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DateDate: 11-03-2019, 05:35

Apple Augmented Reality Glasses are due in 2020, media reports referring to analyst Ming Ji Kuo’s statement.
They will be positioned as an accessory for the iPhone. The device should partially take on the role of an additional display, the smartphone will be able to transmit data to it. Points will be light and thin.
Mass production should begin in the fourth quarter of 2019. It is expected that with the help of AR-glasses and Apple Car Apple's capitalization will reach $ 2 trillion in the stock market.

DateDate: 10-03-2019, 07:17

Over the past few years we have been able to see a lot of interesting developments in the nano-robotics segment - in particular, in the field of medical robots, whose task is to deliver medicines directly to the affected area of the body. However, today, robotics specialists from the University of Pennsylvania presented their new development, which is a new concept of a nano-robot with a small body and two pairs of legs, with which it can actually move within the body, thus successfully bypassing the blood barrier. There are some controversial points.
The way to create such nano-robots involves the use of a special proprietary technique of sequential nanofabrication, in which separate layers of glass and polymeric materials are created, which play the role of a material basis for creating various parts of the robot body. For example, its main body is made of rectangular polymeric glass, and a pair of limbs are a bundle of silicone fiber mixed with polymer plastic.
The limbs themselves, by the way, consist of two layers of platinum and titanium, which can be easily replaced by graphene or its derivative agent. With its well-designed and multifunctional design, the robot has the ability to quickly and freely move within the body and successfully bypass the traditional blood barrier - which can be especially useful if you need to deliver this or that medicine to the brain as soon as possible.
It is worth noting that the presented version of the robot has some untested points - for example, experts still argue as to whether it is worth creating reinforcements for a longer cycle of operation of the limbs of the robot, or not. It remains to wait for new news regarding the development and hope that after successful final checks and tests, the model will indeed be applied in modern medical robotics. Moreover, with its excellent potential for continuous improvement.

DateDate: 7-03-2019, 05:57

Scientists announced the creation of a dense network of very fine wires, which began to interact with each other and called it a synthetic brain.
At the same time, he will keep his “memories” in “silver”. This is what golos writes about.
The discovery made by scientists working in the University of California. According to them, the creation of a "synthetic brain" is not far off. The first significant step for this has been made.
The fact that a group of scientists began to create a "synthetic brain" was announced in 2012. Its members intend to make a thinking machine with physical intelligence.
In the process of research, experts found that a network of closely spaced copper columns can grow a nanowire if it is processed in a special way with the help of silver nitrate.
The wires diverge, as it were, in random directions. However, they are very similar to intersecting neurons of the brain. In this case, nanowires themselves organize. At the atomic level, they resemble synapses. These are the points at which two neurons can transmit signals to one another.
This reaction is indicated by an MRI of the brain when the preservation of memories is displayed there. When an electric signal was triggered over the network, the nanowires showed an independent organization of information in the likeness of the human brain.
That is, when they are networked, they begin to communicate with each other. In a sense, this system has already become “alive”, showing interaction.
A group of American scientists said that video games negatively affect children's brain activity. The department that is responsible for the human intellectual development suffered the most.
Meizu flagships lit up online: live photos published
Meizu flagships lit up online: live photos published
the main thing
Experts have experimented with this staff of the National Institutes of Health of the United States. According to the head of the research project, Gaia Dowling, among small gamers, the cerebral cortex became thinner over time.
Scientists told which supplement has an advantage when it comes to brain health. According to experts, for the full functioning of the brain requires the use of food with a low content of cholesterol and saturated fat. Vitamins and minerals have several benefits for different parts of the body.
Scientists also noted the effect of vitamin B6 on other body systems. It is necessary for cell proliferation, normal immune function, healthy skin, the release of energy from food, hemoglobin for red blood cells, the regulation of hormones, and also to reduce fatigue.

DateDate: 6-03-2019, 05:57

New iPhone will be able to work even under water.
The emergence of protection against water and dust in the iPhone, of course, delighted many fans of Apple. Now you can use your smartphone and take a shower. However, this technology can be found in almost every modern smartphone on the market, informs
According to the developer Max Weinbach, recently Apple is preparing a new technology for its iPhone, which allows the smartphone to work even under water. Now in the bathroom you can watch the video, and even chat. However, whether this technology is really needed is unknown.
Apple is preparing a new technology for their iPhone
According to Weinbach, Apple is testing a special mechanism that will allow users to interact with the touchscreen, even under water.
Now do the same will not work because of the characteristics of capacitive displays, which may incorrectly recognize the command, if you touch it with a wet finger or do it by placing the smartphone in the water. Let's hope that Apple will show on its presentation the use of this feature, if it appears at all in the iPhone 2019.
Apple is testing a special mechanism that will allow users to interact with the touchscreen, even under water
Earlier it was reported that Apple will release a folding iPhone with a heated screen. Apple patented its own unique flexible smartphone. The new version of technology is seriously different from the development of competitors. At the fold of the smartphone from Apple has the possibility of heating. This makes it possible to protect the equipment from scratches, which provokes the constant bending and unbending of the smartphone.
The equipment will also have a special temperature sensor. It will determine the degree of heating.
Also, there is information that Apple will create a super-powerful computer processor. The first Macs based on ARM processors will appear in 2020. In the near future, Apple of Cupertina plans to abandon Intel processors in iMac personal computers and MacBook laptops. It is known that the failure will occur in favor of the chips of its own production.
In particular, according to one of the representatives of Intel in a private conversation with journalists of the portal Axios, this event may occur as early as next year.
Meizu Zero without buttons and connectors completely failed: the reason is named
Meizu Zero without buttons and connectors completely failed: the reason is named
The Bloomberg publication has taken up this topic. According to journalists, the first Macs based on ARM processors will appear in 2020, and a year later the creation of a unified software ecosystem will be completed. Within the framework of which it will be possible to create applications that can work on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.
According to Gartner, in the fourth quarter of 2018, Apple sold 64.5 million iPhones, which is 12% less than during the same period last year. This is mainly due to low sales in China. However, the iPhone maker has retained its second place with a 15.8% market share after market leader, Samsung (17.3%).
However, the same proportion affected other manufacturers of smartphones. Everyone who already wanted to buy a device has done it for a long time. Now, companies are releasing new smartphones every week, and all of them practically do not differ from each other.

DateDate: 5-03-2019, 05:54

The device uses heart beat energy.
Scientists from the Shanghai University of Transportation have developed a stimulant with technology that allows the use of a centerpiece as an energy source. This is what Xinhua writes about.
Conventional pacemakers, which are used for dysfunctions of the heart, have a limited lifespan, because they use batteries. As a rule, they need to be changed every 5-12 years. Surgery to change the device can cause complications (infection or bleeding).
Chinese scientists have figured out how to solve this problem by developing a new full-featured pacemaker that is charged by the natural energy of the heartbeat.
The energy generator for it consists of an elastic frame and two piezoelectric composites that can generate enough electricity for the device. A new device has already been tested on pigs.