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DateDate: 31-07-2019, 07:15

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  To search and browse the Internet like mobile apps administration platform "Innovator" is not met. And based on this, quite correctly we believe that this startup is a new, innovative, and promising investment, as selfies and regular photos become the object of smart processing to a new level or a new format of showing photographs, "SS", and will be described below.
  So, all we are doing selfies or photos often compare ourselves, by juxtaposing snapshots from different times. Innovative mobile app "Selfie-Smart" will give the opportunity, through its internal functionality in automatic mode to produce such an analysis, comparing all the pictures taken. According to the analysis, the application will be made with each new photo, to show changes which occurred during the period between the made photos. Any changes will be shown in the form of personnel or GIF playback technology previously made photos and a small description. The assessment will take place quite quickly and accurately, which would include, for example, change the style of the clothes; how changed proportions of the face or body; new wrinkles on the face, changing hairstyles, etc. the User will only need to specify the evaluation period. Such a smart estimation can be applied to any photos that are in the gallery gadget or PC. These processed photos app "Selfie-Smart" can be, if desired, put on public display in a new format show pictures to SS. Selfies and pictures processed by the technology of "SS" will have an exclusive front darkening that color that the user chooses. As already integral to the functioning and operation of such applications is the presence of it in the public domain for download and further use.
  Quite interesting and convenient will use this application athletes who are working on the forms of the body. For example, armwrestlers. Each photograph is made of the functionality of the application will show the changes in body that occur during exercise. Or, as another example, photos taken before and after a diet or fasting. Moreover, the assessment of such photographs will show the estimated weight of the body as the user of this innovative mobile application. 
 That is, "Selfie-Smart" or "SS" has a whole new format for displaying the captured image in normal mode and selfie mode. The processed photos will now have an innovative new look that, according to our experts, will take the appropriate place in this segment.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 31-07-2019, 07:12

The Indian company Cisco will work with the giant Google company to provide Indian states with access to free and high-speed Internet.
It is planned that up to 500 public Wi-Fi zones will be created, which will “distribute” the Internet.
The project to provide public Wi-Fi zones is currently in the first phase of implementation. The first 200 Internet stations will appear by September.
By the way, as reported by Cisco, Wi-Fi zones will be placed at bus stops, in hospitals, government offices and other public places.

DateDate: 30-07-2019, 06:49

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 Quite futuristic architectural design, which gives the start of a new direction in the development of smart jewelry with the use of flexible touch screens. In the near future technology flexible touch screens will be a part of our daily life as a public subject goods not only in devices but also in other fields of application.
 Carnival smart mask, which is made of a flexible touch surfaces in their ability to change colors and to reproduce the desired information on its front part. Direct pairing with Your gadget, with the help of the eponymous mobile app that will allow you to change the information displayed on the touch surface of the smart mask in accordance with situational requirement. Charging can be made as a standard way and using the new wireless charging technology. The holder of the charge will serve as a flexible battery.
 Quite convenient to use this device carrying out all sorts of creative events, which simplifies the task of changing costumes and masks. Or just various holiday events and parties, which will be a new kind of fun and games with shifts appearance smart carnival masks. As a separate function, the masks will be mounted video cameras , which will increase their scope. The show, which will use data from smart devices will be much colorful with the rapid increase of promotion.
 This author's idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 30-07-2019, 06:44

This building is unique.
In the Swiss city of Dübendorf, an unusual building was built at the top of the NEST building. Its main "builders" were not people, but robots, writes referring to the People's Truth.
The 200-square-meter house is the result of long-term collaboration between research professors from ETH Zurich and construction experts and planners.
The house demonstrator is unique in that it proves the possibility of using digital processes in construction, new opportunities that they provide, especially in energy efficiency and innovation.
Developers from the Zurich Polytechnic have been working to make construction more sustainable and efficient with digital technologies and at the same time create new design opportunities for the home.
For example, the new construction technology Mesh Mold combines two traditionally separated functions of formwork and reinforcement. This process was guided by a robotic system — first, a steel mesh model was made with high precision, which was then filled with concrete.
Another robot that worked on this construction was the In-situ Fabricator - the robot is designed for the manufacture of building elements on site. Thanks to the built-in navigation system and sensors, he could easily navigate on the construction site.
Such a “handyman” robot performed tasks that could threaten life or health if performed by a person.
With the help of a high-resolution 3D printer, prefabricated ceiling tiles were formed. During the printing phase, construction technologies such as lighting and acoustics can already be integrated into building elements.
The collection of wooden skeleton structures and their production also takes place with the “hands” of robots. The web showed an unusual Skoda with a sports body
You can manage your smart home with a single DigitalSTROM system. This platform will allow you to manage all elements of the building regardless of manufacturer: analog technologies, IP devices, audio and multimedia programs, construction technologies, sensors, and the like.

DateDate: 29-07-2019, 12:22

 Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
 The idea is that in ordinary cans, under pressure, is placed the soap composition of the various texture,colour and smell. That is how we use shaving foam or a variety of sprays, so we can use soap or soap and water.
 This idea simplifies the use of the soap and reduces the time of preparation of soap to use. Conveniently enough the use of this invention on the road or in nature.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.