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DateDate: 14-06-2019, 05:59
  Personal non-material and proprietary rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
  A fairly clear and easy-to-use innovative author's idea of the mobile application "ActivePhoto", which will consist in using existing photos in gadgets of its users. Below, in a rather brief description, it will be possible to understand all the functionality of the presented start-up and take part in its investment or full redemption, as according to experts of the platform "Innovator", this mobile application has quite stable growth prospects.
 The main goal of this mobile application will be to maximize the attention of all friends and acquaintances of the user to the photos, videos and previously selected ones. That is, the user wanted that on some of his photos, which are exhibited in social networks or messengers, there was special attention. He notes these photos and video materials and applies the functionality of the innovative mobile application "Active Photo" to them. Your photos and video materials can be noted both on their pages in social networks, and in the most personal photo gallery. The functionality of the application, when selected photos and videos, can make several actions to select your user:
  1. Scroll the selected photo around its axis.
  2. Change its color palette.
  3. Make a visual vibration of this image.
  4. Accompany its display with sound or vibro signals.
  5. Apply, to draw attention to the corresponding image, smiles and GIF.
 If to tell more simply, some selected images of users who have received public access to their viewing on social networks and messengers will be active with the help of the above actions to maximize their attention on the part of friends, acquaintances and outsiders in the process of communication and use in Social networks and messengers. And third-party users, when they see such activity of some images, will understand that this user virtually asks them to pay special attention to this or that photograph or video, as there is something special or unique in it.
 To get started, already in the standard action of any user, this mobile application needs to be installed on your gadget. When installing the application, the functionality will ask for access to the photo gallery of its new user. Then the user just notes the images and waits for an increase in attention to the selected photos and video materials in the form of likes or corresponding comment.
 We have a completely new and innovative mobile product that can be used in any available mobile device and apply without restriction in any country. That is, this startup has prospects for global growth.!
  This idea is open for both investment and full redemption.

DateDate: 14-06-2019, 05:55

Robots that can diversify people's personal lives will destroy our familiar society.
sex robots, personal life, sex revolution
Reports about it Sotsprtal with reference to Haytek +.
- Psychologist Mariann Brandon presented her view of how realistic and affordable sex robots will change society at a medical symposium organized by the Society for Applied Evolutionary Psychology. Accessibility and realism are two key factors, emphasizes Psychology Today.
Brandon is confident that the turning point will come when the therapy with the help of sex robots will be included in medical insurance. A congress dominated by older men will easily approve this initiative.
Moreover, for patients, its advantages are obvious: satisfying any desires robots - an ethical way to cope with deviations and dysfunction.
However, for Brandon, “shareware sex robots” is only the beginning of a story about changing society and the end of traditional civilization.
She argues that the history of mankind for at least a century is a story about the emergence of all the new “super-stimuli” for the sake of profit. So she calls the man-made and stronger incentives that replace the natural, created by evolution. Among such incentives are super-calorie burgers and pizza for the stomach, as well as an obsessive beauty industry — radiant lipstick and unnatural hair colors. Sophisticated pornography is also in this row. And it is already exploiting the strongest evolutionary stimulus.
Robots will bring the industry to a new level and, according to Brandon, sooner or later will become the ideal partners, able to realize any sexual act that only comes to mind the owner.
The spread of attractive, accessible and seemingly reasonable thanks to the achievements of AI sex robots will lead to the fact that more and more people will give preference to them over traditional relationships with their inevitable problems, compromises and difficult periods. Humanity will face a demographic crisis of unprecedented proportions, Brandon predicts: any trifle will be the reason for the gap, and traditional families will become something between atavism and eccentricity.