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DateDate: 31-07-2018, 06:40

(Bloomberg) - Something interesting happened in the Swedish financial sector last quarter: the only major bank that has managed to cut costs is also cherishing some of the industry's most ambitious plans for replacing people with robots.
Nordea Bank AB, whose chief executive, Casper von Coskull, says that in ten years only half of the current employees can remain in his industry, and 6,000 jobs are cut. Von Koskull argues that only in this way can competitiveness be maintained in the future, while automation and robots replace people in all areas - from asset management to responding to calls from retail customers.
Although many in the financial industry are struggling to digest this information, the latest accounts of Swedish banks indicate that leaders in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world are inspired by the example of Nordea.
The head of SEB AB, Johan Torgheby, states that "everything that can be automated will be automated."
Nordea, which is the only systemically important international bank in the Scandinavian region, reduced total expenses in the second quarter by 11 percent in annual terms, reducing staff by 8 percent to approximately 29.3 thousand people. As of the end of 2017, the number of employees of Barclays Plc, which has almost the same market share as Nordea, was about 80 thousand, according to the latest data. At the same time, the assets of Barclays are more than double that of Nordea.

DateDate: 30-07-2018, 06:07

The novelty will allow one person to see, feel and feel what another person sees, feels and feels. The device and artificial intelligence will be developed on the basis of the brain of Siamese twins.
Scientists say that Siamese twins from Canada can read each other's thoughts, see what only one of the children sees, and feel what it touches. This happens even if the eyes of one child are closed.
American developers in the field of artificial intelligence decided to give this opportunity to Siamese twins from Canada more attention. The director of, Phillip Alvyda, states that the magnetic tomogram shows that the brain of Siamese twins is connected to each other. By transmitting neurons along a series of channels, twins can transmit hearing, emotion, awareness, vision, hearing and sensation.
Now there is a process of separation of Siamese twins from Canada. However, at the same time, scientists received valuable information and a model of how to transfer digital information to the brain of a deaf or blind person. Researchers will create an artificial intelligence capable of transmitting lost sensations to people with disabilities.
In addition, the model of Siamese twins is also suitable for creating a mind-reading computer. That is, two people can have a microchip, through which people can communicate with each other without saying a word. The same system with artificial intelligence could allow people to see and feel what other people see and feel.
Now the team of researchers is working on the creation of a computer and artificial intelligence. The device will be implanted in the brain, and the other part will be, for example, in the headdress. The first computers will be used to care for the elderly for six months.
Source: VistaNews

DateDate: 29-07-2018, 07:33
Ilon Mask can release a branded smartphone.
FACT. The network got images of the front and back panels of the alleged smartphone from the company Ilona Mask Tesla.
GOSSIP. The first rumors that Tesla can release a smartphone, appeared in the fall of 2017. Then YouTube posted a video about the concept of the smartphone Tesla. At the same time, the company released portable charging for smartphones.
EXPECTATIONS. If you believe the photos, the new smartphone will receive a screen with a cutout and a double main camera. The screen size is about 15 centimeters. The back panel of the smartphone will be decorated with the company's logo. If the rumors are true, in the near future one can expect Tesla's official announcement about the production of smartphones, since the existence of panels indicates that the production of gadgets has already started.

