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DateDate: 25-04-2019, 05:52
Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 Continuing the theme of the presentation system smart-sleep "Innovator", and the components that it includes, and this smart pillow, smart bed linen, platform "Innovator" this time is one of the main components of the smart-mattress.
 The author of the idea, having studied the needs of modern man, came to the conclusion that in the near future, this original idea will be an indispensable device comfortable sleep. Slightly below and will be presented.
 And so, in the first place smart-mattress has a direct pairing with Your gadget, where in the mobile app smart-sleep "Innovator" there are features that are responsible for the operation and control of the functioning of this smart mattress. The mattress is equipped with climate control, which monitors the temperature of the environment, with the user's body temperature, the pressure of the human body and pulse. Following this analysis, the smart-mattress sets necessary and the optimum temperature in this time period assess, and support it during sleep. There is a possibility in manual mode to do the installation of the temperature regime using a mobile gadget, or program a special remote that goes to this mattress. Also, the mattress is not mounted springs and airbags, which automatically adjust to the weight of the vacationer and his position while sleeping. There is a possibility to enable some types of massage, that is there. The innovation component is also an alarm function that is pretty nice and will gently Wake its user.
 It's not all function the smart-mattress "Innovator".
 All issues of investment character to send to platform "Innovator".

DateDate: 25-04-2019, 05:46
The Neuralink project, being developed by Mask, can initiate a mass-scale connection of people to the network.
Reports portal Vladtaym about it.
Ilon Musk, known to smoke marijuana on live television (as well as the head of SpaceХ and Tesla), announced a project designed to connect the human brain with a computer. At the same time, it is not clear how much more efficient the human brain will become with such implantation, but Musk himself states that the electrodes implanted in the brain of rats showed impressive results.
The new project is based on the live brain-computer interface being developed. According to a number of Russian expert conspiracy theorists, this will literally lead to the creation of the Matrix in reality:
“The mask must be banned. His project is a danger to all of us. Hooked people are potentially vulnerable to outside influence. In the future, such technologies will directly “steer” a person from the console - the brain controls absolutely all the actions of the living body, ”says a conspiratorologist from the Far Eastern Association of Ufological Sciences.
According to him, technology is very good, but you need to know when to stop. Mankind is a child who has started playing, it is not ready now to accept the consequences and responsibility for the introduction of the Matrix into society.
Moreover, the conspiracy therapists of the whole world are sounding the alarm - and without that the lion’s pace of globalization will bring the control of the masses to a new level. People literally will not have personal life and space - their every step will be under control.
What is funny, almost a year ago, in June 2018, Musk actively spoke out against artificial intelligence, saying that we all live in the Matrix. Musk seriously argued that we live in a computer simulation, that the chance of tangibility and the materiality of our life is negligible. Instead, we are all connected to the artificial intelligence, which builds the reality in our sleeping brain.
Moreover, Ilon promised then to prove that the Matrix exists. What caused the wildest approval and support of all conspiracy therapists of the world, who are known to be strongly opposed to any globalization.
But, obviously, the self-proclaimed Neo decided not to take the thorny road of fighting the system, but to lead it. His project Neuralink should be the first milestone in the creation of the Matrix - combining the brain with a computer, and in the future, perhaps - connecting people into a global network.
As reported, earlier Ilon Musk for 2 minutes at the auction in New York lost more than a billion dollars.

DateDate: 24-04-2019, 06:16

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is to combine the functions of toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener to the oral cavity in a single product. But the main functional innovation will be the aerosol product ( spray) that will allow the use of innovative toothpaste with great comfort and without a toothbrush.
 So, aerosol toothpaste is its main structure is nothing different from the ordinary toothpastes. By the way, this presentation is not offered a new toothpaste with its original composition. Offered as a time for innovative patented technology in the manufacture of toothpastes for existing brands. In the spray can is the standard acceptable size fits foamy composition that classification. In this case, toothpaste is in no way different in its composition from ordinary, it is only due to the technology of aerosol spray has a different visual state and composition. Accordingly, changes and methods of its application. The main innovative way of application is its use without toothbrush. The user inserts in the oral cavity, the nozzle for the spray cap and presses the cap spray-toothpaste. The aerosol composition of spray-toothpaste is very simple and pleasantly fills the mouth. Also make it possible to rinse the mouth with this spray that will allow a single action brush, rinse and refresh all of it. Now it is possible to imagine that this innovative teeth cleaning may be applicable and available to a greater number of cases, as its use will be available without a toothbrush and in any health unit without much effort. Injected dental aerosols, popolocas and spat out. Teeth brushed and there was a fresh breath.
 Great convenience will conclude that to use this hygienic product can be in any environment - at home and travelling or outdoors. Different capacity spray cans will be comfortable for use and storage in any conditions. That is, the little spray cans with spray toothpaste can be worn in an ordinary business clutch or small hand-bag. 
 Manufacturers of toothpaste will be quite interesting to use in the manufacture of this technology, as its use will only grow by increasing frequency users of such innovative teeth cleaning.
 Now, we have a revolutionary personal care product that allows you to combine and simplify the cleaning process of the teeth, which in turn will increase the healthy state of the oral cavity.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 24-04-2019, 06:11

Creating DNA-based robots is not new. However, the new study is different, as the developed bots can behave in almost the same way as people with real DNA. It has its own metabolism, uses energy, develops, grows and dies.
Scientists have created a self-organizing robot using 55 nucleotide units, which are the building blocks of human DNA. They repeated these blocks several times to create a chain, informs
The team also introduced artificial metabolism into synthetic DNA, which should allow the biomaterial not only to use energy for fuel, but also to recover.
True, when they presented a special liquid that serves as an energy source, new threads appeared in the material.
Despite the presence of basic life qualities, such as metabolism and regeneration, scientists still consider these robots, similar to real ones, to be primitive.
Read: Japan wants to build a lunar base with robots
“We are introducing a completely new, realistic concept of materials based on our own artificial metabolism. We are not creating something alive, but we are creating materials that are much more realistic than ever before, ”said Dan Luo, one of the authors.
They believe, however, that their results can only advance robotics. These materials can also help in the detection of pathogenic microorganisms and the creation of hybrid nanomaterials.
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DateDate: 23-04-2019, 06:38

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is in principle in the information provided author's ideas are smart pillow "Innovator".
 The meaning is that in smart-bedding"Innovator" sewn special sensors that monitor the condition of the body resting within their capabilities. Linen evaluates the pressure of the body, heart rate, heart palpitations, and more. It all depends on the tasks and goals that needs to be removed from these products. Of course, this linen is associated with a special mobile application with the gadget. The results are displayed on the gadget, which can be monitored and evaluated as to the user, and in medical and prophylactic purposes to the appropriate Department. Also, in the options of this product, there is a audible alarm when a hazardous situation. It is very convenient now to be aware of their health and the health of their loved ones.
 Especially practical to use this technology in baby smart-bedding. When the parents of the child, especially at night, can completely control the body temperature, which can rise fast enough. 
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.