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DateDate: 22-03-2018, 06:51

Nomu company officially introduced the smartphone M6. For the first time it was shown to the public at MWC 2018, but only now the company has published its detailed specifications and determined the positioning. One of the main chips Nomu M6 manufacturer considers the combination of impact resistance (MIL-STD-810G) with a stylish design, including, among other things, a glossy mirror back panel. Her material is not specified, but, most likely, it is plastic. The ends of the body are made of Bayer rubber, and the front panel is covered with Gorilla Glass 3 glass. In addition to protection against impacts, IP68 dust protection is also claimed.
Other smartphone features include Android 7.0 Nougat "out of the box", 5 "HD screen, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, 8-megapixel main and 5-megapixel front camera (both with flashes), a MediaTek MT6737T chipset, an NXP amplifier , an FM radio module, a non-removable 3000 mAh battery and two SIM slots, one of which also reads microSD. Even with not the most voluminous battery, the protection level makes the phone quite thick (10.3 mm) and very heavy (322 g).
Source: Mobiletelefon

DateDate: 22-03-2018, 06:48

In the United States, they invented a technology that could help in preventing early aging syndrome. The scientific project was at St. Louis University.
Scientists have studied the mechanism of a rare disease: the Hutchison-Guilford syndrome, which leads to premature death. Scientific staff of the university characterized the technology with replication stress. The cause of the ailment provoking early aging is the mutation of one of the genes that codes for the protein lamin A.
This element can form new cells that can save the old structure and form. A speedy prototype of lamina A, the progerin, provokes an incorrect cell division, after mutating the DNA and aging begins earlier. This process really slow down when using vitamin D, which rejuvenates the cells.
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DateDate: 22-03-2018, 06:46

The company Ricoh has introduced in the Russian market a new line of projectors, aimed at different scenarios of use. Often, projectors are placed in offices and educational institutions for presentations, but they can be used at home. For example, they allow you to watch movies or play video games on a huge screen without having to buy an expensive TV.
Projectors have long been used not only during presentations, but also at home. With their help you can easily get a picture of a diagonal of 100 inches and enjoy watching movies in a personal cinema. For comparison, TVs of this size are comparable in value to cars. In addition, the projector is much easier to transfer and it takes much less space.
Universal projectors for medium and large rooms
New models PJ X5770, WX5770, PJ X5580 and PJ WU5570 are suitable for use in medium and large rooms. You can control projectors on the network. The diagonal of projection PJ X5770 and WX5770 ranges from 22 to 300 inches with XGA resolution (4: 3) and WXGA (16:10), while PJ X5580 and PJ WU5570 models have 30 to 300 inches at the same resolution.
PJ X5770
In models PJ X5770 and WX5770, lamps with a brightness of 5,000 and 5,100 lumens are installed, respectively. Both projectors support the connection of multiple devices using the Miracast standard and two HDMI ports. Each model is equipped with a pair of built-in speakers with a capacity of 12 watts, which is enough for an audience of 50 people.
PJ X5580
The projectors PJ X5580 and PJ WU5570 also have two built-in speakers with a power of 10 watts each. Wireless support for Wi-Fi via HDMI adapter is available. The brightness of the lamps in these projectors is 6,000 and 5,500 lumens correspondingly, which makes it possible to work in any conditions in large auditoriums.
Laser projectors for medium-sized buildings
The Ricoh lineup has also been replenished with laser projectors PJ WXL5670 and PJ WUL5670. They are suitable for viewing presentations and video in well-lit rooms of medium size. You can manage devices through the web interface.
PJ WUL5670
In these models, lamps with a brightness of 5,200 lm are installed with a reserve for 20,000 hours of operation. Both projectors can be positioned at any angle to the screen. They support the PIP / PBP projection modes (picture in picture or next to the picture) and extensive options for setting and managing the image. The projectors support the resolution of WXGA (16:10) and WUXGA (16:10) with a projection diagonal of 30 to 300 inches.
New Ricoh is already available in the Russian market with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.
More information on Ricoh
Japanese company Ricoh was founded in 1936 and began its activity with the production of photosensitive paper for photographing and photocopying. Now she specializes in the production of office equipment, printing equipment, document management solutions, projectors and optical technologies, offering her products around the world.
Source: 4PDA

DateDate: 22-03-2018, 06:43

American scientists have managed to create a crystal with exceptional quantum and electrical characteristics. It turned out that the structure of the crystal is identical to the Japanese pattern of kogame, which is used in weaving baskets.
Exclusive crystal was created from metal. He was endowed with unique properties, but even extraordinary quantum characteristics are not surprising, but the "kagome lattice" discovered in it. Of itself, this ornament represents a hexagonal mosaic consisting of alternating regular triangles and hexagons.
The creators of the crystal reproduced this lattice at the molecular level. Researchers led by Takehito Suzuki of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to create a weaving of iron and tin atomic layers, which were connected like bamboo rods in baskets of Japanese craftsmen. After scientists passed through the current structure and found out that triangular fragments affect the flowing negative particles. Then the physicists compared this quantum effect to the Hall effect, in which the motion of electrons along cyclic trajectories is prescribed without loss of energy.
It turned out that this effect can be observed for the first time in materials with a magnetic potential. Now researchers, armed with new knowledge, create super-fast quantum computers. In addition, the speed of all computers will be many times greater. And the transition from the conical structure of electronic zones to the splitting of physicists will help the creation of real two-dimensional metals with a "kagome lattice".
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 21-03-2018, 07:25

In 2050, due to global warming, more than 140 million people will become migrants. This is stated in the World Bank report entitled "The approaching storm", which is made public on the organization's website.
According to experts, without concrete actions in the field of climate in 30 years, about 86 million people in Africa, 40 million in South Asia and 17 million inhabitants of Latin America will leave their habitats. This is due to the fact that the coastal areas are threatened by flooding, the highlands lack water for agriculture.
The poorest and most vulnerable regions will suffer the hardest.
The report says that internal climate migration may intensify after 2050, unless significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and effective state action occur.
Experts urge the governments of countries that are at risk to start developing programs for employment and training for those who come to more prosperous places. Internal migration can be a new stimulus to the development of regions, the report says.
The main problematic issue experts call reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which in case of an effective solution will significantly slow down and reduce migration.
On November 4, 2016, the Paris Climate Agreement came into effect, which presupposes actions to prevent climate change. The treaty is designed to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which fixed the normalized obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.