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DateDate: 21-04-2019, 07:58

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The next wearable smart device that simplifies the readers of the literature the reading process and, if not strange and unusual, its smart capabilities has increased the promotion of reading most of these books. Smart touch book-cover "Innovator" is a brand new device, analogues of which do not exist, that will be interesting enough for potential investors or buyers this original idea. Platform admins "Innovator" will try to squeeze all the functionality and principle of operation of this presentation, that would be very clear and understandable all the essence of the smart cover.
  So, touch plastic case book smart cover has a frame structure, and can with the help of special clips and mobile straps to hold inside the book of any size and weight. That is, the user inserts the book in the smart cover, with movable slats adjusts its size and secures it with clips. But it is a mechanical component of a book smart cover.
 Basic smart opportunity lies in several features:
 1). Control and correction of all work of this wearable smart device is the eponymous mobile app that can pair with any gadget;
 2). Retractable miniature bracket that slides out of the back of the cover is equipped with a camera and led element. The camera takes those open pages that the user reads the smart cover of this book. Shooting-read book will serve to memorize page after closing the book. Put simply, it is a bookmark function. When the book is closed, on the front side of the touch book, the smart cover, which is equipped with a touch panel, the graphic will be placed last page. And when next time the user picks up the book, stuck with the smart cover, he sees an image of the last page to read it. Led is used to illuminate the pages of the book during the reading process.
 3). The functionality of the smart cover will correct the reading process in terms of its correctness will follow the process of reading, that it would not exceed the permissible limits. If you exceed the permissible norms will be served a special signal. He will split time reading thus to optimize and speed up the reading of the book. The mobile application will prompt the beginning of a reading if the smart cover with the book is remotely. 
 4). Reading may be accompanied by light melodies, if it is like user. Of course, the whole list of tunes will be available as a mobile app, and in the touch book smart cover.
 5). Conveniently enough parents will follow the process of reading books of their children.
Now, a new smart device carries a innovative method of reading books, which is much easier it will make the novelty and appeal among different age groups.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 21-04-2019, 07:50

Sony's smart backpacks will control humanity in the future.
A huge corporation is looking for new ways of technical development and ways to make a profit. At this time, the population of the planet will see not a new PlayStation, but a backpack with a display, writes with reference to
Sony has patented a new development - bending screen. Today we are not talking about a similar technology, like the recently released Samsung Fold, but about a completely new one. Experts compare the new Sony screens with some "electronic paper".
New technology is planned to be used to create "smart backpacks".
Backpacks with screens, sensors, accelerometer and portable batteries. It remains to add only a little memory and the processor and the backpack-computer is ready.
It is doubtful that a company with such technical and financial capabilities will stop at this. Humanity stands on the border of a new understanding of the word computer. Earlier it was said about the production of the first biocomputer.
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It is possible that in the not too distant future, backpacks will be powered not from batteries, but from human energy. And having access to a programmable organism, a corporation will no longer allow a person to program their devices, but on the contrary, the device will program a person. How it will look and what goals will be pursued at the same time - a mystery covered in darkness.