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DateDate: 31-05-2019, 05:59

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
  Already a lot of innovative spray products presented on the platform "Innovator". The author of these innovative products has advanced further in his ideas and presented innovative project - innovation network spray-cafe "Innovator". He proposes to develop a whole new network of public catering establishments with a new approach in the use of all previously submitted spray products. Below, in a fairly brief presentation, it's going to be described.
  So, including the fact that there are already sufficient number of innovative spray-on products that you will be able to afford to be the overall original composition of the menu of innovative spray-cafe "Innovator". That is, visitors that will visit these establishments, will cater full flavor composition of spray products. The work of these institutions, including specific new approach will be different in their functionality from the standard of existing cafes and restaurants. Here you can eat innovative food with Cutlery ( spoons and forks do ), and without them, each corresponding to a spray canister, each visitor would be supplied with plastic caps, with which you can put any available spray food in your mouth. That is, the visitor who ordered the appropriate menu, gets the order data caps, puts them on spray-cans and a simple press of the cap, or puts food on a plate or directly into the mouth. Dosage visitor chooses, referring if desired to the recommendations that will be proposed along with the order. Also, you can order a ready-made dish, which will, with existing spray products directly to the chef spray cafe. As already seen with existing, previously presented spray products will be available as a regular spray products and alcoholic content. 
  Quite innovative is the service virtual cooking spray food that is available in the respective eponymous mobile app. The user will be able to mix existing spray products and send the order to make it to the nearest spray shop. To his arrival the order will be ready. Also, such virtual-dishes can be placed on their individual pages of this mobile app. It is expected that this mobile app can be a full-fledged social network.
  Now, we have ample global innovation copyright idea which can be applied to any region of any country. Simplified method of service of visitors and increasing their maintenance method. 
  This idea is applicable both for investment and for its full redemption.

DateDate: 31-05-2019, 05:54

On the branch length of 36 kilometers run completely unmanned trains.
In the Australian Sydney, the first full-fledged metro was opened, and trains there are automatically controlled. About this writes N + 1.
The subway consists of 13 stations, its length is 36 kilometers. The project contractor was the French company Alstom, which also delivered 22 trains and undertook to serve them for 15 years.
According to the plan, by 2024, the Sydney metro system will include 66 kilometers of the railway line and 31 stations.
This is the first subway line that was launched in Australia. Until now, there were only a few underground stations for land transport in Sydney and Melbourne, but there was no high-grade metro.
Sydney is Australia's largest city with a population of almost 5 million people. The city is separated by the bays of Port Jackson and Botany. Parts of the city are connected by ferries and coastal rail lines.
The metro should speed up passenger service between different parts of Sydney.

DateDate: 30-05-2019, 06:02

Personal non-material and proprietary rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
Moderation of the platform "Innovator" considers it necessary to inform in the beginning of the presentation that this author's idea has a sufficiently high level of future popularization and rapid expansion of the number of users. This will all be described below in the presentation material. It will also be seen from the published material that this social network has no analogues and is designed for long-term financial prospects for future investors.
So, the task that the author of this startup has set himself is to unite people. He found an innovative and original way for this - using clothes and shoes. Based on the fact that a person can not do without, in everyday life, without clothes and shoes, you can already talk about a rapid increase in the number of users!
New users undergo a fairly simple registration and can start using the functionality of this social network. For this, in the first and foremost queue, the user's gadget should be equipped with a main or (and) a front camera. Then there are very simple and clear user actions - a self-shooting or just a photo shooting of clothes and shoes, which will be dressed by the user or already dressed. Also, the firm or brand of used clothes and shoes is indicated and puts it on its page in the social network of self-identification of clothes and footwear "Innovator". Next comes the functional of this startup. It enters this information into its shared database, scans it and provides its user with information where similar scanned parameters are indicated. That is, you can give an elementary example - the user today decided to wear jeans ARMANI, T-shirt POLO and moccasins D & G. He produces a photo of his clothes and shoes, puts it in this social network, indicates his location and, in response, receives results from the functional in the form of full or partial similarity of clothes and shoes he wears with other users. Next, the social network informs both users of the full or partial similarity of their clothes and shoes and invites them to begin or continue to communicate. Exchange of contact data and further appropriate communication, if desired, two already connected by this principle of users, occurs at their already mutual desire.
Also, in the additional functions of the social network, there will be many parameters for expanding the circle of communication on this principle, including direct communication with the store where the purchase was made to repeat a purchase to other users if they liked the product on their users connected with this social network. Delivery of goods and their exchange. Well, much more that the author of this idea has put in his functional.
So, this social network of self-identification of clothes and footwear "Innovator" expands the possibilities of communication not only for its users, but also carries a marketing component in the issue of increasing the promotion and sales of the corresponding product from brands and brands. That is, it clearly shows the combination of social and commercial aspects for the global growth of the future innovative social platform.
This idea is open for both investment and full redemption.

DateDate: 30-05-2019, 05:57

The AI predicts for producers from Hollywood what their box office money will have.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning neural networks are able to predict how popular and profitable a film that is still in production will be. New IT capabilities are already widely used in Hollywood, writes The Verge.
The film genre, script, cast and actors in specific countries are used as input. Then, using algorithms, the computer model calculates the box office, which the film can potentially receive.
If there are several variations of the same film - for example, with Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence in the main roles, then they can be compared and choose the best option.
“You can compare different versions of a picture individually or compare them in a package. For example, take both scenarios with Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence, and see which one for this particular film will bring the best results in different countries,” said the founder Cinelytic Tobias Kaysser.
Of course, there are also disadvantages - some predictions are too obvious, and then the use of expensive programs with AI is simply unnecessary. It is clear without them that a film with Leonardo DiCaprio will increase the picture's chances of great success at the box office.
A new neural network model was able to recreate a person's face by voice
In addition, the predictions are conservative in nature, because the model is trained on previously successful films. You cannot predict anything new or how a completely new actor will affect a film’s success.
But participants in the Hollywood market are confident that the algorithms cope much more accurately than experienced producers. The ScriptBook company notes that out of 50 analyzed films released in 2017-2018, the profitability or failure of the film was predicted correctly in 86% of cases.

DateDate: 29-05-2019, 06:02

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is that in a cot vstanovleni sensors that respond to a number of characteristics of the child aged till 3 years(or more). 

1. Cot is able to "pump up" of the child at a certain movement during sleep. Young parents will understand, when from the crib you have not to retreat, shaking it if necessary. Or when programming , the crib can swing in any desired period of time. 

2 . Automatic change diapers in the crib, allowing the baby lay without a diaper. 

3. Automatic extension reclining seats to beds , more comfortable maintenance of the child .

4. Automatic movement of the crib at home using pre-programmed home navigation. 

5. Climate system baby cot and baby monitors system. 

6. And of course, the relationship of the crib with a smartphone using the appropriate app.

7. The inner wall beds have the ability to pump air, to reduce injury to the child.
  The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.