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DateDate: 31-03-2019, 08:09

This startup is a constituent element unique business model "Innovator"! 

 Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
 Quite an original and innovative start-up, which opens up a completely new global approach to resolving the issues of rapid promotion of start-ups, resolving controversial situations related to copyrights, combining the efforts of start-ups and investors.
  So, the incubator of startup exchange "Innovator", first of all, will serve for the exchange of start-ups at different levels of development. This service can be used to give start-ups that can show themselves in other industries on the basis of their capabilities, since the current start-up does not give the effect that they expected from it. That is, any start-up, understanding the limitations of its capabilities or knowledge in promoting a particular start-up, but does not want to close it, submits the original application to the exchange of exchanges and waits for the result. According to the results of the application, the recommended exchange options will come from the exchange itself, as well as direct offers from the same start-ups.
  In this process, another result may also arise: in such an exchange, in the incubator for the exchange of start-ups, there will be a function of uniting efforts and opportunities. That is, a start-up in the process of exchange can receive not an exchange start-up, but a partner that will help him continue to spin up his start-up. Often, just does not have enough of the right partner, who will be able to provide their opportunities to promote the project.
  It is also often possible to observe disputed and litigious processes in which their copyrights are proved by startups, referring to their rightness and the primacy of this or that project. This exchange will analyze existing projects and warn in advance about existing similar options. Accordingly, in the form of a recommendation, it will be possible to register a new start-up on a free basis. This will help to avoid further disputes. Well, if such a controversial process has already begun, then in the functionality of the startup exchange incubator there will be an alternative in the exchange, pooling efforts or redemption by a third party of this controversial startup.
  Of course, all issues related to the legal support of such transactions are incurred by the incubator, tied to the legislation of those countries where the exchange process or the start-up purchase and sale process will take place. Also, in additional options, start-ups will be offered to lease out their startup or take another, which is more interesting and promising in his opinion.
  That is, start-ups in this presentation are the subject of exchange, the subject of renting and the subject by uniting efforts, which will increase the number of realized projects and increase partner relations at the global level.
  This idea is open for both investment and full redemption.

DateDate: 31-03-2019, 08:05

Ukraine has created an electromagnetic weapon
In Ukraine, they developed and mastered the production of electromagnetic weapons designed to destroy various types of military radio electronic equipment. It is reported by the press service of "Spetsnoeksport", reports Hvil.
The creation of such a technique was made possible by attracting foreign investment. New electromagnetic weapons create powerful electromagnetic radiation, which leads to the failure of electronic equipment, which is part of the weapons and military equipment, or creates significant interference with its normal operation.
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This type of weapon uses only the energy of electromagnetic radiation, so its action does not have a lethal effect on people, but is able to disable any equipment or infrastructure that is equipped with electronic systems. Electromagnetic ammunition can be placed on both missile and aircraft carriers, including unmanned aerial vehicles.
A powerful explosion thundered at the plant, many victims: the details and shots of the disaster
A powerful explosion thundered at the plant, many victims: the details and shots of the disaster
Thus, it is noted in “Spetsnoeksport”, a new electromagnetic weapon can be effectively used against the strategic objectives of the enemy, including command and administrative centers, communications centers, power plants, air defense facilities, etc. without risk of harm to the civilian population.
In February 2019, the company Spetstechnoexport has already delivered to India the first batch of a new type of weapon and is negotiating the supply of an additional batch of these products.
Recall that Ukroboronprom published a video of the first strikes of a tactical UAV Bayraktar TB2. The corresponding video was published on the concern’s YouTube channel.
It is known that their tests were held on March 20. Specialists in the Ukroboronprom successfully tested the latest Turkish shock drones in the sky of Ukraine. It is noted that these devices are equipped with high-precision MAM-L bombs from the Turkish company Roketsan. These high-precision munitions were purchased together with a batch of drone drone drone for the APU.
AM-L (Smart Micro Munition) - a special lightweight guided munition designed for drone drone, explained in "Ukroboronprom." This bomb is equipped with a high-precision laser beam guidance system and carries out a glider flight to the target. The ammunition guidance system allows you to hit with an error of no more than a meter.

DateDate: 30-03-2019, 06:23

Attention! Ideological bestseller!!!
 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 Moderation and administration of the platform "Innovator" don't call presented the author's idea of the ideological bestselling. It is the idea of a global character that will be available to study and are described below. This innovative service - the electronic block of person-analyzer "To the point" will be quite high investment potential and prospect for global promotion.
 So, all users of the world wide web using the services links user email, links to their email addresses and addresses of startups and websites, use the copy domain names "clicked" on the "icons" of social networks. All of this, and other various information that stores user contact information, and organizations of various directions and forms of ownership, usually placed in the form of a set of corresponding icons and symbols on the front page of any website or platform. That is, we see a specific resource list to contact the appropriate user or organization. And then choose the available or desired option, contact for appropriate action.
 The author offers all these resources to gather contact on the homepage of the website in one virtual place. This place he called the block of electronic person-analyzer "To the point". That is, the site will now be red and any other color, relatively large dot which when clicked will open the relevant contact information of a given user or organization. When a separate additional setup, when clicked, can be opened directly contact all of the installed resources. But if to speak in terms of this idea, it will block personalized data in the form of dots of any color and size.
 Setting most of the contact points is quite simple. Only need to set the appropriate program and enter all the data. The color and point size is also separately configured. Clicking on it, can sound the original sound. The sound will change to the number of contact information contained in it. And a valid point size to meet the same requirements, that is, the more data, the more the point.
 In closing this short presentation we can say that now the relevant contact information about the owners of sites and platforms will be in one place. It will look quite aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Now you will need to click once on this point and all valid contact information and resources will be open and ready to use them. 
 The author's idea available for investment cooperation on a contractual relationship, or full of redemption.

DateDate: 30-03-2019, 06:13

Huawei has shown smart glasses. They are created in partnership with the Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster.
Reports the edition about it The Verge.
All equipment is inside the frame. This allows the device to look like ordinary eyeglasses or sunglasses. Inside the device are a microphone, battery, stereo speakers and more.
Also in the Huawei gadget there is no camera. It is assumed that in this way the company decided to avoid disputes over privacy.

DateDate: 30-03-2019, 06:13