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DateDate: 2-02-2019, 06:37

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The author of this idea suggested to present your business project in the form of the centre of social networks, of which today there are already more than one hundred. There are some similar startups, but the platform "Innovator" always presents only original and innovative projects, which shows a high investment potential and development prospects. Of course, quite an ambitious project, but the idea is the most expensive commodity in the world. With the idea of using the appropriate resource, you can become a pioneer and get the desired result from this idea. Now, imagine this author's project, which deserves attention and investment support.
 So, the idea is to generate in one place resource that will help your registered user check out the full list of all social networks, their thematic areas of the terms of use and some of the original features that we will describe below.
 Go straight to the original and innovative components of the network of social networks "Innovator". The first thing to describe is that when you check this startup the system has the ability to register a new user on all the social networks that exist in its full list, or selectively, with an appropriate choice of its new user. This will be possible because the network will have their General registration on all social networks, that will allow you to register new users immediately and everywhere. By entering your login code and when the new registration in the network of social networks, this code and the login will be maintained and fully operational at all registration data of all social networks. That is, the new user will not have to register on all social networks separately, since it is possible to do that on the basis of one social resource.
 I can add that when registering you can specify main Hobbies and activities are a new user. Then the functional system of a network of social networks will tell you what network it is better to leave the list of future used social resources. At the end of registration, on the main page a new user will be all these social networks, which, again, will simplify the whole process. 
 Also, over time, use of this startup, the system will give tips on evaluating the social resources that most is enjoying her new party. Clues will contain information in which the proposal for a new social resources that are not yet used by this user, but they are in lists and is similar in theme and meaning.
 All resources will be a function of the use of mobile and fixed instant messenger, and other social projects that will always peoplethese and adjusted. 
 Again, it's really convenient to have one resource and some registration data, but all have access to all the social networks available and mobile messengers.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 2-02-2019, 06:31

In the near future, retailers will no longer rely on brands, instead relying on artificial intelligence
This opinion is shared by futurologist, doctor of economics Andrei Dligach, reports Politeka. He spoke about how technology will influence the retail process during his speech at the Retail Environment.
Artificial Intelligence
According to the futurologist, by 2025, 50% of retail revenue will come from people who do not focus on brands when buying goods. Duligach is confident that by 2020 people will begin to forget about trademarks and instead will rely on personalized communication with the client, for which artificial intelligence will be used.
The futurologist drew attention to the fact that artificial intelligence already now often knows a person better than he does. Large companies have long used CRM-systems that allow them to analyze customers and find offers that will interest any group and even a person.
Descriptions of products in the largest online stores are also compiled by artificial intelligence, taking into account the target audience and its response to certain combinations of keywords.
Artificial Intelligence
In addition, in the US, many clothing stores have already started using algorithms that can analyze a person’s emotional state. They have cameras installed that photograph a customer at the entrance, find his profile in social networks, analyze his mood and interests, and then offer him exactly what might interest him.
It should be noted that large Ukrainian companies also keep up with the times. They are already collecting information about Ukrainians. Dligach notes that by 2022, the data collected by Kyivstar, PrivatBank, Silpo and Synevo will be enough to create any compromising evidence.
We also reported that another plant will appear in China, where robots will produce products along with people.
The factory will be built by the Swiss company ABB, which produces various equipment ranging from electrical equipment to robots themselves, only industrial ones.
The plant will be located in Shanghai, because China is currently ranked second among the countries that are considered to be the most important ABB markets.