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DateDate: 30-09-2018, 08:04

The creators of the system believe that with the help of soft control it will be possible to reduce the number of shooting cases in schools.
Startup Athena Security, located in San Francisco, invented a neural network capable of seeing a man with weapons in the crowd. First of all, the system is planned to be used in US schools, ZDNet reports.
A special algorithm can detect in the crowd a person who has a weapon. To do this, the system connects to surveillance cameras and analyzes the appearance and behavior of people. As soon as the neural network sees a suspicious person (for example, he has a bulging pocket where he can lay his arms), he will give a signal to the police, informs.
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The system was tested by the leadership of the Woods High School in Warminster, Pennsylvania. According to Athena Security, their system is a milder manifestation of control than searches at the entrance and the scope of metal detectors.
Shooting in educational institutions is an urgent problem in the United States. According to statistics, in 2017, there were 346 cases of shooting in schools in the United States.
Source: News Yu

DateDate: 29-09-2018, 06:49

Earlier this development was only an idea, but now it can become a reality.
In Japan, scientists said that in the near future for the first time in the world will test the model of the space elevator. Masahiro Nomi, a professor at Shizuoka University, reported that so far this was just an idea, but soon it could come to life.
"The set for the experiment is two satellites, between which the cord is stretched. The task of the experiment is to see what will happen in the conditions of space, if between the two satellites pull the cord and let the apparatus through it. This is the first step towards creating a space elevator, "said one of the development experts.
This development will have to work in space at the expense of two satellites that will stay in space, and between them will be stretched a cable of nanomaterials, which they will release after launching into space at an altitude of about 36 thousand kilometers. After the satellite, which is the basis of the creation of the spacecraft, reaches 96 thousand kilometers, its cable will reach the Earth and even then the construction of stations in the geostationary orbit and above will begin.
Such developments bring Earthlings closer to the future conquest of the cosmos, as they are already trying to build a space elevator, which no one could think about ten years ago. People are swiftly rushing the ship of technology to the future and will soon achieve their goal, scientists are sure, because mankind strives to invent new communication devices with the cosmos and not only study the heavenly bodies and try to learn them. In the future, they will be able to visit celestial bodies on high-tech ships and, possibly, colonize one of them.

DateDate: 28-09-2018, 06:00

Engineers from the University of Brown are developing an artificial intelligence that can recognize optical illusions. The task before it is extremely difficult, because scientists still do not fully understand how the human brain perceives certain illusions, HighTech writes with reference to "EurekAlert!".
In order to understand how the brain perceives optical illusion, scientists have created a computational model limited by the anatomical and neurophysiological capabilities of the visual cortex of the brain. On its basis, researchers followed how neighboring cortical neurons send messages to each other and correct responses when complex stimuli appear.
Now engineers continue to research - while the accuracy of recognition of objects on optical illusion by a neural network is low.

DateDate: 27-09-2018, 06:00

It became known that specialists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created artificial muscles based on carbon fiber.
For the manufacture of artificial muscles, scientists used a bundle of several thousand interwoven carbon fibers, which were immersed in a solution of polydimethylsiloxane. Then he was twisted into a string and put in the oven for a day. Then the thread was again twisted into a spiral, and in order for it to begin to contract, a current was passed through it. As a result, it turned out that it can contract so much that it can be used as an electric actuator.
It is worth noting that artificial muscles are able to lift a load, the mass of which exceeds their own weight by 12.6 thousand times.

DateDate: 26-09-2018, 05:59

In Chinese hotels to serve the visitor no longer need people - there from serve new robots
Chinese company Alibaba has developed a robot Space Egg, designed to deliver products to hotels.
The robot Space Egg ("cosmic egg") received its name for its streamlined form and futuristic design. It moves thanks to the wheel platform, and for navigation uses cameras and laser sensors. The maximum speed is 1 meter per second.
To process orders in the robot is built in the virtual assistant of Alibaba - Tmall Genie. The Space Egg can be recognized by the face recognition system.
Robot successfully passed the test for "humanity" (video)
Robot successfully passed the test for "humanity" (video)
Let's remind, earlier we wrote who will lose work after introduction of the Korean robot
In South Korea, a robotic journalist was introduced who writes notes about football matches.
First, the robot collects data from sources, then creates the text, and then performs a grammatical check. The program uses a database of words and sentences written by the agency's journalists. The structure of the material is formed, based on the results of the match and participation in the game of Korean athletes.
The robot has already successfully passed the tests, creating notes on the results of the matches of the English Premier League season 2016-2017. In total, he released 380 automatic experimental articles.
Robot-journalist made his debut on August 11, when he covered the match between the teams of the English Premier League Arsenal and Leicester City. For the time of the Winter Olympic Games, the agency plans to "hire" another robot-journalist.
As reported Politeka, Gaumard Scientific company created a robot child: he has everything like a person
When he gets hurt, his wounds bleed, like humans and animals. The robot was named HAL. Scientists predict him high demand in various industries, because he is able to experience stress and pain, and his body parts are identical to the present. Young students-surgeons will be able to practice on it during operations, and psychologists will be able to check on it their techniques of treating patients.