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DateDate: 20-11-2017, 07:54

At the moment the market leader in the portable battery is Xiaomi company, but users perceive heat release similar devices from other famous brands.
That company is Tesla, famous worldwide for the production of electric cars, introduced powerbank own production. The device is called the Tesla Powerbank.
The portable battery has a capacity of only 3350 mAh, which provides the only element of 18650 (same items the company uses in their cars). The cost of powerbank is as much as $45.
Tesla Powerbank has a Micro USB cables and Lightning. The first is removable and the other is not. The device size was 108 x 30.5 x 23.3 mm. 

DateDate: 20-11-2017, 07:52

One of the investment firms owned by bill gates, has spent $80 million to purchase a large plot of land for the project "smart city".
It is about 10 000 hectares of land in the Phoenix area, Arizona, USA. It is reported by several us media, citing data from the company to Belmont Partners involved in real estate, writes Ain.
Now it's just a big stretch of desert land. According to plan, there will be a futuristic smart town called Belmont. There will be located approximately 80 000 housing units, shops, public schools, etc. Through the city will be interstate 11 which would connect Las Vegas.
"Belmont will be the center of the innovation community, with infrastructure and communications based on advanced technologies, high-speed digital networks, data centers, new technologies of production and distribution, machines on autopilot, automated logistics," — said in the release.
Ron Scott of the Technology Council of Arizona, 12 News comments noted that Arizona finally recognized as one of the locations for innovation, and that bill gates made a good choice for such a project — including, thanks to the transport interchange.

DateDate: 19-11-2017, 07:42

The ship has a capacity of 2 thousand tons, cruising range per charge 80 km In China at the shipyard of the company Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Ltd in Guangzhou launched a cargo ship that runs completely on electricity. It is reported by the China Daily. Indicates that the vessel has a capacity of 2 thousand tons. Its cruising range on a single charge - 80 miles capacity lithium battery 2.4 thousand kW/h Is equivalent to the energy accumulators 40 new electric cars. The electric vehicle is capable of speeds up to 12.8 km/h. "Since the ship has a motor, he poses no threat to the environment. This technology will soon be embedded in passenger water transport and engineering vehicles", - said the head of the developer vessel, Hangzhou Modern Ship Design & Research Co, Juan Gialene. According to him, launched the ship intended for the carriage of coal for electricity generation. General Director of Guangzhou Shipyard International Chen JI said that the price of transportation on electrocrash will depend on the capacity of lithium batteries. According to JI, court electric vehicles theoretically have a greater capacity than counterparts on traditional fuel. At the moment the ship, whose name is not yet known, the beginning of the test in the waters South of Hong Kong.
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DateDate: 19-11-2017, 07:40

Manufacturers of Android smartphones want to start the technology of 3D scanning in 2018, but they have to catch up quite a lot. About it reports the edition iDropNews.
According iDropNews such manufacturers as Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi are working to create the next generation of smartphones, equipped with elements of three-dimensional scanning.
Representatives of the companies Oppo and Xiaomi have confirmed that conduct joint development with Qualcomm, Himax and Truly Opto-electronics. If all goes according to plan, the new gadgets will hit the market in 2018.
The growing interest in technologies of three-dimensional scan and the facial recognition systems the user is observed since then, as Apple introduced the iPhone X in September 2017.The pictures for 3D scanning smartphonetoday the Corporation from Cupertino has affected the production plans of competitors and forced the makers of Android smartphones to abandon the originally chosen direction of development.
Leading companies are constantly competing for the right to be the first to introduce innovations. So, some Android manufacturers are ahead of Apple and introduced a frameless smartphone before.
According to Apple CEO Tim cook, the Face ID system ahead of the competition for two years. It is unknown whether Android will manage gadgets to acquire the likeness of the TrueDepth camera and how to work their technology of 3D scanning. Taken from

DateDate: 19-11-2017, 07:37

Former Manager of Apple, who took part in the creation of iPods, and CEO of Nest Labs Tony Fadell revealed the secret of a successful presentation of the Apple founder Steve jobs.
"To be honest, the presentation Steve jobs worked at a high level because he had asked help from mentors who taught him how to do it," he said.
As for their performances, Fadell noted that, initially, even when speaking in front of a small group of people, he was afraid.
"Presentations and performances, developing projects and business plans need to fall and get up, we should try to learn. Only alucase, you can move forward," he said.
The famous founder of Apple Steve jobs died in 2011 at age 56 after a long battle with serious illness. In about a month and a half before his death he has delegated daily management of the company to his successor Tim cook.