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DateDate: 29-05-2019, 05:58

Experts have taught technology to draw with the help of several million videos.
A group of American developers introduced the Speech2Face neural network, capable of drawing a portrait of a man according to his voice. Reported
Models are able to draw an image, based on gender, race, age. The team engaged in the development of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which included Tahyon O.
Scientists decided to use AVSpeech for learning neural network. It contains about a million short videos of over a hundred thousand different people. In this case, the video and audio tracks are separated.
The accuracy of the technology makers determined according to three demographic indicators. Comparison was made of gender, approximate age and race of people from the original clips and the "conclusion" made by the neural network.
Were also identified the shortcomings of the model. She is not always able to determine age with an accuracy of ten years, and best of all depicts Caucasians and Asians. It is believed that the latter problem is related to the uneven presence of different races in the sample for training.
According to the researchers, their plans did not include a thorough copying of a person’s appearance. They sought to accurately identify gender, age, ethnic group.
In the photo: the original image, restored and "drawn" by voice.

DateDate: 28-05-2019, 06:03

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  A rather unusual version of the mobile application, which offered in its author's ideas, the user platform "Innovator". The main direction in which users will work with mobile application, virtual gifts "Innovator", will enable users to give virtual gifts, the basis of which will be mobile applications, thematic platforms and sites. A rather unusual algorithm allows you to quickly and effectively solve the problem of choosing such a individual and not a standard gift that will be described below.
  So, very often we have before us the task when you need to choose a gift for a person in his the event, based on his interests or occupation. We think that he already has and what not, and based on this produce a choice. The idea offers one stop on the thematic choice of gift, but with different thematic basis. Gift with a virtual component, namely the theme of the website or platform will be quite individual and meet today's living standards. The availability of Internet platforms and websites that can be for sale, will be collected in the database of this startup. 
 The user who is looking for a virtual gift, is included in the mobile app and selects it in several ways. The first is when the search engine Central page of the application shows the date of birth, surname and name of the person you want to congratulate. The functionality of monitoring information about this man online, and if something comes for him, it begins to assess his interests and professional employment. On the basis of an evaluation requested by the user who is looking for a virtual gift, will be provided automatically, a list of valid options, which correspond to the celebrant. 
  It will also be possible to look in a manual mode such gifts and opt for any options. When the choice is made and the payment was made for it, the program application will ask some basic information about the person who designed this gift. It is necessary for official registration of property rights relevant to the Internet resource. You can print the gift certificate, and can simply be sent via email all the necessary documents that speak of the right of ownership and control codes for this online product.
 That is, the person receives a virtual gift in the form of an Internet resource, which will correspond to the maximum of their life and professional interests. Given the fact that sites of different complexity and capacity utilization, respectively, and their cost will be different. Making conclusions, we can say that the startup organizes and establishes work search, registration and promotion of an online product that becomes a gift item.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.


DateDate: 28-05-2019, 05:58

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Japanese railway company East Japan Railway presented the Alfa X bullet train, which can reach speeds of up to 400 km / h.
As he wrote to ITC, talking about the newest passenger express, which will begin to regularly carry passengers only in the 2030 fiscal year, casually mentioning that the maglev trains (a special type of train held over the roadway, driven and controlled by the strength of the electromagnetic field) are very far away.
And so the other day, China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), the Chinese state railway company, completed the assembly of an ultra-high-speed maglev train capable of a speed of over 600 km / h.
Only “Hyperloop” vacuum trains can be faster, but so far they exist only on paper.
Regarding the latest development of the CRRC, the prototype of the superhigh-speed magnetic train was assembled at a plant in Qingdao, a port city in Shandong Province in eastern China.
With this maglev train, CRRC wants to connect Beijing to Shanghai, providing passengers with the fastest way to travel this route. The speed of modern high-speed trains on this route is limited to 350 km / h. The new train should overshadow even the flight connection.
Taking into account the time of check-in for the flight, the journey by plane will take about 4.5 hours, the trip by high-speed rail is about 5.5 hours, and the new high-speed maglev will take about 3.5 hours, ”the head of the Maglev development team noted in his statement -runks and Deputy Chief Engineer of CRRC Ding Sansan
In the near future, the CRRC will begin large-scale trials of the Maglev, after which the train will be launched into commercial production. This should happen as early as 2021.
It remains to add that the new Chinese prototype of the maglev-train will no longer be the first train, which has conquered the mark of 600 km / h.
In 2015, the maglev of the Japanese company Central Japan Railway developed a speed of 603 km / h on the test line in Yamanashi, thereby setting a new world record. Among the serial trains, the Shanghai Maglev is the fastest, having previously accelerated to 431 km / h.

DateDate: 27-05-2019, 06:01

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 In this presentation it will be shown that active and passive recreation can transform from an ordinary everyday things into smart devices. Smart capabilities we needed, including during the holidays, as life and business processes are not static. That's what argues for its author's idea of the Creator of this accessory. 
 So, the idea is that the most common hammock equipped with the technology of communication, namely, at the head of the hammock, for more convenient use, place the control unit smart hammock. First and foremost, the unit has a number of standard functions are similar with the usual gadget - reception and transmission of information by means of 3-G, 4-G, WI-FI, Bluetooth; delivery and reception of sound flow through speakers; built-in microphone and vibration module. That is, the user of this device can not take your wearable device and fully use the functions of smart hammock. He is able to accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls, listen to the audio stream or set the alarm clock. Vibration module serves for no audio alert and incoming call or alarm activation. Also, the control unit in its possibilities can boost the hammock with a frequency that is set by the user. Naturally, all these processes, the user directs using the mobile app. 
 Also smart the hammock can be equipped with a flexible led light that is primarily handy in the dark also aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. The color and illuminance of the backlight also adjusts the user in the mobile app. It is also possible to function heated flexible canvas hammock, which can hold the previously set temperature.
 Power supply is provided as with the battery, and using a standard connection to your home or vehicle network. The control unit may have a touch panel control of his facial parts that are easier to use. 
 Another innovative component is that the flexible part of the hammock has the structure of an inflatable mattress. That is, it can be inflated, which improves its characteristics in the direction of convenience and warmth.
 At the end of the presentation, you can say that using the smart hammock "Innovator" can afford to combine the standard properties of a conventional hammock with smart features, without which it is hard for us to have to do. It also increases the comfort and ease of use, extends the time of use, which entails an increase in promotion. As one of the investment advice from the author that these smart hammocks can, in addition to benches and benches, set in parks and squares of cities that will entail the reclamation of this product.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 27-05-2019, 05:56
Finnish design studio Aivan has created Korvaa headphones, in the production of which yeast and mushrooms were used.
This writes Dezeen.
In total, the construction uses six “components” grown from microbes.
Headphone earband is made of bioplastic, created from lactic acid, obtained from baking yeast.
The lining, in which the speakers are embedded, is made using the Trichoderma reesei mushroom - in industry they are used to produce pulp. From the fungus, a protein called hydrophobin is obtained, which is known to form a dense water-repellent foam. Aivan mixes cellulose with hydrophobin to obtain a stable, yet soft structure.
As a mat rial, which for additional convenience are covered with lining, a part of the mushroom called mycelium is used. It feels like skin to the touch.
Headphone speakers also cover the “case”, which is made from web-based protein, one of the most durable materials in the world. It is noted that this protein can also be used for the production of body armor.
The creators note that in its current form, the Korvaa is only a concept that cannot replace a familiar pair of headphones. His goal is to show the potential of technology called synthetic biology.