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DateDate: 3-06-2019, 06:01

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  In this author's presentations will be presented the idea of creating a mobile app that will give its users the right of choice in matters of identification of their personal data while using gadgets and PC, and will be described below.
  Now, the latest models of smartphones and other wearable smart devices have program identifiers, which allow you to lock and unlock them with the help of fingerprints, or using the front camera by scanning the retina. That is, we have a limited number of options to use this service. Choice in this matter, which limits us in a number of possibilities. Mobile app, rather, universal mobile ID of "Innovator", will give specific and valid number of cases in the matter of unlocking gadget or personal PC. When downloading applications from the operating system functionality will offer a number of options for unlocking the device, and separate programs or applications, Recalling the working capabilities of the gadget. For example, the smartphone has the function of the finger print and the front camera. The user can set the most common option as the scanning of the finger print and not enough regular and new ways to scan using the front camera, ear or nose, or scanning using the main camera, the registration number of the car or tattoos on his body. In fact, such functional variants of the app will provide enough that will allow its users a choice in the matter. This is not a new feature, but the options unlock by using voice commands will also be present in the universal mobile ID.
  But still there are several of the most advanced, copyright and innovative services in this issue :
 1). Remote unlocking with the original functionality, which is convenient for the user of a mobile banking application segment in question, or parental controls;
 2). Unlock with gestures;
 3). Unlock with the help of certain movements by the gadget, holding it in his hands;
 4). Unlock with the help of hair when the user leans against the screen of the gadget to your hair and the functionality of the application scans the hair and gives a command to unlock, or does not, if the color and structure of hair is not consistent.
 5). Unlock with a certain rhythm of tapping on the screen of the gadget;
 6). And quite an unusual method when a user will have to unlock your gadget or PC by using the specific frequencies of the breaths in the zone of the microphone.
  So, we are continuing the development of existing services lock or unlock gadgets and PC. This mobile application will provide conventional methods, so quite innovative, and even gaming and entertainment. Also the author in his description of the ideas and offers to develop this mobile application and games but for a limited number presentation field to describe the idea that moderation is unable to place all of its text. But it is available through personal contact with the platform "Innovator" in the form of partnership and investment relations, or as a complete redemption of the author's ideas.

DateDate: 3-06-2019, 05:57

The drone has two jet engines.
Photo by Clearpath Robotics.
The drone weighs 28 kilograms.
Photo by Clearpath Robotics.
Increasingly, there are news about new opportunities for unmanned vehicles that help build low-cost housing, search for lost people and even pollinate plants.
Reports of flooded unmanned vehicles appear less frequently. But recently at the international conference on robotics and automation ICRA 2019, the surface vessel Heron USV was presented, whose functions may be useful in several areas at once.
The UAV, which moves on the surface of the water, is produced by the Canadian company Clearpath Robotics. The vessel weighs 28 kilograms and has a length of 1.35 meters.
Heron USV is driven by two jet engines powered by batteries. They accelerate the unit to a maximum speed of six kilometers per hour.
The engines are located in each of the bi-directional pontoons, which allows the drone to turn in place or move in the opposite direction.
The device is equipped with GPS receivers, so that the Heron USV can find the right direction. At the same time, the vessel is capable of carrying up to 10 kilograms of equipment.
The drone weighs 28 kilograms.
Photo by Clearpath Robotics.
Autonomous swimming apparatus may be useful to researchers who study the seas and oceans. So, a beginner has an open source code that allows you to customize the device to fit your needs. According to the developers, Heron USV has all the qualities of full-size passenger boats, only in miniature.
This means that it can be used, for example, to measure sedimentary rocks in water bodies after heavy rains. Usually you have to send a boat with a man on board with a GPS device and a long stick to measurements.
"The employee determined the depth in different places. Now all that needs to be done is to launch the drone, which is equipped with a sonar and does all the necessary work," said Jeff Schmidt of Clearpath Robotics.
In addition, the device can be equipped with a water sampling system for various studies.
The developers add that the drone can be used to monitor the water areas.
We add that earlier "Vesti. Science" ( wrote about underwater robots, which will be a three-dimensional map of the distribution of plankton in the ocean. Launch a drone is planned in the Arctic waters.