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DateDate: 18-01-2018, 08:19
British businessman Martin Warner, who organized the world's first company for passenger transportation of drones, said that he had finally found a solution to the problem of hating standing in the morning and evening traffic jams.
The businessman claims that his new super-fast unmanned drone Y6S will be able to transport passengers through the air not only from one area of the city to another, but also to carry out long distance transportation in just a few minutes.
It is planned that the double drone of the Y6S will be fully ready by March of this year, after which it will pass the testing stage.
The UK Civil Aviation Authority has not yet fully formulated its rules for unmanned air travel, but, according to Martin Warner, it should be done as quickly as possible. After all, his device, the cost of a flight for which the passenger is 25 pounds sterling ($ 35), could now unload from transport and traffic jams, many British cities.
It is known that the future unmanned passenger drone can fly at a speed of 110 km / h at an altitude of 450 m, with a range of 130 km on one battery charge. And his developer believes that in the next 5 years in many countries of the world such a new kind of fast and green transport will begin to appear that will increase the comfort of passenger transportation, reduce the time of people on the road, and reduce the negative impact of transport on the environment.
"Autonomous flight is much more than a concept. We intend to create a fleet of fully autonomous passenger drones to save metropolitan areas from congestion and pollution. In the spring of this year, our first drone Y6S will be ready to go to heaven, launching the revolution in passenger transport. "

DateDate: 18-01-2018, 08:16

Scientists from the Business School
in Durham, North Carolina, found out how generosity awakens in a man. By
According to experts, people become less greedy if they listen more to older people
in childhood.
As the host
The author of the study of Kimberly Wade-Benzony, especially this is manifested in relation to
to the younger generation. It's all about accepting the actions of the elders - if their people
perceives, as support, he seeks to support himself, as in
template. Good intentions pass like a chain, VladTime reports.
Thus, people
gradually become kinder and can provide the necessary even in the most,
seemingly, hopeless cases. These conclusions are based on the generosity of the results
five experiments. In one of them, 80 volunteers had to choose how many
To leave money for the person who was to make further decisions on
task. Some were told that the previous participants had
the allowable amount, and the other - which is very small. The first group behaved more
generously, and the matter was not in actual earnings, but in fact itself.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 18-01-2018, 08:14

In addition to the new smartphone M6S, Meizu also introduced Live and Flow Bass headphones. The first is a modular design, and the second is an updated version of Flow, released last year along with Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus.
Meizu Live
Meizu Live is made in a transparent case made of polycarbonate with metal components made using powder metallurgy technology. The headphones use a coaxial connector MMCX.
They also come with interchangeable tuning attachments, allowing you to change the sound frequency depending on your preferences. In addition, there are as many as seven pairs of ear-cups of different sizes.
Meizu Live
Model Meizu Flow Bass has a three-block construction. The headphones are similar to the original Meizu Flow, but are available in a new color. Of the features we can note the support for Bass + technology for more pronounced low frequencies.
Meizu Flow Bass
Meizu Live will cost about $ 202, and Meizu Flow Bass will be available for $ 93.

DateDate: 18-01-2018, 08:11

A group of scientists from Israel for the first time in history coped with the task of accelerating the curved beam of light thanks to a conventional incandescent lamp. The acceleration of a beam of light in a curved trajectory was the first to succeed in the history of physics.
Only in superficial representation the released ray of light forms a straight line. However, according to the theory of relativity, the trajectory of the light beam will correspond to the minimum segment that connects two points, which in the three-dimensional space invariably forms in the form of a curved line. In their experiments, Israeli physicists accelerated the light beam, using its reflection from a spatial light modulator, which allows the beam to remain curved even after collision with it.
Also, the specialists painted the incandescent lamp so that the light scattered about it was visible to the researchers after an accelerating laser was directed to its inner part.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 18-01-2018, 08:09

American corporation Boeing has presented the concept of a prospective drone and reconnaissance unmanned aircraft. The concept was presented during the conference American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics SciTech 2018, reports referring to the portal Naked Science.
It is reported that the new device will be able to fly at speeds up to 6200 kilometers per hour. Its development will be launched in the case of receiving funding from the US Department of Defense.
The presented model is conceived as an aircraft, on which stealth technology will find wide application. This will make it even more tenacious. The UAV has two engines. However, as experts note, at present there are no necessary engines in nature.
At the same time, specialists note that the presented concept is very similar to the model of the supersonic aircraft of the Lockheed Martin SR-72.