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DateDate: 23-11-2017, 08:03

The Belgian VTM news publication published the information that according to the decision of the Belgian Gaming Commission luchbox was first officially recognized as gambling. In light of these events in Belgium can ban all games that use outboxing.
The Belgian gaming Commission issued a decision after a long consideration of luchboxer – special containers that can contain valuable rewards in games, and in most cases – nothing useful. According to the official decision of the Commission, with locbox equated to gambling. After this decision, his position was expressed by the Minister of justice of Belgium, Koen greens, who said the portal VTM about his desire to impose a ban on all games that use luckboxing on the territory of the Belgian state, as well as in all European countries.
We will remind that earlier the results of the investigation, which was conducted by the ESRB, the American Board, which determines the rating of video games affiliation, there were arguments to the reckoning of outboxing gambling kinds of games. With the conclusions of the ESRB also agreed to the European rating Board PEGI, however, after the conclusion of the Belgian Commission is likely to be followed by a new wave of litigation.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 23-11-2017, 08:01

The company Apple acquired for the second year of a major startup that is associated with developments in the field of virtual and augmented realities. The first was SMI specialized in the technology of eye tracking for VR headsets. Now, however, Apple has consumed the canadian Vrvana firm, engaged in the development and manufacture of virtual reality helmets. This company is known by the Totem headset that has some unique features.
Vrvana Totem
Unlike analog, helmet Vrvana Totem supports two streams, between which you can switch: one of the virtual reality and the other out of the ordinary. This allows you to see the surrounding area during the game or to overlay images on top of each other (AR). In addition, the helmet determines one's position in space without the use of external sensors.
The achievements of the company Vrvana can be used to create slam Apple. According to rumors, the device will present in 2020.
Source: 4PDA

DateDate: 23-11-2017, 07:59

Canadian researchers studied the effect of magnetic brain stimulation on musical preferences of the person. Experts examined the role of dopaminergic channels in obtaining subjective pleasure from listening to sound combinations that make up the music. It turned out that the stimulation of prefrontal cerebral cortex involved in responding to rewards, make music enjoyment more strong. At the same time, the suppression of this site does not allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks in full.
It is noted that the reward system is a highly complex mechanism that involves getting pleasure not only as a result of tactile contact or the delicious food. It became clear that start the active phase of the process and a more abstract phenomenon. Listening to music is one of them. Such version was put forward previously, but the evidence on the impact of auditory stimuli on the reward system was not. Admitted the impact only basic incentives – food, drink and bodily contact.
To confirm his theory, the Canadians conducted an experiment with 17 volunteers. The main criteria was the lack of music education. They were offered to listen to excerpts of songs, each of which is sounded after 45 seconds. The researchers offered to listen to the songs of those that I love the subjects, but also offered their passages. After playing each excerpt specialists monitor elektroaktivisten skin and were asked to rate the song on a scale from one to four. Another parameter was agreement/disagreement to purchase a full recording track after their money. It turned out that the stimulation contributed to the desire of people to buy a song they had not previously enjoyed. At the same time, when the inhibitory effects of the test subjects refused to buy even their favorite songs.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 23-11-2017, 07:57

Popular YouTube video blogger posted on my channel a new video. The movie tells the story of four hidden features in the iPhone X.
Blogger under the pseudonym Zach King revealed the secrets of the new gadget from Apple. The first hidden opportunity unlock a smartphone for photography of the owner. Then blogger told the owners of this device how to use it instead of a glass. The third secret was the ability to have iPhone X mode magnet. The last "life hack" was a application with a roll of toilet paper.
It is noted that the video was made with the help of installation. The YouTube users liked this work. The video scored about 400 thousand views and 18 thousand "likes".
We will remind that earlier it became known that the new gadget has disappointed fans of Apple products, which the owners began to return to smartphones in stores. One of the main causes of discontent of users was the inability to control the device at low temperatures.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 23-11-2017, 07:55

All the products of Xiaomi are cheaper than similar devices from competitors. Its flagship smartphones of the top rulers are no exception, because the minimum possible amount of money they offer the maximum capacity. In early 2018, will announce a flagship Xiaomi Mi 7, shocking the technical characteristics of which were declassified today. New very much will surprise all buyers, but in a good way.
The resource MyDrivers, which often "merges" information about unreleased mobile devices, reported on a shocking specs of the new flagship Xiaomi. The source ascribes to him the conditions of 6.01 inch AMOLED screen from Samsung with a resolution of 2160 by 1080 pixels (FHD+). He will get the aspect ratio of 18:9. The same display can now be seen in the OnePlus 5T, so the front part of a future Chinese innovations, most likely, will look almost also.
Besides stunning screen, the smartphone Xiaomi Mi-7 will get a top-end 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 845 2.6 GHz. Also, in the case of future trends there is a place for 6 GB of RAM. Dual camera will be primary, and the pictures she would do in a resolution of 16 MP. The size of the aperture will be f/1.7, that is, the phone will be able to create almost the best pictures in low light conditions among all mobile devices on the market.
Xiaomi company will be placed on the back cover of the smartphone Mi 7 usual fingerprint scanner, because on the front part for him has no place. The size of the battery of the future will be 3300 mAh battery that supports fast charging Quick Charge 4.0. As the interface for charging is to be used with USB Type-C. Obviously, all these features are shocking buyers, especially since the phone will sell for very modest for such a device price – just $405.