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DateDate: 26-05-2019, 07:31
  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  The author's idea is the mechanism of the conversion of the gadget in any format ( smartphone, tablet ) into a kind of living organism, which can, according to a specific algorithm of their actions, communicate with its user by sound, vibration, light or a color of radiation. That is, the gadget will not let you forget about its existence even when not in use.
 Now, an innovative mobile application ""Mobile Living organism" or "MA" in your main functionality will be in something similar to such a popular game Tamagotchi. The only similarity is that this app will work only when the user uses his gadget. And operation will be, the gadget will be definitely a time when not in use. And it was at this time starting the app to function. Next will be examples of these actions.
 To begin with, what functions a reminder about yourself will be equipped with this gadget. Let's start with the beeps and sounds. For example, when the gadget is low, it is not a standard sound notify, and full size audio message - "... you have a discharged battery," or"..., you have a new text message". And so on. That is what we had previously read, but now we can listen to. But it's not the most basic functions. 
 Very nice to both the user and the gadget, when the same user just Pat your gadget on the screen. The application using the gadget, will be able to thank or even produce sound as a cat purring. Conversely, when the gadget understands that it is treated casually, dropping well, all that style, then app your sound expressions can criticize and recommend to change their attitude to it. Quite nice would work vibration module during operation in this application. Pleasant and synchronous vibrations can transmit, for example, the beating of the heart as a user other paired person in the work of this startup. Or a simple combination of the audio signal when playing videos of any format and semantic content.
 The functionality of "MA" you can combine other existing mobile applications that work in the gadget user. For example, a clock or a business calendar reminder will sound totally different as they will be able to combine the standard sounds and images with lots of themed sounds and images this app.
 That is, summing up this short and not a full presentation, you can say that the usual smartphone or tablet is transformed into a likeness of a living organism with its own character and habits, based on the wishes of the user, which itself can set these options in the beginning of use, or to correct them during the use of this startup. It's just a virtual friend, or a friend who will not miss her:)!
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 26-05-2019, 07:27
The robot was presented at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2019) in Montreal (Canada).
Created by scientists at the Genoa Research Center (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IIT), HyQReal is the successor to HyQ, a smaller model developed several years ago.
According to the publication TechCrunch, the robot has a length of 1.33 m and a height of 90 cm. Its weight is 130 kg, including a 15-pound battery that provides up to 2 hours of battery life. It is resistant to dust and water and can rise if it suddenly falls or falls over.
At the ends of the legs of the robot is a rubber "sole" that provides traction to the surface.
The video released by the developers showed that the HyQReal robot dragged the Piaggio P180 Avanti aircraft weighing 3 tons over a distance of more than 10 meters. The test took place at Genoa International Airport. The length of this aircraft is 14.4 meters, and its wingspan is 14 meters.
According to the developers, the robot can be useful for farmers and rescuers. Also, the device can be useful when conducting various inspections. At the moment, HyQReal is a research prototype.

DateDate: 25-05-2019, 07:05

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The use of quadcopters is already big enough. A series of "BabyIN" in the face of the author's ideas and platform "Innovator" is a completely new use of quadcopters in household purposes, namely, to aid young parents in the movement of the pram on uneven surfaces like stairs, footpaths and subways, in bad weather, etc., the Invention of the pram-the drone carries the ease of use and rapid popularization among potential users, namely young parents.
 Already available technology with the use of drones will not complicate their use in the manufacture of baby strollers. The main element when driving on smooth surfaces baby stroller drone to remain wheel. But when the child's parents face when driving with irregularities, by pressing on the handle of a stroller is the ability to turn on fans, which are located under the stroller near the wheels. The fans automatically raise a little buggy drone and keep it at that level, that would be convenient to move. In overcoming the irregularities, the same key is not the handle of the stroller allows you to gradually stop the fan and lower the wheelchair on a flat surface. The stroller will not move over bumps, allowing the baby which is there, to feel comfortable. It is also quite easy and comfortable to lift and lower the wheelchair on the steps.
 Baby stroller-drone, with more extensive functionality, will have remote control distance from the main parent and innovation - drone autopilot. It when the stroller, with cameras, sees the surroundings, sees surface irregularities, evaluates all of it and automatically turns on and off the fans. All these processes are controlled by a mobile app "BabyIN", which also can automatically "roll" the stroller along the route, which is set by the user of a stroller drone. Camera circular review give a clear on-line signal environment, when using a drone autopilot.
 That is, we have a baby stroller-drone, which makes it easy to navigate a baby stroller on uneven stretches of road and stairs. The function of "drone pilot", which is installed on the pram-drone  "Innovator", allows you to fully charge the walk baby in the stroller the stroller!
 This author's idea is open for investment, and for its full redemption.

DateDate: 25-05-2019, 06:57

Fantastic sound pressure exceeded 270 decibels
Scientists have created the loudest sound: this is the first time in history.
Scientists from the United States, led by Gabriel Blazh, a researcher at the SLAC National Laboratory and Stanford University, have created perhaps the loudest underwater sound in the world.
To do this, experts used the SLAC Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) X-ray laser, thus breaking up tiny streams of water to create a fantastic sound pressure above 270 decibels, writes ukrainianwall.
This laser is capable of creating molecular black holes and heating water to 100,000 degrees Celsius in less than one millionth of a microsecond.
According to the researchers, at zero decibels there is no pressure wave, but at the other end the medium through which the sound passes begins to collapse, so it cannot become louder.
This is what happened when the researchers hit a micro-jet of water (with a diameter of 14 to 30 micrometers) with an X-ray laser. When short X-ray pulses fell into the water, it evaporated and created a shock wave.
After this shock wave passed through the jet and formed itself in a “shock wave” consisting of alternating high and low pressure zones. In other words, very loud underwater sound.
Thanks to the experiment, researchers can study in more detail how shock-wave mechanisms work. You can also find ways to protect miniature samples that undergo atomic analysis inside water jets from damage, which could be of great help in the development of more effective drugs and materials.

DateDate: 24-05-2019, 06:01

Ideological bestseller!

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.


  Moderation platform "Innovator" confirms that the author's idea is a best seller and focused on global development. It's all below will be described and presented the primary concept of the development of this project. 


  So, very often, in conversation with his interlocutors, we use the phrase like - "if I could convey the smell.." or similar phrases such thematic areas. That is, we describe and discuss the problem, when in our memory left a particular smell, but to convey and share his interlocutors we can't. And this is an outstanding issue remains with us throughout our lives. It even becomes completely invisible, because the problem of transfer of smell is not solved. 


  The author of this idea proposes to create a transportation service smells "Innovator" in order that we could, at any time, to request this service and receive a particular smell. Odors will be transported in special containers. In short, this service will transport the air that has a smell from the place, where he filled a special container. Standard containers will be small in size, no more than a matchbox, which will allow their delivery to the addressee in the shortest terms. Container data will be needed to absorb the smell and be hermetically sealed. The containers may be closed without the key and with him. Such delivery can produce drones and that will reduce the delivery time.


  Now you can transfer the smells of the environment, the smells of comfort for those who are traveling or out of town, or even body odors. Remotely, as an example, owners of a network of public catering establishments, can control the odors in their schools through their couriers. 


  The eponymous mobile app to track the route of the container, so the container will, as optional equipment, set the unit to GPRS. But the main task in the mobile application will be an original analysis of odor, which is currently in the container. A smell analysis can be viewed in the mobile app in a color chart. Each color will correspond to the smell. 


  This is a brief description of the author's ideas describes the main point of a completely new and innovative services, which quickly attains its global use and quick promotion.


  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.