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DateDate: 16-04-2019, 05:52
  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  In this author's ideas will be presented an innovative mobile app that will work with the software car latest model years that are in your equipment already have a video camera installed. The functionality of this application is quite simple in its use and a brand new one that will allow you to start it in mass use. Below, in quite a short presentation, all will be described.
  Now, in modern cars, the last years of release, should have equipment that will allow you to match mobile phones and other gadgets with the car itself. It will also be necessary to register in the mobile app the car itself for the complete functioning of this startup. Also in the attachments there is already a front and back camera, camera circular review. All information about the operation of the cameras is transmitted to the screen or screens that are located in the interior of the car. That is not unimportant to note that the selfie-shooting is gaining more and more fans and expands its thematic aspects. And the author of this original idea combined all of this our everyday things in an innovative mobile app - automotive Seli "Innovator". 
  The combination is that the user devices using the functionality of the application, connects to your existing car video cameras. The connection enables to activate the video camera and display the image on the screen of the gadget. That is, any user who will use this innovative application, while within the shooting car video cameras, will be able, through them, to make selfie-taking. Or normal shooting while in the vehicle or remotely, having an individual login code to a specific car registered in this application.
  In the opinion of the author and administration of the platform "Innovator", this startup has a great future and potential growth promotion. It is also expected a brand new fashion trend in selfie-culture.
  That is, we have a new, innovative, entertaining service to the individual character, which will allow you to extend the use of attachments, use of car and gadget user of this mobile application.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 16-04-2019, 05:45

Xiaomi has developed a new model of electric bike.
This is the second version and it is called HIMO C20, reports infocar portal. If the first bike was offered at a price of 260 dollars, then the new one costs already 375 dollars.
The model has a twenty-inch frame, a trip computer on the steering wheel with an indicator of speed, mileage and charge level. The new items from Xiaomi range of eighty kilometers. Also, the new lithium-ion battery, which weighs two and a half kilograms. He charged in six hours.
Three modes of operation are available - only on the electric, with an electric motor as an assistant or just on the pedals without the participation of an electric motor.
The total weight is twenty-one kilograms. It develops a maximum speed of up to twenty-five kilometers per hour. Its length is about one and a half meters, and its width is 610.
The HIMO C20 also has a handy portable pump hidden in the seat, as well as an LED flashlight. The bike itself is foldable, foldable. He has a folding steering wheel and pedals, which makes it even more convenient to transport it in transport.
The Xiaomi device will open the car even if it is thoroughly wet.
It can be used both in cars and in a motorcycle.
Xiaomi is preparing to supplement the range of solutions of the branded collective financing platform with a new product - a car lock with an integrated fingerprint scanner.
Komarovsky told, in which cases hiccups need to run to the doctor: it is important to know
Komarovsky told, in which cases hiccups need to run to the doctor: it is important to know
Judging by the picture, such a lock will regularly cope with its capabilities even if it is thoroughly wet. The Chinese castle Mars Exploration Technology, founded in May 2015, is behind this castle. She is engaged in industrial design and development of a wide variety of devices, from drones to virtual reality helmets.
There are already similar solutions on the market, their cost is on average $ 340. An analogue of Xiaomi should be no more expensive and at least not worse in terms of functionality. The device must officially submit on April 9th.
Also, Xiaomi plans this year to release a new firmware MIUI 11 for their Mi and Redmi smartphones. This firmware will be available for more than 40 models. But for some smartphones update will not be available due to outdated hardware.
According to the manufacturer of smartphones, their technical equipment does not allow for full-fledged work on new firmware. Thus, MIUI 11 will not receive the following seven models of Xiaomi Redmi Note, 3S, 3X, 4, 4A, Pro.
And the owners of the above smartphones should be prepared for the fact that soon the new software for their devices will cease to be released, including patches for the security system from Google.