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DateDate: 21-12-2018, 06:06

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  In continuing the development of popular topics on innovative wearable devices platform "Innovator" presents another device that combines the use of existing accessories, such as hours, with the new technology of touchscreen smart devices, the opportunities which will be outlined below in the author's vision of a universal smart watch-strap "Innovator".
  So, universal time smart band is a flexible touch panel that can be worn on the arm. In the first place, the universality of this smart device is that this time the smart strap is a touch flexible bracelet with holders for watch straps of any type and any shape. That is, the user who has a conventional mechanical or quartz watch, or maybe even a smart watch, places it on the touch plane smart strap and secures with holders. Or even takes the strap off the clock and attach them using all the same mounts, to the time smart strap. After all these mechanical operations, we have secured a regular watch on the time universal smart strap. Now you can imagine what happened the combination of the old and classic devices with new and innovative technologies. Then begins the description of the smart features of this device.
  The size and shape of plane watch smart strap may have very different shapes and capacities. Depending on the specifications or wishes of the future users. First and foremost, it will play the aesthetic side, as it will be able to adjust in color and style to attached the clock. As standard, in conjunction with the smart device and operate the eponymous mobile app, which will give its users to monitor and adjust its performance. For example, when the user attached a steel watch with brown leather strap, you will be able to transform the touch plane smart strap in the same color tones. Or at the request of the user, in any style and color. And, accordingly, the universal clock smart bracelet will be equipped with already existing capabilities - sensors count steps and heart rate of the user, the air temperature and humidity, vibration module with speakers and a microphone, body temperature and pressure, etc. That is all the opportunities that are already working in such smart devices. Very comfortable is the lighting function of the wrist and hand of the user, which is dressed smart strap. It will be possible to highlight where there are bad constant light for Example in a bag or pocket. 
 But the most innovative innovation for this smart device will be the touch game handshake. That is, when two users shake hands, which dressed up the data hourly smart straps, you will hear a beep. In this opportunity you will hold and instant pairing of two such smart straps with sharing previously programmed information. Of course, all above described capabilities will be to gather and tune in mobile app is a universal smart watch-strap "Innovator".
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 21-12-2018, 05:57

The device identifies the host for a variety of features - fingerprint, cornea, and even by smell. And in which case he will call the police. Amazon asked to stop speculation: the filing of a patent does not mean that the company is developing such a gadget.
A device with cameras that hangs outside and performs the function of a doorbell will calculate “suspicious persons”.
We are talking about people from the police database or about those whose data the host has transmitted to the system.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is concerned about the appearance of this patent. The nonprofit organization recalls that Amazon has developed AI Rekognition, a recognition system that the corporation is proposing to use to the police and customs.
“Face recognition is an unprecedented threat to civil rights and freedoms that needs to be stopped before this technology becomes widespread,” says ACLU lawyer Jacob Snow.
“The history of government oversight clearly shows that face recognition will disproportionately harm people who have already been harassed by the government and subjected to racial discrimination and abuse: immigrants, people of excellent skin color and former prisoners,” added the human rights activist.
In the patent, the inventor of the technology is named Jamie Siminoff, the head of the Ring company, which deals with home security issues and develops calls with the function of connecting to a smartphone. Amazon bought Ring in February. The IT-corporations emphasize that a new call to Ring was developed even before the deal, reports the Washington Post.