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30-04-2019, 06:34

The CRISPR genome editing technology was developed initially with the aim of providing treatment and prevention of genetic diseases, but later this technology, which turned into a powerful tool, found application in several other areas, including synthetic biology. Recently, researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich) used CRISPR technology to create functional biocomputers embedded directly into human tissue cells.
Note that living organisms can already be considered a kind of biocomputers, the cells of which play the role of logical elements, drawing input data from the outside, processing this data and reacting to them by certain metabolic processes. "The human body itself is a big bio-computer," says Martin Fusseenegger (Martin Fussenegger), lead researcher, food".
The use of natural processes occurring inside living cells to build logical circuits is one of the main goals of synthetic biology. In this case, researchers from ETH Zurich found a way to introduce a dual-core bioprocessor into human cells, and a specially developed version of the Cas9 enzyme used in CRISPR technology was used as such a bioprocessor.
The Cas9 enzyme reads the initial data from the RNA molecule and on the basis of these data activates or deactivates certain genes, which, in turn, leads to the production of specific proteins by the cell. A feature of the Cas9 enzyme is that it has two “digital inputs”; it can simultaneously read two numbers, process them, and produce two independent results. In other words, this enzyme, introduced into the cell nucleus, is a simple dual core bioprocessor capable of performing two independent tasks.
Billions of such cells equipped with bioprocessors can be combined in the future into powerful bio-computers capable of diagnosing and independently curing various diseases. These computers will search for specific biomarkers corresponding to various diseases, and produce drug molecules. Depending on the number of detected biomarkers, the biocomputer will produce medicinal molecules of different types that will act as efficiently as possible in each particular case.
DNA-based artificial material behaves almost like a living organism.
“Imagine an implant consisting of human-patient tissues whose millions or billions of cells contain binuclear bioprocessors,” says Martin Fassenegger, “Such“ computational ”bodies can theoretically have a computing power far surpassing that of digital supercomputers. a biological supercomputer will require a very small amount of energy, which cannot be compared even with the amount of energy consumed by an ordinary desktop computer. m "
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29-04-2019, 07:13

Flying suit printed on ЗD printer presented in the USA. This is reported by Fakti ICTV.
The report notes that the suit allows a person to take off freely and gently descend. It has 5 turbojet engines that can run on different fuels.
Made of nylon and aluminum and has a speed of 52 km / h.
This is a development of the British company Gravity Industry, which creates flying suits.
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28-04-2019, 07:45

This technology is able to help people who can not speak independently.
We live in a truly amazing time: many futuristic technologies, which a couple of decades ago were just an invention of science fiction writers, are gradually being realized today, reports Chronicle.info, citing Esoreiter.
So, the staff of the University of California said the other day that they managed, using advanced artificial intelligence, to transform the signals of the human brain, which we call thoughts, into speech. Probably someday, using such technology, dumb people can easily communicate in our world.
The fact is that even when we utter words mentally, certain areas responsible for lip movement are activated in our brain. A special device reads this activity and turns it into a synthesized voice. Volunteers participated in the development of the technology, and electrodes were connected to their heads. Experiments read (mentally) excerpts from children's books, and two artificial neural networks at this time converted the received signals into voice speech.
Turning on the video below, you can hear the result with your own ears. Despite the fact that while artificial intelligence reproduces words that are mentally pronounced by a person, it is not very clear (the conversion accuracy is now just under 70%), in the future, the Americans intend to significantly improve this figure.
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It was expected that it became clear that the shorter the sentences the person mentally utters in his head, the more accurate the result will be.
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27-04-2019, 06:51

The robot will simplify the work of medical workers in performing complex operations.
Specialists at the Boston Children's Hospital have developed a miniature drone that can reach the heart valve through vessels without the help of a surgeon.
The first experiment of how the drone will move through the vessels of the human body, was successful. The programmed device without any help easily gets to the heart valve. The head of the scientific delegation, Pierre Dupont, said that the robot will simplify the work of medical workers in performing complex operations.
The device resembles a catheter, but only with artificial intelligence, which has the ability to determine its location in the human body. It is noted that in the memory of the drone was detailed information about the device of the heart.
For the full convenience of using the development, it has an optical sensor, which at regular intervals captures what surrounds it. During the scientific experiment, the robot managed to shut off one of the heart valves, which in general will save the doctor-surgeon's time. It is important to say that the device requires as much time for the procedure as it is for an experienced specialist.
At this stage, the medical drone is undergoing the final tests, after which it will be possible to use it everywhere. Not least that this discovery can affect not only the heart surgery, but also become the founder for a whole family of such devices.
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26-04-2019, 05:34

The handset connects via Bluetooth 5.0. In the application, you can not only increase or decrease the heating level, but also track the quality of your sleep. The required data are collected by an intelligent module built into the Xiaomi pillow that records the duration of various sleep phases. With them you can associate the alarm clock to make it easier to wake up.
The Xiaomi clever filling system is complemented by a bone conduction sound system, which allows you to hear muffled music from your smartphone when you touch the central part of the pillow. Sleeping near the person will not hear anything.
Home sales of smart pillows Xiaomi in China is scheduled for June 2, 2019.
Recall that Xiaomi announced the imminent release on the market of "killer smartphones", which will be lower than all the top smartphones.
So, the novelty will receive an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, and it will most likely be called Redmi X.
Komarovsky told how to save a child from sunstroke
Komarovsky told how to save a child from sunstroke
Also, the novelty from Xiaomi will receive a battery of record capacity with support for fast and wireless charging, as well as advanced technical equipment, which will be based on the eight-core Snapdragon 855 chip from Qualcomm, which has a clock frequency of 2.86 GHz, as well as Adreno 640 graphics.
An innovation in the Xiaomi gadget will be an NFC chip, with which you can pay for travel on public transport, as well as make purchases in stores using the Google Pay and Mi Pay payment systems.
In addition, the smartphone Xiaomi will have a 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones, as well as a USB Type-C interface, which is required for recharging and connecting additional gadgets.
According to information from the company Xiaomi, this flagship will be the cheapest flagship in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 process. According to experts, its price will be approximately $ 400.
Data on entering the world market yet.
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