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DateDate: 21-05-2019, 06:49

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  Another author's idea, aimed at increasing user experience with their photographs and selfies standard way. Given the steady growth and popularization of digital photo destinations, another possibility for automatic processing of pictures, especially in gaming and entertainment style, which will be implemented in the new mobile app selfie-combine "Innovator", will appear just in time and by the way.
 So, in fact, the functionality of the app to users is extremely easy to use but not simple in the software design. First, the algorithm of use of the registered subscribers of the app - new subscribers are downloading mobile application selfie-combine and undergo fairly simple registration. The functionality of the application will allow to work with your existing photos and new ones, having access to the gallery of Your gadget. This happens so the subscriber applications when it opens the Central page of this startup, you see a colored screen saver with simple lines and is divided into three parts of this screen. At the side of the subscriber hosts selfies or regular photos as your image and other people. And when you click on the start button start combining photos in automatic mode combines the functionality of the two selected photographs into a single, new, and places it on the middle part of the screen. As a result, there is a new photo image. Here what is the gaming and entertainment areas of this application. Also, in automatic mode, the functionality calls him and asks permission to forward this photo image those people that were participants in the matching process.
  It will be very difficult of carrying out alignment software package applications as photo pictures of faces and silhouettes are quite different in size and age of people. Also the functionality it will try to correctly identify the names of the people in the pictures being attached to telephone your existing phone address book of the subscriber.
  The author also indicates that it was held first in the circle of people trial combination individuals through their drawing. This very process we all liked it, and then test the interactive alignment using a normal photoshop program. That is why was born the idea to realize this task, just in a full-fledged software product in the form of mobile application selfie-combine "Innovator".
 Summarizing this presentation, it is possible to tell that a startup sells presented the appearance of neutral and new stills from used a real photo materials. This mobile service can add to the functionality of social networks in the process of interactive fun and added to the friends list. In this friendly context, to appear their virtual image, indicating the beginning of a friendship and as the avatar of friendly tandem.
  The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.


DateDate: 21-05-2019, 06:46
Traditional cement production accounts for about 8% of global carbon emissions. Since it is still impossible to do without cement, a team of geologists from the Martin Luther University decided to create an ecological alternative to it from industrial waste. This writes the Eurek Alert.
The main raw material for cement is limestone, which is heated in large kilns. At the same time, about one ton of carbon dioxide is emitted from each ton of limestone. Scientists propose to replace this material with waste from the production of kaolin and aluminum.
"This is industrial waste, which can still be used very efficiently, just for the production of alternative forms of cement," says geologist Herbert Pelmann. The study showed that "green" cement will have all the useful properties of the usual, but it will not emit greenhouse gases.

DateDate: 20-05-2019, 06:40

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a new type of so-called electronic currency, the use of which will allow people to conduct financial transactions at any time, from any location and without any other restrictions. But the most important advantage of this electronic money is that the system ensuring their work is ultra-safe, it will be able to withstand and successfully resist the cyber attacks that will be carried out in the future with the help of full-fledged quantum computers, reports DailyTech. The basic principles of the organization of new electronic money, which are called “S-money”, guarantee a completely secure procedure for authentication and identification, the absence of any loss of information, a faster exchange of information than any of the existing financial communication systems. And all this is achieved by combining the power of quantum theory and the theory of relativity. Due to this, the new system will make it possible to carry out financial operations almost in real time not only from anywhere in the solar system, but also from our galaxy, although trading at the galactic level is still only science fiction. Scientists from Cambridge plan to conduct a practical test of the theoretical model developed by them a bit later this year. And, of course, this check will be conducted at the highest level available today - at the level of the entire planet. S-money technologies require very fast calculations in large quantities; nevertheless, all this is already quite realizable at the current level of information technology development. The electronic money S-money is based on virtual tokens, which are generated by the financial network, like the generation of traditional blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. At the same time, some rules for generating tokens ensure that these tokens appear in the right place and at the right time, which allows you to conduct financial transactions almost instantly without the need for lengthy verification and confirmation procedures. At the same time, some of the used laws of quantum mechanics completely eliminate the risk of double selling or using the same token. Note that this implementation of electronic money is not the first attempt to use the technology of "quantum money". Modern technologies already allow operations with quantum money, but their full use as an e-currency is not yet possible. After all, this requires a minimum of the ability to store the state of quantum particles for an infinitely long time, which is still either unattainable or will be incredibly expensive in some cases.

DateDate: 19-05-2019, 12:46
  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  Moderation and administration of the platform "Innovator" could not decide about publishing the author's ideas, so much is similar with existing mobile assistants, for example, Siri from Apple operating system. And was chosen because the author's information, which had innovative content. Below will be described. 
  Hard enough nowadays to find new and innovative idea for a startup's growth. Especially in the field of virtual mobile applications. In this presentation, the author of his ideas found some little niche, which is the innovative component that allows to develop it with the prospects of the investment interest and increase of promotion. Mobile interactive counselor "Innovator" is a "pocket" companion, which itself chooses the user with the option to ask a question and get an answer, and share dialogue.
 So, we all often feel the need for friendly advice when it's hard for us to make an important decision and there is nobody who can do it. And sometimes even to talk, to understand opinions about a given situation at the interlocutor and to make a certain decision. The author offers to help him to realize the project of a mobile application that can quickly and amicably to answer the question its user.
 A very important new user registration, in which the more the user enters personal data, the more correct and fast answers he will get from his mobile interactive adviser. The functionality of the application will be linked to registration data associated with your operating system. This will allow the app to combine the answers to his user photo and video content from the mobile album his gadget; to link the answers to the area where the user is located and fix the answers with the contacts in the phone book. Consolidation of responses will be quite innovative, this is when an incoming-outgoing call from a particular phone number is on the screen of the gadget shows the information that is bound to it. For example, a subscriber from the phone book, should the user of the mobile interactive adviser some amount of money. The functionality of the application knows about this issue with this subscriber, as the user is already asked him this question about the possibilities and options for the return of your debt. And during a telephone call from the subscriber or coming in his direction on the screen of the gadget, you receive brief information, which is reminiscent of this issue. 
  Dialogue is quite interesting because the user can set the voice and image of your virtual interlocutor. When you switch to a dialogue mode, he's asking questions, will get not only answers, but also comments on them. That is, the answers to the questions will turn into a normal dialogue of a living person, with its interactive friend. 
  That is, having such a mobile interactive counselor in addition to existing similar services, you can receive the necessary advice or answer, talk to a virtual boyfriend. The more that you yourself can choose the profile of your interlocutor with whom you will talk and ask for advice.
  It is available will use this author's idea of existing such services on the terms of the partnership or by full redemption of this idea.

DateDate: 19-05-2019, 12:44

The company LG Electronics announced the development of processor AI Chip with artificial intelligence (AI), which will be used in consumer electronics.
The chip contains the LG Neural Engine, a proprietary neural engine. It is argued that it simulates the work of the human brain, ensuring the effective implementation of deep learning algorithms.
The AI Chip processor uses AI visualization tools to recognize and distinguish objects, people, spatial characteristics, etc.
At the same time, intelligent audio analysis tools allow you to recognize voices, as well as take into account noise parameters.
Finally, AI-tools are provided for determining physical and chemical changes in the surrounding space.
The processor AI Chip, as noted by LG, is able to work effectively even without an Internet connection. In other words, artificial intelligence functions are available locally.