DateDate: 28-07-2018, 06:40

The open business culture of Silicon Valley contributed to the emergence of a new, "soft", unconventional espionage, whose main goal is trade secrets and technology, writes journalist Politico Zach Dorfman. Spies here "are in many ways part of everyday life," the former US intelligence official told the author. "According to many former US intelligence officials, the situation is complicated by the fact that many foreign intelligence collectors are not spies in the traditional sense of the word. They do not work in embassies or consulates and can be connected with the state business and the research institute, and not with the special services. Chinese employees especially often persuade or even threaten to force Chinese workers (or American citizens whose family members are in China) to send them valuable technological information, "the article reads. "If we want to understand a world in which Russians and Chinese are stepping up their espionage games against the US, we should pay attention to what is happening in San Francisco," Dorfman said. The increased interest of Russian intelligence in San Francisco dates back to the beginning of the Cold War. Then the Russians mostly collected information about military facilities. Since then, Russian operations have become bolder, except for the period immediately after the Cold War. "The only time when everyone was relieved about Russia, like, everything could have changed, was under Gorbachev," said former counterintelligence officer Larai Kuai. "We even hung a big sign" Closed "at the site in Palo Alto." But optimism quickly faded with Putin's election in 2000, Kuai remembers. "Russia has since steadily increased efforts," he said. Russian spies have become increasingly focused on information about valuable or potentially dual-use technologies. The traditional center of espionage activity was the Russian consulate in San Francisco, closed by the Trump administration in September 2017. But Russian intelligence has alternative ways, the article says. According to former intelligence officers, one of the potential mechanisms is Rusnano USA, the only US subsidiary of Rosnano. It was founded in 2011 and is located next to Stanford University. An ex-intelligence official told Politico: "Some of the events in which Rusnano USA participated are connected not only with obtaining technology, but also with the introduction of people into venture companies, in the development of such relationships in the Silicon Valley that would allow them to launch their tentacles everywhere . And Rusnano USA was a kind of mechanism for this. " According to a former intelligence officer, Rusnano was interested in both civilian and potentially military technologies. Employees of the American special services were very concerned about contacts between employees of Rusnano USA and the alleged Russian intelligence agents. "The Russians viewed Rusnano USA as an intelligence platform on which they deployed their operations," said Politico, an interlocutor. According to the author: "Intelligence officers suspected that Russian spies recruited high-quality prostitutes from Russia and Eastern Europe, using the classic Russian method of" honey trap "to obtain information from the leaders of technology and venture companies in the San Francisco Bay Area (and about themselves). " It was found that Russian intelligence officers were able to inform sex workers of elite bars and nightclubs. Among them - luxury hotel Rosewood Sand Hill, located next to many leading technology companies, and the fashionable Redwood Room bar at the Clift Hotel in downtown San Francisco, the article says. According to former scouts, in the long term, China is no less, if not a greater threat. In terms of economic espionage, Chinese intelligence, in comparison with the Russian one, uses a more decentralized strategy. "China to achieve its goals is based on a much larger reserve of the population and uses self-interested businessmen, ardent nationalists, students, travelers and so on," the article reads. One of the former scouts compared China's approach to the "land fever in Oklahoma": it is an attempt to capture as much patented technology or intellectual property as possible, through as many channels as possible. Although the lion's share of counterintelligence resources in the Gulf Region goes to China and Russia, a number of friendly intelligence agencies are also active in the Silicon Valley, Dorfman continues. In the field of economic intelligence, South Korea became a "thunderstorm", especially sophisticated in cyber espionage. US officials were forced to "severely warn" South Korea about hacking in the US, said a former intelligence officer. Israel is also active. He uses the collected information to induce private Israeli firms to acquire

DateDate: 27-07-2018, 06:56
For almost two and a half years, Microsoft has been creating the Surface Phone smartphone in strictest secrecy, but the closer it is to its public presentation, the more difficult it becomes to store information in secret.
June 30, 2018, there was an incredible - about the future novelty told the authoritative edition of The Verge, whose words you can believe in 100%
If it is multiple, the American IT corporation is preparing simply a crazy in all respects a phone that will work on Windows 10.
In particular, as we managed to find out, Microsoft is named Sur face Phone and Windows 10 with a graphical shell for the smartphone with one code name - Andromeda. Simply put, this is a joint project, in which a phone without OS can not be, and vice versa.
Apparently, this manufacturer decided to adopt the tradition of Apple, which releases the iPhone only on iOS. According to the source, due to its new mobile device the manufacturer is going to stir up the entire industry.
In addition to the fact that the future novelty will receive advanced technical equipment, it will also boast of compact dimensions. Users who will buy a Surface Phone, waiting for the form factor notebook.
This means that the novelty will receive a folding screen, or two at once, due to what one will be able to type text using a virtual keyboard, and on the other you will see the edited information. It is very convenient.
Future novelty will receive ARM-processor and a full-fledged operating system Windows 10 with support for a compact screen.
It is expected that users, using an adapter with USB Type-C, will be able to connect to the mobile device without any additional accessories and docking stations monitor, and then complete such a bundle with a keyboard and mouse, thereby turning the phone into a full-fledged office computer on which you can work at least in Photoshop or play some simple games.
Thus, users are just waiting for a crazy phone, but how much it will cost, when it goes on sale, is a mystery to everyone. The price tag can exceed $ 1200, because, according to the description, the world is waiting for one of the most technologically advanced phones on the market, and these are now in price.