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DateDate: 4-11-2017, 07:14

Mathematics stated that aging of the human body can not be beat.
Scientists from a mathematical point of view, has calculated that the aging of the human body the fact of the inevitable. According to the researchers, no ideal conditions for the body will not be able to prevent the process, as it inevitably will be accumulated or malignant, or unhealthy cells. This conclusion was made by researchers from the largest US public education and research of the state University of Arizona.
Researchers have long been trying to answer the question of why the process of evolution leads to the appearance of organisms living a long time without any restrictions. After all, the bearers of the longevity genes are simply obliged to leave behind more offspring that eventually natural selection has led to the predominance of b is more resistant to the aging of the population.
But, as we see nothing in this process and close this is not observed.
Living organisms do not cease to grow old and die, the same way as it happened with their ancestors. Existing hypotheses associated with the failure of natural selection not able to eliminate the genes of aging for the reason that they give the advantage of youth. Therefore, any desire to stop the aging process using all sorts of cleaning from eventual cancer and "aged" cells are doomed to failure.
Despite the fact that most experts are confident in the fix Achilles ' heel of natural selection, and in the end feel real to achieve a process of suspending the aging of the human body. But employees of the state University, Arizona state failed to prove that this is simply impossible, because aging is an integral feature of any of the multicellular organisms, because its cells regularly are in the process of competition, and the stronger she is, the more likely it is to drop idle cells, the accumulation of which leads to the inevitability of the aging process.
Although, on the other hand, in this struggle eventually winning cells, which are competing in an unfair fight and have the ability to disintegrate uncontrollably. And when the process of intercellular competition has become weaker, respectively, the risk of cancer decreases, but at the same time, "heavy" and unhealthy cells accumulated at an accelerated pace. This was confirmed by scientists as they developed mathematical model.
As explained by one of the researchers Joanna Masel, there is a possibility of slowing the aging process, but however, to suspend this process. Scientists mathematically proved that these problems cannot be solved simultaneously, and at the same time finding the decision one has to face the other — either slows down the activity of cells or a cancer. She said that wondering about aging in the first place thinking about why natural selection is still the aging process is not stopped, which in turn implies the possibility of defeating aging. But immediately added that at the same time we say that it is neither natural selection nor anything else.
Joanna Masel asserts that colleagues have long attempted to understand the reasons of ageing of a living organism, the process was viewed from the side of natural selection, which logically had to lead to immortality. But, with her words, even the question itself forces you to think about the fact that to suspend the aging process in principle is possible only in an evolutionary way. But at the same time she argues that they not only failed to achieve this, but also made it impossible to figure out definitively that this is impossible in principle.
Lately there has been a renewed debate about the process of aging and death of living organisms. According to some biologists and evolutionists, the aging process is not random since it is controlled by some program of death. That is, a set of genes that makes the body becomes decrepit and die, thus providing the opportunity to develop another generation of similar organisms.
And there are researchers who think otherwise, believing that the aging process is completely random, and thus the accumulation of mutations and variety random hexes in the cells. According to them, this forces the body to collect and accumulate old cells that cease to participate in the life of the organism because of the appearance of the mutation process in their DNA either due to reaching the boundaries of the division. The researchers found that removing these cells from the body of worms as a result of the experiments, significantly increased their time of life, improving their livelihoods.
Similar experiments suggested that time removing these cells may significantly slow down the aging process, or even to suspend him.
But Joanna Masel and her colleague Paul Nelson, after certain calculations of the possible consequences of such an artificial process of rejuvenation of the body, have decided that it is in principle impossible to implement. A group of researchers for these purposes, designed a computer model of the human body from a plurality of interconnected cells with a gradually decreasing vitality. Because of the weakening of the cells and the deterioration of relations between them to stop the process of aging. Since the implementation of this is possible only when in the body there are cells that do not obey the usual norms and, in turn, will create competition nearby, replacing the weaker and more incapacitated cells. Initially, this competitive process have a beneficial effect on the body, but according to calculations, this will lead to a gradual weakening between cell cooperation. The logic of this process will lead to cancer. That is, in this case, the level of cellular interaction goes to zero, the cells will begin uncontrolled proliferation and eventually the body will die, and other ways of natural selection and cellular competition will begin initially, to exacerbate the process of the body speeding up the aging, but not slowing it down.
To this rather simple conclusion scientists have come, explaining why all multicellular organisms will not escape the process of aging and dying, and also why evolution is hitherto not led to the immortality of living organisms. On the other hand, this discovery does not disable the possibility that if suddenly to suppress cancer and to cleanse the body of senescent cells, it is possible to help people to live much longer than today.
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DateDate: 4-11-2017, 07:12

