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DateDate: 6-10-2018, 06:52

The manufacturer claims that there is no frost in the jacket
The Chinese brand Xiaomi announced an innovative jacket that is not afraid of either heat or fierce cold.
As reported on the company's website, it is made from specially treated paper fibers.
The new material does not pass moisture and is extremely resistant to physical impact. It is planned to be used in medicine and aerospace industry. The fabric is completely impossible to stain, even if you try to rub it into any pollutant. Dirt is simply repelled by the surface. Thus, it is enough to wipe the jacket with a damp cloth and it will be like new.
In addition, clothing made from such material is extremely durable and lightweight. At the same time, as well as other products from cotton, well passes air.
Even when used in extremely cold conditions, the fabric is able to maintain a comfortable temperature. The stated range of use of products is from -73 ° C to 100 ° C. Goose down is used as a filler in the jacket.
Outwardly, it is more like a windbreaker. However, it can be worn at any time of the year.
Announced black and white colors in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. An opinion appeared in the network that the size of XXL is too large for the Chinese, and this may mean that the brand also orients clothing for export.
The sale of clothes in China starts on November 11th. The cost of an innovative jacket - 459 yuan (about $ 66).
This is not the first experiments with clothes Xiaomi. Previously, the company introduced a jacket with support for temperature control functions. It can be heated by an external battery.
The maximum heating of clothes from an external Powerbank is about 50 ° C - the technology can maintain this temperature for up to eight hours. In this case, the Heatex system is activated by just pressing one button on the sleeve.
Xiaomi introduced the "vampire" watch: "live" due to the energy of its owner
Xiaomi introduced the "vampire" watch: "live" due to the energy of its owner
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The jacket has a goose down lining and an outer layer that is not afraid of water droplets and is IPX7 protected. In addition, smart clothes are equipped with heating elements on the lower back and neck. This will help the body to keep warm and not to freeze even at the lowest temperatures.
It may seem to some that this will be a bulky jacket, but the product page describes it as light clothing. It can be easily stored and worn while traveling. Elastic buckle has a hole for mounting headphones.

DateDate: 5-10-2018, 05:58
The company Target Arm has developed a system for stopping and starting multikopter and aircraft-type drones, which can be installed on cars, as well as military equipment. It consists of an array of tubes that clamp and fix the aircraft without damaging it.
Reports about it on Aviation Week.
One of the main applications of drone - observation from the air. For example, a drone mounted on a combat vehicle can be used for reconnaissance of a terrain without a threat to the fighters and the vehicle itself. One of the main obstacles facing such use is the difficulty of launching the aircraft and especially its capture after the completion of the flight.
Engineers from the American startup Target Arm have developed a fairly simple system that can be used to launch and land various types of aircraft while driving without having to stop. The system consists of a frame that is installed in such a way that the air flow arising during fast driving passes through it. On the upper and lower inner surfaces of the frame there are holes from which metal tubes slide out towards each other. Each of the tubes exerts a slight pressure, but due to the large number they are enough to hold the device. Engineers have demonstrated the safety of the tubes using chicken eggs.
The system can operate both in landing mode, clamping the device during the span between the tubes, and in takeoff mode. To do this, the machine on which the system is installed must gain enough speed. Due to the resulting flow of air when the tubes are released, the device does not immediately fall down, but remains in the air and begins to fly independently.
Engineers say they plan to demonstrate technology to the US Department of Defense and are already developing several system variants adapted for installation on the M1 Abrams tank, the M1126 Stryker armored combat vehicle and the HMMWV armored vehicle.
It is worth noting that the demonstration video with the tests shows that the engineers have equipped the quadcopter with a sufficiently large protective frame that can significantly affect the payload lifted by the drone and its flight qualities.

DateDate: 4-10-2018, 05:58

TwentySeventeen Light Mechanical Wristwatch is a fully mechanical watch that does not have batteries.
The device, which introduced the company Xiaomi, uses the kinetic energy, which is produced by wearing the watch on the wrist, writes Sotsportal, referring to politeka.
“Now you can safely forget about constantly recharging or replacing batteries, since all that is needed for this watch is your hand,” the publication reports.
TwentySeventeen Light Mechanical Wristwatch costs $ 72.

DateDate: 3-10-2018, 05:59

The modified device is also equipped with an elastic solar panel that is capable of autonomously generating energy.
The effectiveness of the development of the researchers tested in laboratory animals and in humans. The new sensor patients will use to monitor heart rate.
Scientists have improved the sensor by creating for it a new power source based on an organic photovoltaic plate on a polymer substrate. Experts said that with the help of an innovative sensor, you can not only monitor your heart rate, but also change it. This function became possible after an organic electrochemical transistor was attached to the plate.
Recently it became known that scientists managed to create a microchip that will help determine the cause of infertility. The microscopic sensor is attached to the underwear and captures the change in temperature and acidity of the environment.

DateDate: 2-10-2018, 05:58

Traditional animal husbandry in the near future will not be able to cope with the needs of the rapidly growing population of the Earth. To help him come the "meat from the tube."
FACT. The growing number of vegetarians, as well as people concerned about the "health" of the planet, has a great influence on the development of the sphere of artificial food. Several startups are working to reduce the cost of artificial meat and make it accessible to the consumer. According to forecasts, by 2020, synthesized food can enter the diet of millions of people.
HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Artificial meat is grown in laboratories. The original cells are taken from animals, but this procedure is carried out only once. “Test tube meat” is grown in the form of minced meat, but in the future it is planned to create a full-fledged muscle tissue. Today, about 10 companies, including three Israeli, are engaged in the production of synthesized meat in bioreactors.
PRICE. Five years ago, the cost of artificial meat was too high: 1 kilogram cost 10 thousand dollars. Now, thanks to Israeli technology, the price has dropped significantly and a kilogram of meat costs producers $ 800. According to forecasts by Professor Yaakov Nakhmias from the meat-growing company Future Meat Technologies, by 2020 it will be possible to reduce the price of products to 5-10 dollars per kilogram.
PROSPECTS. As it became known, the largest American supplier of meat, which provides raw materials for McDonald’s and BurgerKing, has already invested several million dollars in the development of an Israeli startup. This is not surprising, because artificial meat will significantly reduce the cost of raw materials. The Chinese also invested in the company, who are forced to buy large quantities of meat every year.
One of the main advantages of the Israeli company is the taste of the products they produce: synthesized meat has a natural taste and aroma.
HOW WILL IT WORK? If the startup manages to reduce the cost of production, then the cultivation of meat will occur as follows. The company will supply equipment for growing tissue, animal cells and essential nutrients to farmers. Farmers will be engaged in growing fabrics, which will take about two weeks. After that, the fabrics will be sent to factories, where they will be turned into meat.
WHAT ARE THE NATURAL MEAT? Despite the prospects of this trend, experts note that traditional livestock as an industry will not disappear. There will be a high demand for natural products on the planet, but the rapid growth of population and consumption requires new solutions from humanity.
Test-tube meat will appear on the shelves of supermarkets very soon. However, the researchers are ready to go even further by creating mini-devices that will allow growing meat at home.