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DateDate: 6-04-2019, 07:08

The company Xiaomi has built an inexpensive Star Trang Telescope telescope. The novelty was presented within the framework of the 9th Anniversary Mi Fan Festival at the age of nine Xiaomi.
Yak write Gizmochina, tse amortsky telescope. Tsim can be explained and satisfied with the budget.
Specifications. Xiaomi Star Trang having created special curved lines with a diameter of 23 mm and 10 mm. Zagalom the entire telescope, yak one great lіnza zagatosharovym pokrittyam, polіpshuш optical characteristics of the system.
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The telescope of equipments with a tripod with stainless steel became special and extra dim extra hard disks, so that you can lock your eyes with the eyepiece and accessories.
Yak coveterer, tribute, give zmog to skin sposterіgati behind the sky or garnim kravvidom.
Telescope Xiaomi Star Trang
Price Yak mi vzha zgaduvali, telescope viyshov duzhe budget. Yogo was estimated at 599 yuan (89 dolar abo 2,400 hryvnia). At sales Xiaomi Star Trang Telescope nadіide of 9 April.

DateDate: 5-04-2019, 06:38
The development team at Carnegie Mellon University was able to teach the robot to independently cut vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes). He is able to recognize the size of objects, on the basis of this data the robot can find the optimal capture location, and also calculate the width of the sliced slices.
For this robot, a special algorithm was written that helped him reproduce the human movement. It should be noted that cutting vegetables requires processing a huge amount of data. This robot is able to analyze objects: in order not to disturb the shape of soft objects, it interprets their consistency.
This device was trained independently, using several photos of already cut vegetables. Through these images, the robot "understood" on slices of what thickness should be chopped vegetables in order not to spoil their shape. After that, the engineers started the second stage - the training method of the imitation movement. Initially, the experts independently controlled the manipulator that held the knife, after which the robot was able to successfully repeat human movements.

DateDate: 4-04-2019, 06:49

Experts at the University of Massachusetts stitched polymer patches into their usual pajamas with sensors that monitor heart rate and respiratory rate. In addition, innovative development will control the position of the sleeper and with what force a person puts pressure on the mattress, informs
To do this, experts nylon threads stitched special sensory indicators. They will transmit important information about a person’s dream through a board that is attached to a button of nightwear.
Scientists want to use a Bluetooth transmitter to process data and understand the reasons that lead to sleep disturbance in humans.
According to experts, their sensational development will be popular among the people of age. The developers note that for such a night wardrobe you will need to pay no more than $ 200.

DateDate: 3-04-2019, 07:02

Scientists first created the genome of a living organism, fully computer-generated. About this writes New Atlas.
FACT. Specialists of the Swiss Higher Technical School Zurich managed to create the world's first computer genome of a living being. According to the publication, he was named Caulobacter ethensis-2.0.
DETAILS. It is known that scientists have simplified the DNA of the Caulobacter crescentu microorganism by obtaining a completely new genome. They took as a basis the research materials of the scientist Craig Venter, who more than 10 years ago synthesized the first "synthetic" microorganism based on the DNA of another bacterium. The new gene is more modified and viable, the creators say.
FOR WHAT. According to the authors of the article, the new development opens up great opportunities for all mankind. In particular, as the study leader Bit Kristen noted, such genomes can be used for specific purposes - to create vitamins and medicines. In addition, scientists admit that in the future it will be possible to make not only copies of living beings that already exist in nature, but also create completely new organisms. That is, we are not talking about some dangerous mutants. According to the creators, the genetic program of the organisms can be rewritten so that they combine the maximum number of useful features (for example, they would give milk at the same time, synthesize antibiotics and remain only a culture of cells in a test tube).

DateDate: 2-04-2019, 07:14

The smartphone has a six and a half inch screen and several cameras with sensors.
He was registered in the base of the certification center of China. The principal difference between the model and all other smartphones is that the main camera extends from the body in the form of a corner.
He writes about this Chronicle. Info with reference to
Also, the smartphone has a screen of six and a half inches and several cameras with sensors. Reno also has a fingerprint scanner that is integrated into the display.
Oppo Reno will provide an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor. The smartphone will have two phone types: six and eight GB of RAM.
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Also in the models there will be an opportunity for expanding physical memory from one hundred twenty eight and two hundred fifty six gigabytes.