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DateDate: 11-05-2019, 06:37

Before the competition of robots, comedians still far.
An ambitious task recently set by American programmers. The goal is to make a firm out of the "corporal." Chinese scientist and developer of heuristic computer systems Hee Hee from Stanford University plans to instill a sense of humor in artificial intelligence, writes Wired.
According to the developers, the most difficult thing is to teach artificial intelligence to improvisation and sarcasm. Since the intellect works according to a certain algorithm, and this excludes creative initiative and resourcefulness.
Hee Hee is sure that artificial intelligence cannot be made ridiculous, even if you load all the jokes and anecdotes of the world into a neural network.
During training, Hee Hee and his team decided to test the theory of wordplay and let the neural networks memorize several homonyms so that the intellect could generate funny sentences by replacing concepts with them. So that after replacing the joke does not lose its meaning, the neural network adds a couple of new words to the sentence. And although the results are not yet encouraging, computer heuristics experts intend to continue research.

DateDate: 10-05-2019, 07:09

Microsoft may release a controller for its Xbox gaming consoles, in Braille. At least, the manufacturer filed a patent application as early as October 2018.
controlle.png (31 KB)
The accessory will provide an opportunity to play with visually impaired users as comfortably as possible, however strange it may sound. The design resembles a controller for the Xbox One, on the reverse side there is a mount for a Braille display with six petals protruding on the sides. The braille display can display text or audio through braille. This can be used to read instructions, menus or chats. Plus, the controller will be able to recognize the user's voice commands and convert them to Braille.
Whether this development will see the light, time will tell.

DateDate: 9-05-2019, 06:36

Novelty called Xiaomi Ninestars Smart Trash Can. You can purchase this device for $ 19, Belnovosti reports.
It is known that the trash bin received an intelligent mechanism. Thanks to him, it can silently open and close. However, this is not all the features of the device. The developers have equipped the novelty with a sealing mechanism that prevents the spread of odor. Also, the infrared recognition system opens the bucket automatically, you only need to bring your hand up to 30 cm. The bucket capacity is 10 liters. The wonder device works on batteries.
Overall, the performance is pretty good. Representatives of the company are confident that the new product will make it easier for the kitchen and will not disturb the interior of the room.

DateDate: 8-05-2019, 05:56

On Tuesday, May 7, the first electric highway eHighway was launched in the German federal state of Hesse. It is reported by The Local. The 5-kilometer test track was commissioned on the A5 between Langen and Weiterstadt, south of Frankfurt. The project called Elisa is tested in real traffic conditions by five logistics companies. Several times a day, five trucks on a diesel engine equipped with an additional electric motor will drive along the new road. As can be seen in the photo, specially designed trucks can be charged while driving under the established wires. The goal of the project is to collect and analyze data that may lead to project deployment in other parts of the project. During the experiment, experts pay attention to how an electric autobahn affects other transport and how it pollutes the air. Project developers believe that electric trucks will not have a negative impact on traffic. The Federal Ministry of the Environment has allocated EUR 14.6 million for the construction of the electric highway, and EUR 15.3 million has been allocated for its testing, which will last until the end of 2022. More than 70 million euros were spent on the development of hybrid trucks. Over the construction of the electric road worked truck manufacturer Scania, together with Volkswagen and Siemens. In total, three eHighway projects are being implemented in the country: in addition to Hesse, such autobahns will also be launched in Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Württemberg.
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DateDate: 7-05-2019, 05:56

Engineer Ruben Brewer of the American Research Institute SRI International has created a prototype of a robot that can replace a policeman while checking driver’s documents on the road, N + 1 writes.
The robot is fixed on a telescopic bar along the left side of the patrol car, and after the car stops, the bar is pushed forward so that the robot can be opposite the driver's window. In this case, a special bar with spikes under the bottom of the car unfolds if the violator tries to escape from the police.
It is worth noting that to interact with the driver, the police officer uses the screen and camera, as well as a scanner for documents and a printer.
According to the engineer, the use of a robot will reduce the likelihood of conflict, as well as help protect officers from injury and death in the event that a criminal with a weapon turns out to be driving a stopped vehicle.
By the way, according to the information provided by the creator of the robot, about 100 drivers and patrolmen die each year as a result of such conflicts on the US roads.