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DateDate: 28-02-2019, 06:01

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.

 The idea is that given the speed of development of modern IT-technology, and now the process of manicure and pedicure will be completely different. False nails special composition and coating, in principle, touch-screens, with the help of mobile applications and standard interfacing with a gadget can change the advance set parameters, the color or colors the nails themselves. If the client wishes, a small area of the nail itself (nails), can be output as images, photos and a small amount of footage, which, in turn, at pre-established time parameters, can change the "filling" of the nail (nails). I mean, even the regular user of this technology, if you already have a properly nakleânnymi nails, can change their color settings in any desired or convenient point.
 The idea is open for partial redemption and for investments.

DateDate: 28-02-2019, 05:55

Can a simple protective film display 3D content without using special glasses or an expensive holographic screen? Companies Lucid and Holitech believe that they can.
Holoscreen is a protective film for a smartphone that allows users to view 3D content inside an application without glasses. An accessory for $ 30 outside a 3D application functions as a regular protective film.
Holoscreen film shows 3D content on a smartphone screen
When viewing 2D content outside the application, companies claim that the protective film does not alter the operation of the smartphone screen, but serves as the usual protection in the form of a thin film. On the other hand, 3D images and videos look clear and seem to go beyond the limits of the screen. At least, Holitech and Lucid say so.
The app will help users view finished 3D content, as well as allow some devices to capture their own 3D content. The Lucid Andromeda software will be used to capture 3D content on some mid-level devices. Lucid reports that the software has been reduced to a lighter version, which allows it to work even on inexpensive smartphones. This version of the app also consumes less power. Both the application itself and film sizes are compatible with a large number of smartphones on iOS and Android.
Holoscreen film shows 3D content on a smartphone screen
“While the 3D industry, virtual and augmented reality are struggling with the burden of wearing glasses and headsets, as well as lack of content, a new wave of high-end smartphones is emerging that makes consumption and creating three-dimensional content easier than ever,” says Han Jin, CEO and co-founder of Lucid. "Such simple solutions as a protective film are needed to create a bridge between the state in which the industry is now located and the direction in which 3D and VR / AR are going."
Holoscreen is presented at the Mobile World Congress, held these days in Barcelona. However, the film itself will go on sale only in the second half of 2019. The fate of Holoscreen can also be seen on the product site.
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DateDate: 27-02-2019, 06:09

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 In the author's ideas for innovative mobile app of the verbal account in the name revealed the main goal of this startup. Functionality will be the counting of letters, words and phrases for a separate period which is predetermined by the user. Below, more details will be described all the features of the mobile application verbal accounts "Innovator".
 Now, this startup is similar to the mobile app about counting the number of steps for a separate period. There will also be counting all the verbal sounds which the user utters. He may at the end of the reporting period, such as one day, reduced the table to see the counting reprimanded by the user of letters in the alphabet, phrases, in the form of a table. By the way, the user will also see the number of similar phrases that will be it for your internal analysis. For example, to compute the word-parasites, or combinations of words-parasites. Not quite how it sounds correctly, but the functionality of this startup will be red to withdraw bad words ( Mat ), which also is kind of a cautionary analysis for the user. Also, at the end of the reporting period and the data will be summarized in a table on reprimanded proposals, which again will serve as the analysis for this user.
 When you download this mobile application and enroll in a new user will clear the record of his speaking to further recognize and identify verbal expressions of the same user. Other verbal expressions consisting of a dialogue with another person, accordingly, will not be taken for staff analysed the reporting of the analysis. You can simply record all conversations in advance to include such a function for internal control of the verbal conversations of all the people around them in close proximity to Your gadget.
 So, the user will now be able to see and analyze all of their speaking skills that will serve him as analysis and future adjustment of its verbal expressions. Version of the mobile application verbal will, for ease of analysis by the user, to provide guidance on the current verbal analysis of future errors and correct and adjusted verbal expressions. This may allow to equalize and raise to a higher level of spoken language appropriate to the registered user through personal and automated analysis mobile application verbal accounts "Innovator". Also in manual mode, on request of the user, the startup will be able to adjust individual queries verbal expressions that he would ask. 
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 27-02-2019, 06:00

Nubia introduced the Nubia Alpha smart watch with a curved screen at MWC 2019.
Reports the edition about it The Verge.
The rounded screen takes up more space on the case. Its resolution is 960 × 192 pixels, which allows you to display more data: time, notification, physical activity and so on.
The device runs on a Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip, the RAM capacity is 1 GB, and the storage capacity is 4 GB.
To view the notifications, you do not need to press the buttons, for this you just need to turn the wrist - the device recognizes the gesture and turns on the screen.
The smart watch will be available in two versions: with and without a SIM card. The price of the first will be 449 euros, the price of the second - 549 euros.
Published video with an example of using a prototype of a bending smartphone company Xiaomi.

DateDate: 27-02-2019, 05:59