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DateDate: 29-12-2018, 07:15

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  Innovative mobile app, which in its functionality is of particular use of the color palette for any type of gadget customizing which further use would be purely in an individual style, but using an automatic algorithm. These functions and will implement and apply innovative mobile application "Smart color". 
  So, in fact, this author's idea is very simple in its functional use, but large enough to provide results of their work. This is to cover all running programs and applications that function in the gadget corresponding user at the time of application launch "Smart color". So, when the app appears in the gadget in the form of a program, there are only two functional question - what color or colors you like to the user, and whether to apply them. When color or the color selected and given consent to their use, then all the fields of the programs and applications that function in the gadget to acquire the selected color or range of colors. That is, will not need to search among the hundreds of programs of this thematic purpose or even to splash on the gadget, and the majority of you use this innovative app that will give its user the possibility of individual choice.
  The application can automatically change the color theme. It can bind as the gallery of photographs, which is located in the user devices to the weather or time of day or time of year. The innovative colour themes will be linked to the emotional state of its user. The user will be able to adjust their emotional state in this application, but you will set the automatic adjustment of that service. The application in this mode will assess your user in his manners and gestures, tone of voice and time of use of the gadget. All these factors will affect the colors of the gadget than the person is negative and will change the whole color scheme, for example in bright red color. If people are positive, that will be determined on the basis of the tone of his voice and sharpness of movements, the color will change to a more relaxing color such as green or blue. The author proposes to use a new technology of artificial intelligence, the application of which will be to solve the tasks very quickly and accurately. In any time period can be viewed even chart the emotional state of the user who uses the application. 
  That is, this innovative application of "Smart-color" facilitates individual choice of color of the form to use gadgets of any kind, and also serves as an indicator which shows a color-based emotional state of its user.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 29-12-2018, 07:11

The operation of the washing machine is controlled by the application on the smartphone.
This is reported by
The new version of the Mijia machine will allow you to load up to 10 kilograms of laundry for washing and up to 6 kg for drying. This is enough for most households. The previous model did not differ in volume and could only wash up to 2.8 kg of clothing.
Water is poured into the chamber automatically, the amount is also regulated depending on the weight of the clothes, which allows for rational use of water.
The machine has 21 modes of operation. The maximum speed of rotation of the drum reaches 1 thousand 400 rev / min, thereby maintaining a fast mode of washing and drying for 1 hour.
Moreover, the hot-drying technology with condensation makes it possible to dry several items of clothing at the same time, and after the procedure it looks like ironed.
The machine itself sends notification of the completion of washing or drying.
Such miracle of technology will cost 291 dollars.
Earlier, Accents reported that Chinese scientists are cloning your cat: it will be easier to survive the loss of a pet, but you have to sacrifice the most expensive one.
For cloning cats will use technology similar to sheep cloning.
This is reported by the information portal Global Times.
In 2019, Chinese scientists are going to clone a kitten, then to do it for the purpose of commerce, and not for research.
Zhao Jianping, deputy director general of Beijing's biotechnology company Sinogene, says he will use the same technology as for cloning sheep. If everything goes well, then the owners of cats will be able to order services for cloning pets at a price of 1.5 million UAH.
The company already has about 20 customers who dream of returning their dead pets. The cloning process itself will take from 6 to 10 months. Externally, the kitten will be as identical to the original as possible, but it will have no memory and behavior of the present. The scientist claims that this will help the owners to survive the death of their cat less painful.
Dogs are currently considered the most difficult for this process. This is due to the reproductive physiology of dogs, which is different from other mammals. It is noted that their eggs are more sensitive to changes in external conditions.