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DateDate: 21-03-2019, 05:59
 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The idea is that in a diaper integrated sound element, whose function is to inform about the state of the diaper wearing child. When "filling" the diaper song, a different sound and volume, depending on the condition of "fullness" of the diaper. Also, the melody will change depending on the age of the child and its weight, and again, its state of fullness.
 Also, continuing the theme, the diaper may be inserted a special chip that will allow pairing with your gadget. Special mobile application will monitor not only the fullness of the diaper, and the baby's body temperature, pulse and blood pressure. That is the easiest diaper to replace the diagnosis of a child, only on a permanent basis. Version of the mobile application instantly notifies registered users, that is, the child's parents, the change of the measured parameters. When you buy such smart pads, the package will be an access code that when you enter it in the corresponding field in the mobile app, activate the pack of nappies in the program this app to run their smart capabilities. It is clear that this is a special mobile application, which will your gadget, you can in a mode on-line to check the fullness of the diaper, and all the described parameters. As mentioned earlier, excess baggage fullness shall notify the special signal in the mobile device.
 That is, we have standard work and the functionality some of the wearable smart devices, in this presentation of his ideas, these functions applied for our children to essential everyday accessories, then there are diapers that right after the realization of these opportunities, call them disposable wearable smart devices.
 The idea is available both for investment and for its full redemption.


DateDate: 21-03-2019, 05:55

The Japanese government is starting to test carbon dioxide consumption methods from the atmosphere.
This decision was made by the Ministry of Environment of the country, reports Ukrinform.
The resulting resource will be used as fuel. The plans of the Japanese government - to convert gas into natural resources.
Japan has already introduced many measures to reduce the percentage of greenhouse gas. But it is not yet clear how to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Recall, scientists have announced the possibility of the disappearance of clouds. In their opinion, a decrease in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air will lead to this.
In the next century, our planet may lose the clouds that protect it from overheating. If this forecast becomes a reality, a climatic catastrophe on Earth will simply be inevitable, and its consequences will be much larger than any of the worst predictions.
This opinion is shared by scientists working at the California Institute of Technology. According to experts, the increase in concentration in the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, is fraught with the disappearance of the cloud layer, intended to shelter from sunlight the vast majority of the oceans.
According to them, when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere begins to exceed 1200 ppm, a kind of change will occur and the so-called non-return point will occur. It is then that the clouds will begin to rapidly collapse.
And this, scientists say, will lead to a significant warming of the ocean. Kerry Emanuel, an expert in atmospheric physics, after reading the results of this study, is convinced that this turn of events is quite real and poses a real threat to humanity, as well as to all life on our planet.
At the beginning of the XXI century there were 10 of the hottest years in the entire history of meteorological observations, and in 2018 the temperature of the world's oceans reached a record high. Climate change is already causing damage to the planet, and starving polar bears are just one of his examples.
As the temperature of the ocean rises, and the ice sheets, the hunting grounds of polar bears, are melting, these large carnivores have to look for new places to eat.
It is known that weather conditions strongly influence the state of health and mood of a person. Scientists decided to determine the place with the most suitable climate for humans. First place went to Costa Rica. The second, respectively, Greece, the third - Cyprus. Next come Malta, Spain, Portugal and Mexico.
Despite the hot climate, Greece and Cyprus were in the top three. Sunny climate makes the country attractive to many citizens. So, in this country, 300 days out of 365 a year the sun shines, and winters are much milder.