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DateDate: 12-02-2019, 06:30

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 According to statistics, every year will increase the share of purchases via the Internet. Yes, and rightly so as it is much easier and faster to choose and order a particular product, the more profitable price conditions. But there is one problem with Internet shopping. Maybe even not at all, at first glance, it is not noticeable.. But in the process of using purchase we will encounter. Below describe it and the way to solve this issue.
 Now, the problem is that when we made a purchase at a particular online store, we often can forget in which, as a product we are satisfied. But in the process of using this product may experience a number of problems associated with their breakage or repair or replacement under warranty. And given the fact that the number of such purchases is growing, we really can lose all the contact details of the online store where and when was made the corresponding purchase.
 In this author's idea proposes the creation of an Internet platform, which will archive all of our Internet purchase to the automatic mode, namely to remember the name of the product and the online store, the date and method of delivery, payment and warranty obligations. As a separate service, the platform will have an extensive search engine through which you can search for the desired product at the most affordable and reasonable price.
 How this will work - for example, searches for his purchase of a smartphone. The search engine puts the smartphone model and your purchasing budget. Mobile shopping apps archiving "Innovator" gives one of the most profitable option. Further, if the user approves the proposal occurs online order with the relevant conditions of the online store - that is, all standard procedure. But this mobile app leaves in memory the whole process of this purchase. And if it is necessary to remember that the buying process after some time, then quite simply you will enter in the internal search product problem and get the appropriate response. 
 The functionality of the application can afford not to look for a particular product through its search engine. But archiving is available automatically during the checkout process, you will only need to download the appropriate mobile app on your gadget. Also the mobile app will remind the user about the warranty already purchased goods in order that the user can understand all future operational capabilities. 
 Given that any buyer would be interested in archiving their processes of purchases, the audience of the use of this mobile application is expected of a global nature. That is, given this factor, any shopping Internet site will be interested in registering their trading opportunities platform mobile trading application archiving "Innovator".
 This idea is open to investment, and for its full redemption.

DateDate: 12-02-2019, 06:24

Artificial intelligence can play chess, drive cars and look for new medicines. This type of AI is called limited or weak. These are just advanced algorithms that perform specific tasks. Their abilities and scope of application is constantly growing, but their danger to humans is limited by the loss of work, reports HighTech.
The new generation of AI will certainly raise the stakes, scientists say. The combination of computing power of machines and human intelligence will allow a strong AI to learn, solve complex tasks and improve themselves. And to engage in tasks for which no one prepared them. So AI can turn into an artificial super-intelligence (ICI). According to some experts, its appearance is possible in the period from 2029 to the end of the century, according to Science Alert.
Whenever this happens, there is no doubt that the ISI will change humanity. Perhaps he will solve the world's problems of lack of resources or climate change.
But the lack of proper control will lead to disastrous results. And it's not about killer robots.
IISI is unlikely to be hostile to people. But the car can come to the conclusion that the most effective strategy to solve the problem that people have assigned to it is to get rid of some people.
Here are the possible scenarios. ISI, which develops a cure for the virus, decides to kill all its carriers. The military drone comes to the conclusion that the only way to ensure the security of the allied forces is to destroy the entire settlement along with the civilians. A neural network, designed to protect humanity from climate catastrophe, erases from the face of the Earth all the technologies that pollute it.
Now, such layouts seem fantastic, but even on a more modest scale, they can cause a lot of harm. To avoid such scenarios, scientists propose to introduce three methods of control.