Pixel 2 XL complain of burnout's display after only a few days of use on the gray color become visible burnt pixels. Google acknowledged the problem and promised to deal with the situation.
The first issue told the author of the American edition of Android Central, Alex dobie, published in his Twitter account a photo of a burnt Pixel display 2 XL. According to the journalist, he used the smartphone for one week and now, if you open the picture is gray, the display visible navigation buttons and even the notification icons.
The author of the 9to5Google website confirmed that there is a problem with your display Pixel 2 XL, which he used for about 10 days. According to him, on the smartphone a bit, but through the navigation buttons, if you open the picture with a gray background.
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The problem of burnout of individual pixels happen with any display, made by technology OLED, but usually after a few months of use. Burnout occurs at the place where intensively used blue or white color. The black color does not involve illumination of the pixels, so it does not cause burnout. Burnt pixels become dark and visible on the screen. The lighter the image the better you see them.
In the Pixel 2 is set AMOLED-display with a resolution of Full HD, and the Google Pixel 2 XL is equipped with a POLED-matrix with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels. Google not only has promised to investigate the problem, but said that all the displays that are installed in smartphones undergo rigorous quality check at production.
I hope the problem will be the mass or the company will fix it in the next batch of smartphones. It is important to know that to restore burnt-out pixels is impossible, but to prevent their damage.