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DateDate: 20-11-2017, 08:02

All the world tastes can be attributed to one or more of five categories: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.
About it writes the edition Bit.
Recall, in the minds of the learned in individual taste eight years ago. It's the taste of protein-rich substances consisting of monosodium glutamate and amino acids.
This taste is similar to salt, but it is more balancing and "enveloping bouillon".
The minds present in soy sauce, Parmesan cheese, ham and seafood.
Scientists from Oregon State University (USA) insist on the existence of another specific taste.
This taste is associated with addiction to high carbohydrate foods: bread, pasta and potatoes.
Previously it was thought that people could not recognize the taste of carbohydrates, they are rapidly broken down, that only leaves a sweet aftertaste.
In a series of experiments, the scientists found that some people can very accurately determine the taste of the two total carbohydrates in the composition of the products.
The informal name of the new flavor — starched, but it is also described as "flour" or "macaroni".
Research suggests that this taste is an explanation of the thrust of humanity to the flour and centuries-old history of consumption of carbohydrate.
It remains to determine the receptors that catch a new taste.

DateDate: 20-11-2017, 07:59

A training center called Bulletproof Labs that uses "biohackers technology," opened in Santa Monica, California. Here in a special capsule for just $50 you can go full cardio workout in 20 minutes without breaking a sweat, writes Fast Company.
The centre was opened by the founder of a startup, Bulletproof Coffee David Esprit, which is known that implanted itself in the bicep of computer sensor of level of glucose in the blood and had other experiments in the spirit of bohaterska. In 2013, he spent $1 million on the establishment in his own house "bochkarnikova center", which, according to him, helped him to lose weight and raise your IQ by 20 points. Some of the devices in the home lab, to be used in its new fitness center. "In the Labs you get more benefit in less time, he says. — If you want to spend on cardio just 21 minutes, feel really good and not to sweat, we can do it".
Is this possibility a lot. One session will cost $50 and a subscription for 12 visits — $510, which is almost two times higher than the cost of an upscale gym in Los Angeles. If you want to visit the center every day, it will cost about $1400 per month. It is not strange, expensive methods does not guarantee results. According to the newspaper, most of the technologies Bulletproof Labs do not have significant medical or scientific basis. The company's research was not peer-reviewed or published in reputable journals, prompting many to question the qualifications of the founder of the fitness club for bohaterw.
Esprit it does not bother because he thinks that his technology should cause massive concern. He says that if people are satisfied with their traditional gyms, it is not necessary to change. He believes that his methods are interested in in the first place, people from Silicon valley, whose time is very expensive. According to him, "these are people who want to look and feel great, but don't want to spend all my time".

DateDate: 20-11-2017, 07:56

The company FleishmanHillard was done according to the ordering SAP study showed that many representatives of small and medium businesses (SMBS) believe an it partner is very important for their activities.
The survey involved about 300 companies in the SMB segment of the United States and Germany, studied the emotional and intellectual factors which promote these partnerships.
In three out of four (75%) companies reported that they are looking for technology providers, not only as a resource but also as a critically important partnership for their business. More and more it contractors are engaged by companies for advice (76 %), with the aim of obtaining Council (79 %), as well as predict future needs and risks (76%).
Three quarters (74 %) of respondents from the USA said that their business goal is to support long-term partnerships with companies from the field of information technology. They believe that investment in a reliable partner is more important for growth than investment in the technology.
81% of respondents from the USA and 77% of respondents from Germany believe that successful business relationships facilitate knowledge sharing and learning.

DateDate: 20-11-2017, 07:54

At the moment the market leader in the portable battery is Xiaomi company, but users perceive heat release similar devices from other famous brands.
That company is Tesla, famous worldwide for the production of electric cars, introduced powerbank own production. The device is called the Tesla Powerbank.
The portable battery has a capacity of only 3350 mAh, which provides the only element of 18650 (same items the company uses in their cars). The cost of powerbank is as much as $45.
Tesla Powerbank has a Micro USB cables and Lightning. The first is removable and the other is not. The device size was 108 x 30.5 x 23.3 mm. 

DateDate: 20-11-2017, 07:52

One of the investment firms owned by bill gates, has spent $80 million to purchase a large plot of land for the project "smart city".
It is about 10 000 hectares of land in the Phoenix area, Arizona, USA. It is reported by several us media, citing data from the company to Belmont Partners involved in real estate, writes Ain.
Now it's just a big stretch of desert land. According to plan, there will be a futuristic smart town called Belmont. There will be located approximately 80 000 housing units, shops, public schools, etc. Through the city will be interstate 11 which would connect Las Vegas.
"Belmont will be the center of the innovation community, with infrastructure and communications based on advanced technologies, high-speed digital networks, data centers, new technologies of production and distribution, machines on autopilot, automated logistics," — said in the release.
Ron Scott of the Technology Council of Arizona, 12 News comments noted that Arizona finally recognized as one of the locations for innovation, and that bill gates made a good choice for such a project — including, thanks to the transport interchange.