Germany has built a wind power record highs. It consists of several blocks with a maximum length of 246,5 meters. This figure makes it the world's highest structure of this kind.
On the establishment of wind power plant, generating and accumulating electric energy, spent 70 million euros. We will seek annual savings of 6.5 million euros. The station is located in the forest experts usually do not set there generators, because the trees hinder movement of air masses. This time departed from the accepted rules after a record-breaking height of the wind station. It allows to overcome the standard obstacles without any problems.
The capacity of each wind turbine in the station is 3.4 MW. Experts plan to 42 million kilowatt-hours per year. Next to this building is the water tower with a height of 40 meters. When the wind allows, the station supplies energy to the turbine. The evening setting drains the water, produces a current and provides it to the network.

DateDate: 4-11-2017, 07:09
At the end of July 2008, the shares of Apple Inc. collapsed 15% after the Internet there have been reports of a sharp deterioration in the health of one of its co-founders, Steve jobs. In October, 2008, the company's shares fell another 5%, again, in response to the information about his bad health. The news of his leave due to illness in January 2009 was worth 6% of the value of the company, and the subsequent resignation of another 7%, RBC.
The day of the death of Steve jobs shares hardly reacted to the event, but after many analysts and users talking about the fact that Apple "is not the same" that the best achievements of the company in the past, but it continues to amaze.
Magic numbers
Now Apple is the most valuable company in the world. The second indicator market capitalization — Google Inc. (Google owns, $723,8 billion), the third — from Microsoft Corp. ($648,4 billion). Soon the NASDAQ capitalization of Apple could exceed $900 billion By the end of trading on Thursday the value of the company was $868,7 billion on Friday, 3 November, trading opened at a price of $174 per share, the market capitalization reached $899 billion, but then the numbers were corrected. At 19:00 Moscow time on Friday, November 3, the value of the stock was $172,9, and capitalization — $billion 892,8
The average price target for Apple shares, according to Reuters, now is $180. At that price, Apple's capitalization will exceed $930 billion Financial company Drexel Hamilton expects Apple shares will be worth even more — $208 apiece. This corresponds to the capitalization of the company at $1,075 trillion. So far only one company in the world has reached a similar figure — in the PetroChina IPO in Shanghai in November 2007 (the shares of this company soon collapsed several times).
In 2017, Apple took third place in the rating of corporations in the world by Fortune magazine (ahead of Walmart and Berkshire Hathaway). At the same time in the top ten of the rating of the company came in 2013, and for two years before occupied the 35th place.
Tellingly, over 20 years in Fortune has changed not only specific players, but leading the industry. If in 1997 in the top 3 consisted of two companies engaged in the automotive industry, and one of the oil and gas industry in 2017 is retail trade, Finance and electronics.
The head of research and forecasting Analytical credit rating Agency (ACRA) Natalia Porokhova said that in 1980-e and 1990-e years the leaders of the rating were oil and gas companies. In this business the price of entry is high enough that rotation of leaders is slow. "For the organization of high-tech business, in fact, just need idea. Therefore, the sector of high technology is developing so quickly, it quickly change leaders. For example, ten years ago, Microsoft was ahead of Apple in the rankings," said Porokhova.